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Hello! How was your December 25th? Mine was pretty low key because we did presents on Christmas Eve. Ben and I ate lunch out on the patio and just relaxed the day awaywlEmoticon smile28 What a Beach

 IMG 3862 800x600 thumb What a Beach

Is it sad I hid my favorite See’s Candy to enjoy after lunch? Pleasesaynopleasesayno.IMG 3869 800x600 thumb What a Beach

Ben wanted a bite, but not even a big man with a bat could part me from my favorite candy.IMG 3867 800x600 thumb What a Beach

Kidding. We had the bat because Ben is trying to make a pinata for his nephew’s birthday tomorrow.

Since I’m the token Mexican I was asked to try it out to see if it was legit. IMG 3872 800x600 thumb What a Beach

My attempt to break it was pathetic, but that’s because:

- Ben turned me around a bunch before the camera was rolling

- I knew he filled the box with rocks and balls – NOT candy. And I thought it was going to fall on me.

Christmas dinner was pretty awesome because it included a big sweet potato…

IMG 3875 800x600 thumb What a Beach

And, I was in charge of cutting and passing out the cake.

I cut everyone a piece…IMG 3879 800x600 thumb What a Beach

IMG 3881 800x600 thumb What a Beach

and saved the rest for myself. Isn’t there a rule that the cake cutter gets to pick the biggest piece? Well, that’s the rule I go by.IMG 3886 800x600 thumb What a Beach

After dinner we went to Jon’s (Ben’s brother) place to hang out. They had a bon fire and played beer pong because it’s Christmas. Actually, this is just what they do every night.

I suggested we play wine pong because Jesus was a bigger fan of wine than beer, but was vetoed. I don’t know what’s going on here, but the night got a lot rowdier than I expected. Let’s leave it at that wlEmoticon winkingsmile15 What a BeachIMG 3904 800x600 thumb What a Beach

Actually, I was going to skip this entire portion of the evening to continue the façade that I’m a classy lady, but Jon made the biggest deal about me taking a picture of my girly Mojito to put on the blog. So here it is: IMG 3903 600x800 thumb What a Beach

This morning I was woken up by Ben who was a little confused about the day/time/location and I decided to GTFO and run. I ran to the beach and Ben offered to meet me there for a post-run walk.IMG 3912 800x600 thumb What a Beach The water is cold.IMG 3909 800x600 thumb What a Beach

I ran 4.5 miles FAST (for me) – 2 of them were 7:58ish! Thank you flat Florida!!! But, I was sweating like it was July in California wlEmoticon sadsmile8 What a Beach

We stopped at Dunkin Donuts on the way home wlEmoticon smile28 What a Beach That almost makes up for the super humid, sweaty run. Almost. IMG 3921 800x600 thumb What a Beach

Okay, I think plans for the day include grocery shopping with Ben’s mom – we both love it a little too much wlEmoticon smile28 What a Beach And a movie.

Have a good one!

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  1. says

    I am going to have to go back and watch the video. I think it is fun that you got to run on the beach. I FINALLY got on the dreadmill and finished two miles. See I didn’t say run..lol..but I did finish the 2 in 22:49, which is fast for me, esp since I walked 4 minutes of my “run”. ;) My kid is making me cranky, so I just put him in front of the tv in my bedroom and put Cars 2 on. I should go in and take a nap while he watches it. OR maybe I should make some iced coffee. BTW starbucks (or starbucks.com) has the cold holiday tumblers 50% off!! I stopped and bought myself a venti size..now I have two for my coffee addiction

  2. Lorin says

    food shopping > clothes shopping for sure. I’m running on the beach in socal today. The weather here is so nice! Love living here :)

  3. Nicole says

    What’s your favorite type of See’s candy? I love the Bordeaux (the kind with the sprinkles on top)! Tasty delicious!!

  4. says

    I always felt so dumb trying to hit a pinata. It’s basically a game where they blindfold you, tell you to get a task done, and then laugh at you because you can’t because you’re BLINDFOLDED. Ahh the joys of family.

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