Biggest Loser’s Bernie Salazar

Through my partnership with Orville Redenbacher, I had a little video conference with the Biggest Loser’s Bernie Salazar this afternoon. Seriously, he was a doll <3image

Bernie is a self proclaimed “snack monster” and volume eater. We’re a lot alike Smile 

This chat has inspired me to have a little snack challenge this month –stay tuned.

Then, I had a little video conference with myself. It was a lot less fun, but I had to deal. Okay, it’s really an Ask A Monican episode.


  1. How did you know you were ready to make a baby?
  2. Thoughts on virtual races.
  3. Are you hearing impaired? Tips for hearing impaired runners.   *Note I may have made fun of myself one time because my family gives me a lot of crap about turning up the TV too high and screaming too much. I think this was a misunderstanding I wanted to discuss.

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Got a question for Bernie? email me because he’s doing a video Q&A for you guys soon! We might even be able to get him to dance on camera – I saw some of his moves today Smile


  1. says

    Stupid biological clocks. I think it would be easier if nature had finally adapted and let us have the occasional cocktail during pregnancy.

    Are we allowed to know how old you are? Since you talk about the fertility window and all…

  2. says

    I cracked up when you said if weird things happen, you wouldn’t take pictures but would share..(re pregnacy) so funny

    Also just this morning a student (high school maybe) crossed in front of me dressed in black and it was still dark. I barely missed her. I was paying attention, and she started crossing even before I saw freaked me out. Great Ask A Monican.

  3. says

    If I had a $1 for every time someone asked us when we were going to have a baby, I’d be rich enough to have a baby. Listen people, although we’ve been married almost 4 years, we enjoy being a couple. Traveling, having spontaneous weekends away, sleeping in, whatever. We have time.

    Apparently it’s a new movement called OccupyYourUterus.

    • says

      That’s awesome! My folks were married for four years before they started having kids. They really believe it’s a good idea for a couple to learn how to “be married” together before starting a family. Almost 39 years later, they’re one of the happiest couples I know. (Okay, I may be a little biased…. 😉 )

  4. Mason says


    I just want to add to the conversation as well that my mom had me when she was 32, and my dad was 45….sooo… I believe that there is a window for “normal” pregnancy, but I just know that I don’t plan to even begin that whole process until I’m 28-29-ish. And by that time I’ll have been on birth control for…. more than 7 years. And you know, maybe it’s a leap of faith to even try that, but I’ve always known that I don’t want to have a child until later in life, and there’s nothing wrong with that! For me, I know that 26-27 is too young. I don’t know why, that’s a normal age for most people, but I will still be out partying, sooooo….. just lettin ya know that there’s still some of us out there like you! That feel the pressure but don’t feel the need for a child just yet! All I know is, once you have em, you can’t get ride of em! lol!

  5. JessicaE says

    Up until I was 26 1/2 i did NOT want kids. My husband very patiently waited for me to be ready for over two years. One day i woke up and I needed to have a baby! :) So just saying, as someone close to 27, it only took about 4 months before I conceived. :0) I definitely had the same fears of you as I got closer to 30, but for me, it didn’t take long at all. I actually thought it would take longer, haha. :)

    Many people will tell you, NO, WAIT. And many people will say, YES DO IT. Many people will pressure you….

    Truly, in my opinion, the best thing you can is just listen to your heart and not ANYONE else. It will tell you when its ready.

    Good luck <3

    • JessicaE says

      P.S. Also, my husband and I were together for a long time before we had kids. (Of course, we started dating at 19). But we were married 4+ years, and I think that’s SO great and important. Married alone time prior to babies is lovely, IMO.

      But again, everyone’s different :)

  6. Jessica says

    Oh, ich habe dich lieb! :)

    I love the way you are an open book. And medically speaking, now is the best time to get pregnant. It’ll just get harder on your body as you get older, it’ll be more difficult to lose the baby weight and it’s more likely that you’re more fertile right now than in five years.
    But yeah, I am totally in the pro baby group and if I had a sensible husband I’d probably go for it. But I don’t so for me this is hypothetical.

    But I think you’re such a charismatic and funny person, just wanted to say that! :)

  7. Jules says

    I love when you say, “If there’s weird stuff… I won’t take a picture of it, but I’ll let you know.” Ha!

    I really appreciate you talking and writing about this topic- it prompted me to print out the NPR story and bring it to my yearly physical. I’m 29, married for 2 years, and in sort of a similar situation as you in terms of my internal conflict about being ready. I look forward to reading more of whatever you’re comfortable sharing!

  8. says

    Heck, I guess I’m the minority here – I had a child before I even married my husband and had my second child a year after getting married at age 25. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.
    At least when they grow up and move out, my husband and I will still be fairly young!
    Love your videos!

  9. Rachael D. says

    I am glad you are so open and willing to talk about the baby subject on your blog, but honestly I think it is sorta rude when people ask if someone is going to have a baby if they don’t know that person very well. I think it is a very sensitive subject for people because you don’t know if they have infertillity issues or what not. Maybe I am just being sensitive because I don’t plan on having children, but those are my 2 cents :)

  10. says

    Ooo, babies. I love them. Good luck in your journey. It’s such an unique decision for everyone with lots of factors involved. I had my first baby at 25, was definitely not ready, but just felt that it was right thing to do. Eight years later, we have decided to keep her and our other three kids. They take off the pressure of our being cool in group settings.

  11. says

    Your hilarious. And yes weird things will happen that for whatever reason NO ONE talks about. I have not been pregnant myself, but I’m a nurse who works with pregnant women. And the things I learned in nursing school I was like “HOW COMES NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS?!” My advice is, talk about it, and take pictures unless it involves your vag which 95% of it does… so, yeah. But I also feel your pain on vagina pressure. I JUST got engaged, and my mom has been saying things like “i want to be a grandma again” and “you two really need to have a baby as soon as you get married.” Hm, yeah. My fiance is all about that. So if and when you have tips to ward of the baby hungry man, let me know!

  12. says

    I am a loud talker too. My wife is always telling me to lower my voice. Well actually she gives me “the look” ad then says “why are you so loud.” For me its normally when I get excited but I do kinda like to yell. We kinda got a break in the baby pressure from my in-laws because my sister in-law had a baby. Nice!

  13. Kelli says

    I’m like Ben my ears are supersonic my husband calls me Inspector Gadget even mynpoor kids are like can we turn the t.v. Up one dot ? I had kids at 28 and 29 for me it was a perfect age I wasnt sure if I wanted kids and decided to let nature decide and we got pregnant on the first month I guess we were meant to have kids!

  14. says

    Yelling IS fun. My husband complains that I listen to workout dvds too loudly in the mornings. This morning it was YOGA and he still said it was too loud. Somebody in my office who doesn’t even know my first name asked me if I was going to have a baby soon. I’m 27 and have been married 6 months. Definitely not ready.

  15. J says

    I’m prob one of your older readers ( just hit the big 5-0). I was married 7 years before that damn biological clock started clanging LOUDLY out of nowhere. My kids are 18 & 15 now and baby issues are a distant memory. The point is, time flies, don’t agonize too much just jump in with both feet and enjoy parenthood. You and Ben will be amazed about what you learn about yourselves when you become Mom and Dad:)

  16. says

    My parents were married for 7 years before having children and they always stress the importance of building a strong foundation before adding kids to the picture.

    When they started to pressure my sister after being married two years I was surprised but loved her response: She got them a Shi Tzu and started to dress it up so that they had something cute to coo over. Worked like a charm!

    • says

      I agree with this 100%… build the foundation. That is what my husband and I are working on as well. Best of luck, and make the decision when it is right for you and Ben. No one else.

  17. Candice says

    After being married for almost 5 years and together for almost 10 years, the baby question is really getting hot with the fam. My husband and I both feel like we are not done being selfish. Thats is the reason. We could swing it financially and I even could work from home. But I like sleeping in, and eating when I want to. I like doing laundry and dishes whenever I want and not having to hose off everything I own because someone slobbered/puked/pooped on it. Just saying.
    Btw if we decide to make a baby I will tell everyone on my own time, it is no one else’s business but mine and Mr. Candice’s.

  18. says

    Hahahaha! Cracking up that you said “if I get knocked up”…

    And I think when you’re ready you just get this gut feeling of knowing. That’s what happened with me at least. I was still scared and didn’t feel ready, but the thought of not trying scared me more. If that makes sense? Plus, you can definitely have kids fit your life and not fit your life to kids. It does involve some sacrifice, but you know I still believe and show you can do your own thing and be your own person and have your own goals/life with kids just adding to it.

  19. says

    I started trying when I was 23 and I’m going to be 29 this year. Yes, it can definitely take a loooong time. I hate the fertility window, especially because I started at a time I thought was early enough!

  20. Amy says

    I think you’re kinda ready the minute the thought spends more than 2 minutes in your head. Scared…. But ready. I had mine at 30, 32 & 33 and it was perfect for us! Everyone is different and you do give up A LOT!!! But you really do get a lot too! At least after the two month “you must constantly fulfill ALL of my biological needs IMMEDIATELY” thing wears off! And you pregnant will be HYSTERICAL!

  21. Amy says

    Kids seem way over-rated. I think everyone should have a puppy first — then if they are still on board — babies.

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