Pray to Ceiling Cat for the Big Sur 10 Miler

How’s your day? Mine was rainy…IMG_5061 (800x600)

Vegas sat by the door hoping and wishing and praying to ceiling cat that the rain would let up, but no dice.IMG_5080 (533x800)

ceiling cat(image source)

I prayed to ceiling cat too. But my prayers were for self control that I wouldn’t eat everything in the kitchen. Luckily, I only had one Dove promise found in my purse.IMG_5060 (800x600)

When I’m not praying for self control,  I thank ceiling cat for giving me a husband that buys me flowers for ‘no reason’. I married Ben for his dimple, the flowers are a bonus <3 IMG_5075 (800x533)

Oh and, I know the frame is crappy, but I took that picture on the wall. I’m proud of it.IMG_5077 (533x800)

Lunch was a good turkey sandwich with sprouts and tons of pickles.IMG_5056 (800x600)

Okay, one pickle but it was a big one!IMG_5055 (800x600)

I was done with work by 2pm and spent the rest of the day catching up on emails and blog stuff from home. I felt super snacky so I made sure to have a legit afternoon snack – 3 wasa crisps with PB&J and one with Laughing Cow & J, bell pepper on the side.IMG_5068 (800x533)

Speaking of non-appetizing pictures… a few people asked about my tattoo I mentioned on Friday. I have a flame on my hip, it’s small and tasteful (until I pull my pants down to show everyone). IMG_5052 (800x600)

Today I read the Forbes Travel Guide article on 10 Marathons Worth Traveling For. I immediately wanted to sign up for all of them, but that’s not even close to being realistic. However, I got super excited because 2 of them are in California!!! Nothing against Florida, I would love to live there one day, but I am a huge fan of my home state.

The first marathon worth traveling for in CA is the Napa Valley Marathon in March, but registration is closed. Boo.

The other one is The Big Sur Marathon and that’s sold out Sad smile

Fail and Fail.

But, all is not lost since the Big Sur 10 miler is still open! I’m on the wait list for the 21 miler, but signed up for the 10 miler today! Added Bonus: Ben is going to run it with me!! Road trip and Run?!?! The last weekend of April is going to be awesome!


Since we were recently considering moving out of state I’ve been thinking more and more about trying to run all the west coast races that are on my “must run” list. Next weekend I have the Tinkerbelle Half, but after that I’m not sure…


  1. says

    I think Big Sur is the most beautiful place in California! My boyfriend is in the army and stationed in Monterey, we always make a special trip to the Big Sur State Park!
    Have fun!

  2. says

    I’m actually running Napa! Im really excited, however I recently had to take off from running due to an injury and im just starting to work up my mileage so im hoping I survive the race. I love wine country :) I hope you get the 21 miler that you want but running the 10 miler in Big Sur sounds fantastic too!

  3. says

    I was registered for Napa last year, but had to drop out a few weeks prior due to a 3 week flu that knocked me down. We went to Napa anyway and slept and went wine tasting. :) It’s still on my future marathon agenda though.

  4. says

    that toasty sandwich looks delicious. I love Big Sur – one of my favorite places I’ve visited. running there will be beautiful, and so happy Ben is running the 10-miler with you! you should come to Vancouver for the lululemon half marathon in August. :)

  5. says

    gahhhh…why couldn’t you have picked a race that was further north!!!!???? Oh wait, I think i’ll actually be there that weekend because I just realized it’s the same as the marathon! I have another friend running it! I’ll see you there!!!

  6. says

    Last night, I registered for a 15k that will be taking place in March. It’s one that will fit into my half marathon training plan really well. If I keep up with the running for the half, I may actually run a full by the end of the year!

  7. Ida says

    Big sur is awesome! Just so you know 10miler isnt nearly as scenic as the other distances though. Running over the bridge is the best part and for the last 6-7 miles you cant even really see the ocean. That said all the distances are a lot of fun, but I really hope you get into the 21miler!

      • Ida says

        The 10 is much better than the 9 mile loop. The 10 is still really nice and along highway one, it’s just that the best views and the piano player are only part of the longer courses. No matter what you’ll still get some good photo ops:)

  8. Ashley C says

    How exciting Ben is going to run it with you! That’s so awesome!

    Soo, can I ask why the flame? Just curious because as a fellow redhead I hate the term “fire-crotch” and I feel putting a flame there only further warrants the term… but, you do have a much better sense of humor than me so maybe it doesn’t bug you like it does me. lol

    • says

      I really didn’t even think about that until after! I always just knew I wanted a flame somewhere on my person that wouldn’t be too obvious. After the fact I realized it was shouting “fire crotch”, but it is what it is?

  9. says

    Sorry the Big Sur marathon was already sold out. I didn’t run that one, but I lived in the Monterey area for about a year and loved it! If you’re going to make a weekend of being in that area go to First Awakenings in Pacific Grove. It’s probably 45 minutes from Big Sur, but the breakfast is amazing! My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it. And if you want another excuse to go back to First Awakenings there’s a half marathon in Salinas that winds through wine country. It’s pretty nice, but the only half I’ve ever run so I don’t have much to compare it to. (Sorry for writing a mini-novel, but seriously. Go to First Awakenings.)

  10. says

    I know how you feel about the whole moving thing. My husband recently lost his contract in Chicago and received offers for a few places. We settled on Pennsylvania for several reasons, but his contract has been in limbo since last August so I’m glad something finally happened. He’s out there now, hopefully the next couple months go by quickly, so I can head out there after I finish my military obligation. Hang in there toots!

  11. says

    Good choice! I ran Big Sur last year as part of the marathon relay! I saw some concerns about lack of scenery for your distance… If the marathon relay is still open, you could sign up for that. A lot of the people I met run multiple legs of the relay — you don’t have to have 5 people. Or if you do, just volunteer to run the first leg and keep going! I ran leg 3 and ended up doing 3 and 4 for the extra mileage (and scenery!)

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