Popcorn Disease


This afternoon I picked up a Publix sub sandwich for lunch. I don’t know if it’s because I can’t have them all the time or what, but I always look forward to them when I visit! Everyone was going to the movies and I was going to opt out (I actually don’t like watching movies at the theater, weirdo). But, I realized they were playing Young Adult, which I wouldn’t mind watching … [Read more...]

What a Beach


Hello! How was your December 25th? Mine was pretty low key because we did presents on Christmas Eve. Ben and I ate lunch out on the patio and just relaxed the day away   Is it sad I hid my favorite See’s Candy to enjoy after lunch? Pleasesaynopleasesayno. Ben wanted a bite, but not even a big man with a bat could part me from my favorite candy. Kidding. We had the bat … [Read more...]