Travel Tip Reality

I’m home! I’m exhausted. I’m trying to blog in complete sentences and it’s a challenge. Let’s start from the beginning…

We woke up at 4am to get to the airport for our first flight. I made an egg sandwich to eat for breakfast as some point.

Travel tip: You can opt out of the naked scanner for a pat down. They’re not  bad and actually make me feel better than that controversial x-ray machine.forget dismal farewell ecard someecards thumb Travel Tip Reality

Travel tip: Try to eat the grossest smelling foods you can so no one tries to strike up a conversation with you. IMG 4400 800x533 thumb Travel Tip Reality

Travel tip reality: Strangers ask why you’re taking pictures of said food and end up becoming your new best friend. Good thing no one can have too many friends (especially the girl with 2 total).

Rest of breakfast – cherries! They were super cheap in Florida and I stocked up (by eating 6 pounds in 24 hours).IMG 4404 800x533 thumb Travel Tip Reality

Travel tip: Get a massive Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.

Travel tip reality: Get up to pee 3 times during a 1.5 hour flight.IMG 4406 533x800 thumb Travel Tip Reality

We made it to Atlanta with a few hours to kill so I walked around in a tired stupor. I ended up saving my lunch for the plane (see smelly food travel tip).IMG 4409 800x533 thumb Travel Tip Reality

Travel tip: Bring a cute guy along to lean on so you can sleep. IMG 4410 800x533 thumb Travel Tip Reality

Travel tip reality: Wake up to find you’re leaning into the aisle, have thrown your neck pillow 3 rows down and have drool stains on your shirt.

Travel tip: Pack P&J for a snack.

Travel tip reality: I packed my PB&J in a paper towel and put it in a baggie with cashews and peanuts. It made the nuts soggy wlEmoticon sadsmile Travel Tip Reality Fail. IMG 4413 800x533 thumb Travel Tip Reality

Our fridge was super bare when we got home…IMG 4414 533x800 thumb Travel Tip Reality

So after a nice 3 mile walk to decompress we hit up the grocery store. Much better!IMG 4418 533x800 thumb Travel Tip Reality

I’m exhausted. See you later wlEmoticon smile Travel Tip Reality

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  1. says

    -If I’m early to an airport, I definitely try to opt out of the body scans and go for the pat down. I usually get a lot of grumbles and annoyed looks, but I’m sticking it to the man!
    -And I always try to bring a cute boy with me when I fly… it’s always more fun with cute boys =)
    -I also love that you made an airport friend. You’re better than me, I try to keep my headphones in and avoid contact with all fellow plane-goers.

  2. says

    I don’t think I’ve EVER seen that much space in my fridge. Fresh start, much?

    Hope you get some rest. Even though you were travelling, your post made me hungry…skill!

  3. says

    The fridge part made me LOL for real. I seriously wake up before a flight home thinking about the empty fridge and then spend the length of the flight debating whether or not I’ll have the energy to go to the grocery store. I bet it was nice waking up to a full fridge :)

  4. Candice says

    I love it! I’m a flight attendant and your food you brought is almost exactly how I pack for my trips. lol.

  5. says

    Great post, as always! One travel tip that I have found to be true is bring along enough to keep you occupied during 6.5 hour flights; reality, you are too cramped in the middle seat to be able to reach any of it, so you try not to get drooled on my neighbor to your left.

  6. says

    You definitely save some moola by bringing all your food with you (although you probably spend everything you save on your coffee habit ;) ). I think we have the same refrigerator!

  7. says

    Haha, I’m def guilty of the smelly breath and drooling all over myself ravel tips :P Oh well, whatever it was, I’m sure it was tasty and you were just drooling dreaming about it! Love restocking an empty fridge!

  8. says

    I’ve been opting out of the scary Total Recall-looking x-ray since it came out. I get various responses from TSA agents but mainly courteous & not that invasive. It feels counterintuitive to opt-out of an x-ray in exchange for a full-body pat down but the latter is temporary and feels more familiar; who knows about health and privacy risks with the xray!

  9. Meg says

    I agree with some of the other comments wondering why the scanner is such a big deal. I’ve seen the output and it isn’t very interesting, regardless of your body type. Lots of things in everyday life have been questioned regarding long term potential health risks…I’d prefer my short term health by ensuring no one with anything dangerous gets on the plane. And a pat down seems more invasive anyway. Maybe it’s just me.

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