Biggest Loser’s Bernie Salazar Interview

Through my partnership with Orville Redenbacher I asked you for some questions for the Biggest Loser’s Bernie Salazar. I tried to get him to go to each of your homes and answer in person, but his reps refused. Something about me being a creepy stalker, I forget. Anyways, here he is with the answers!

Bernie Salazar from the Biggest Loser

IMG 4908 800x600 thumb Biggest Loser’s Bernie Salazar Interview

And Orville is giving one RER reader Bernie gift wrapped for Valentine’s Day this awesome prize pack (that I really want too):

·Two (2) boxes of Orville Redenbacher’s SmartPop! Pop Up Bowl Butter

· Lululemon gift card ($75) for fitness apparel

· CamelBak 1 liter water bottle

· Resistance band

· Moleskin wellness journal

· Garmin heart rate monitor

To Enter: Leave a comment with the snacks you ate today (or are going to eat).

Yes, I’ve been talking about snacks all month, but it’s part of my Smart Snacking Challenge to stay inspired and healthy! At least it’s an easy question right? And don’t say “an apple” when it was really “an apple flavored jolly rancher” – honor system!

Contest closes 2/3/12 at 11am EST. Open to US residents only. I was compensated by Orville for this series. All opinions on RER are the God’s honest truth my own.


  1. Leigh says

    Today I’ve had a mini yogurt and a spoonful of peanut butter. I’m planning to meet people later for ice cream though!

  2. tink says

    special K dark chocolate granola bar, an apple w/ almond butter and i will probably have a couple home made pb cookies after dinner.

    great interview!

  3. Heather says

    I had a bite of banana bread this morning and coffee that has been my only snacks. I forgot to pack snacks for work today and I have been good and not gone to the vending machine.

  4. Pam says

    I had a “cutie” orange in the morning and 5 soft peppermint candies after lunch.

    Love your blog, BTW!

    Thanks for hostessing another giveaway.

  5. says

    AM snack was a piece of Ezekiel bread with pb&j…PM snack was a Clif Z Bar and blueberries. With a few reaches into the office candy bowl for some Hershey’s minis in between…

  6. Mary S says

    I haven’t been a big snacker today which is unusual for me. Today it has been some deli roast beef before the gym and a mini yogurt cup.

  7. Mary W says

    I had some apple cinnamon Greek yogurt that was awesome, and some graham crackers with PB. Yum!!! Want popcorn later :)

  8. Candice says

    1 scoop protein blended with 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1 pkt stevia, spinach, water, and ice. Topped with lots of cereal. Sounds kinda gross, but it’s delicious.

  9. AmyW says

    After reading your recent posts about popcorn I picked up a pack of 100 calorie bags to stash in my draw at work. I was so glad I had them today after back to back meetings I was starving around 4pm. By the time I filled up my water bottle it was time to start snacking!

  10. Chole Franklin says

    I have been feely extra snacky today–went horsebackriding after two lecture classes.
    SOOO snacks:
    –popcorn 94% butter 100 cal bag
    –large banana with 1 TSP almond butter

    tried to keep it to filling things that I could take awhile to munch on!

  11. Elissa says

    Let’s see, first I had a chocolate Shakeology banana peanut butter shake, then I had a handful of nuts, then I had some hummus and veggies, and I just finished up some Greek yogurt with berries and granola. And it’s only 2:15?! How is this possible?

  12. Sarah says

    A peanut butter sandwich, a green smoothie, a breakfast bar, and an apple. For what it’s worth, I’m actually pregnant right now, though that has never really mattered before! :)

  13. Sheila says

    My snacking has been out of control – veggies and hummus, popcorn and lots of chocolate – blame it on PMS, I guess!

  14. says

    I had a piece of string cheese…and in total honesty, 2 hersheys miniatures from my assistant’s candy bowl! (Damn willpower and lack of pre-planning)

  15. Jennifer says

    I just had a handful of Emerald’s Sweet and Salty mixed nut blend. Dark chocolate peanut butter….yummy!!!!!!!

  16. Amanda T says

    Today I had yogurt w granola (heavy on the granola bc it was deliiiish w candied pecans!) and a choco coconut Luna bar.

  17. Kelly R says

    I had applesauce, clementines, and a cookie for snack today. I definatly have to have a morning snack and an afternoon snack! Snack is the most important part of the day!

  18. Sarah says

    I snacked on a Trader Joe’s nonfat organic greek yogurt with some smashed Kashi Cinnamon harvest cereal on top.

    I might or might not be seen eating a devilish little shortbread cookie with my tea later this afternoon.

  19. Meagan says

    Today, I snacked on a handful of almonds and I’ll likely snack later tonight on some air popped popcorn… YUM!!

  20. Denise P. says

    Morning snack today was an english muffin with peanut butter and honey.

    Afternoon snack will be lemon yogurt with raspberries (And definitely not the girl scout cookies a coworker brought in that are 5 feet to my left.)

  21. Calle says

    I had Cinnamon roasted almonds and an apple today. I just tried the cinnamon almonds yesterday for the first time, they are sooo good

  22. Diana S. says

    Today I snacked on (at separate times) a Lara Bar, a rice cake, and a glass of chocolate coconut milk (that I made myself with cocoa powder and stevia). I’m still hungry, but my snacks are gone!

  23. Amy W says

    Vanilla greek yogurt + frozen raspberries + rice chex + flax seed + walnuts. Lately I’ve been eating more popcorn too! So filling.

  24. says

    I just ate a small bowl of Coach’s Oats with a spoonful of plain yogurt mixed in! I was starving from an early lunch and needed something that would stick to my ribs :)

  25. says

    Oh man – not my most nutritionally savvy day for snacks. I had a Monica-sized handful of cherries and a huge chocolate cookie from Specialty’s (impossible to say no when you get a special delivery from a co-worker of your favorite treat!)

  26. says

    I actually made popcorn! Which I forgot about while it was popping. A bit later I realized I was hungry so I ate a yogurt with walnuts, then found the bag of popped corn in the microwave 2 hours later. Oh well…the yogurt was good.

  27. Bethany says

    For snacks I had 4 rolls of smarties, 1 serving of syder pretzels and a cup of strawberries with a little sugar.

  28. Colleen says

    For my a.m. snack, I had low-fat cottage cheese and unsweetened applesauce. For the afternoon, I’ll be having a Kind bar and a clementine or 3.

  29. jenny says

    OMG! I worked from home and was tempted to snack all day! I had yogurt, granola &strawberries and several turkey cheese rollups.

  30. Denise says

    Morning snack……vega smoothie
    Afternoon snack …….2 clementines and an apple
    Right now……a glass of vino :D

  31. lauren says

    Grapes with lunch and I just had a late afternoon apple. After dinner I will probably have cottage cheese and raisins. Not together.

  32. Michelle says

    I had a huge white chocolate macadamia nut cookie from a Costco rep that was visiting our lawfirm. I’m marathon training, it’s okay, right? :)

  33. says

    Today’s snacks: apple cinnamon Chobani with oats and chopped almonds, a peanut butter crunch Purefit bar, and I have some honeycrisp apples and super ripe bananas at home for pre-dinner and post-dinner snacks (with PB, of course). For some reason, I’m kinda craving popcorn… not sure why, though… :)

  34. Megan W. says

    Today I’m having two clementimes and a Larabar – usually my snacks involve candy but I’m trying to be better about that (New Year’s resolution that will broken in 3, 2….)

  35. Christine says

    I had 3 pieces of fruit at lunch. One of the two pears was technically a “snack”. I had a Stella D’Oro breakfast treat, a piece of Dove dark chocolate and a piece of chili chocolate that I got from Aldi.

  36. Angie says

    I had a cheese stick in the morning. When I got home from work I had an apple and a whole wheat tortilla with a little peanut butter and mango butter.

  37. Joanna says

    I have been working on the smart snacking thing as well…today I had a baggie of almonds and an orange, and some grapes and a luna bar are staring at me from the corner of my desk.
    PS…amazing prize pack!!

  38. Julie says

    Today I’ve had a banana, raisins, an orange so far for snacks. I always save the best for after supper, today I’m planning on a chocolate chip cookie.

  39. Kalin says

    My snacks were:
    1) a big delicious apple sliced up with lots of cinnamon sprinkles on it,
    2) a piece of hemp heart chocolate bar with cashews on top.

  40. Meg says

    Today I had a Fat Free Ricotta Cheese Chocolate Chip Muffin for my snack (the ricotta was fat-free, not the entire muffin, darn it!) I think I added too much flour so it was a bit dense but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to grab another for my night snack but I’m going to hold strong and have half a grapefruit now!

  41. says

    So far snacks have been graham crackers, handful of almonds, and two slices of turkey wrapped in a slice of provolone cheese. I’m debating whether to make some popcorn. Leaning towards yes since dinner will be late tonight!

  42. says

    I’m all about snacks these days- just found out I’m pregant! So far today I’ve had carrots, an apple, and a handful of nutty trail- mix! yumm!

  43. shana says

    My only snack so far today has been a laughing cow chipotle cheese wedge. When I get home from work, I plan on attacking a mini caramel chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s!

  44. Samantha says

    I’ve definitely struggled with my snacking in the past, but I think I’ve finally gotten it under control! I try to eat every 2-3 hours so I don’t get ravenous. Today, snacks included carrots, a larabar, string cheese, and TJ’s stove top popcorn. I definitely LOVE me some popcorn.

  45. Caitlin Fernandes says

    I had a small soy latte for my morning snack, and I plan on having veggies with ranch dip (nonfat greek yogurt mixed with ranch seasoning) later today. Such a great giveaway!!

  46. Kyle says

    So many snacks, so little time! I had an apple, two clementines, and a handful of almonds. I’ll probably have a larabar at some point, too!

  47. Pauline says

    Today’s snack was baklava. I don’t normally go so heavy on the snacks, but it was a celebration! I got engaged on Tuesday night! So my co-workers brought in some treats. :)

  48. Kim says

    so far snack wise i’ve had an apple, greek yogurt with honey and toasted almonds, and i’m thinking a little later i’m going to have some carrots and hummus

  49. Amy says

    Today’s snack was cottage cheese with a diced pear and some cocoa powder. Sounds kinda gross, but I swear it is soooo good!

  50. Eva says

    awesome giveaway!

    i ate a few rosemary chipotle mixed nuts that i made (around 10 nuts) and a tangelo!

    i may have a piece of dark chocolate in a bit, too!

  51. Heather says

    Fruit (strawberries & grapes) w/ plain greek yogurt & new Fiber One Honey Squares

    2 small handfuls of pistachios (I really shouldn’t have bought a Costco sized bag for my office!)

  52. Michele says

    I had white cheddar popcorn (it was Orville, but I swear that’s a coincidence) and a spoon of peanut butter. About to also have a weight watchers ice cream cup.

  53. says

    Earlier, I ate an apple ( yes, a real apple, not a Jolly Rancher!). Just got done with some tortilla chips and hummus and some dates. Waiting for my tea to finish brewing. I love snacks.

  54. Hillary says

    no snacks today but I bought some new-to-me blue bell black walnut ice cream that I may have as an after dinner treat :) YUM!

  55. Abby says

    I had some yogurt with granola and strawberries. I also had a sugar free jello and melba toast with skinny cow cheese and jam!

  56. says

    Today I ate:

    about a cup of cherries
    a giant plate of celery, baby carrots, apple slices, and bell peppers

    I’m trying to eat “clean” this week, so it’s all healthy stuff.

  57. erin says

    What timing! Just finished Orville Redenbacher’s single serving Kettle Corn… so tasty. Earlier I also had some spiced almonds. I’ve been busier than normal today, usually the list would be much longer!

  58. says

    It’s been a snacky day due to lack of sleep/ early and LONG work hours.. toast w/ PB and PB2, greek yogurt w/ apples & cinnamon, 2 huge iced coffees with soy, a fig newton (random from co-worker).

  59. Jessica says

    Today’s snack was PB and a banana, scout’s honor! I would’ve had a snack in the afternoon, but ended up having a late lunch so I wasn’t hungry.

  60. Mandy says

    I haven’t had any yet but I’m thinking I could go for some frozen yogurt tonight after salsa. I just have to convince my fiance :) Otherwise I’ll probably have some cherries.

  61. Jamie says

    Honesty, ick….Well I snacked on some Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate and then some PB&J nut mix from Costco. I could have been better. Today is my husbands first day smoke free and he’s very hungry which leaves me very tempted.

  62. Kasey says

    Today for a snack I had 1 oz of colby jack cheese and an apple. Later I’ll have some Hammer Recoverite mixed with almond milk after I run and go to BodyPump :)

  63. Kiersten says

    My snack today was chocolate frozen yogurt with some oreos and strawberries! I also have a little apple sitting on my desk that I think I’m going to eat later on.

  64. Emily says

    Baby carrots with sabra hummus and like a cup of odwalla chocolate protein monster drink. Also to be honest a diet cherry limeaid from Sonic – I totally stole that idea from RER.

  65. adria biasi says

    Todays snack so far has been a cupcake called a wannabe, its from a diabetic bakery. It is about the size of a mango, and so delicious, looks like a hostess cupcake, thats why it is called a wanna be. But after all of that sweetness I am craving veggies. So ill probably end up having some carrots and perhaps some cheese its ;)

  66. says

    I ate a brownie and some cherries – a little healthy, a little not. But hey, I worked out for 2 hours today – I deserve a brownie!

  67. Hannah M. says

    My first snack was a banana, then later I had a snack of a small bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Crisp (YUM) with milk.

  68. adria biasi says

    I have had a cupcake called a wanna be, its like a hostess cupcake but its from a diabetic bakery so about the size of a mango but half the sin ;)

  69. Beth says

    I had a Quest Protein Bar – Peanut Butter Pie, so good! And a few cashews. I also have been drinking green drinks (spinach, apple, pear, banana, clemetines = all blended in my Vitamix). Really helps with getting extra raw veggies & fruit into my diet (and it’s a bonus to help decrease my cravings for sweets.)

  70. Brandi says

    I had an orange and 3/4 cup of lightly sweetened shredded wheat cereal! And of course a medium coffee with some vanilla soy milk

  71. Yolanda says

    the roasted nuts mix from Trader Joe’s, and edamame crackers from trader joe’s and KETTLE CORN! MMMMMMMMMMMmmm i’m a snackie monster

  72. Renee C. says

    Ah! Eek! Too perfect! I seriously just ate orville popcorn about an hour ago at my desk:) I also had an apple for a snack earlier:)

    Awesome giveaway!!

  73. Marla says

    I had a Greek yogurt, some whole wheat crackers with laughing cow cheese wedges and after dinner i will eat a vita top!

  74. mackenzie says

    For my first snack I had a quarter cup brown rice, quarter cup tuna salad, and a dollop of hummus on top. For my second snack I had a handful of roasted, no salt, mixed nuts with a couple (few…lots!?) Of dark chocolate covered almonds thrown in. Yum!!

  75. Jennifer H. says

    So far I have had a Blueberry Chobani, a Granny Smith apple, and a mini bag of Cheetos that I stole from my husband ;)

  76. Lindsay says

    This afternoon I had several (large) handfuls of the Honey Nut flavor of Oatmeal Squares….they are so darn good!

  77. Sarah says

    AHH!!! what an awesome giveaway! I’ve been so busy today the only snack I have had is celery, red peppers and hummus! yum!

  78. Molly says

    My only real snack today was hummus single cups from Costco and pita chips. Does beer count as a snack? Because that’s on the agenda too! Oh I guess I also had green beans and a little Yumm Sauce (Cafe Yumm – bueno!).

  79. Maija says

    I don’t think this comment box is big enough to list all my snacks, but I’m enjoying some pb toast right now. Yum!

  80. Janine says

    Today my eating was a bit out of whack. Normally I rely on a few pieces of fruit and string cheese as my go-to work snacks.

  81. Theresa says

    For a morning snack I had carrots and a Mini Luna Bar. This afternoon I had an apple with yogurt and a dash of cinnamon. And I’m sure tonight my inner snackmonster will come out and I will nom on some cereal

  82. says

    I’m snacking on some pretzels as I type this…and I may or may not have had two chocolate truffles a minute ago…I’ll balance it with a banana :)

  83. Dani says

    Sugar snap peas this morning, and either some cottage cheese and cinnamon or an apple with almond butter is on tap for later tonight

    Love the interview and giveaway :)

  84. Brooke S says

    I had a peanut butter banana muffin this afternoon for snack and will be having greek yogurt and cereal (probably way to much cereal) for snack this evening.

  85. says

    Good snacks=Chobani blood orange Greek yogurt mid-morning, banana with peanut butter after school

    Bad snack=the lemon part of the remainder of the pan of lemon bars eaten in frustration (and then regretted) when my toddler was annoying me

  86. Elizabeth says

    I had a Clif Z Bar (I know they’re for kids, but I just love ‘em) and a handful of peanut butter Cheerios.

  87. says

    I snacked on some rice cakes and later peanuts (more than I should have) – I really wished my snacks could have been mounds of calorie free peanut butter – come on science, make it happen haha

  88. Angela says

    I was too busy at work today to have any snacks so I will tell you what I had yesterday instead: banana + PB (AM snack), Fresh fruit (PM snack).

  89. Kylee says

    I’m all about lowfat cottage cheese and grapefruit. And roasted almonds (that i can never seem to only eat one serving of)

  90. Ashley says

    Toast with a laughing cow in the morning and a tangerine with a kashi bar this afternoon. And I’m still hungry!

  91. Karen says

    Morning snack before the gym, banana with a spoonful of p-nut butter
    Mid morning snack, granny smith apple and string cheese
    Afternoon snack 2 Adora disks and another scoop of p-nut butter
    After dinner snack…tbd but probably dark chocolate Jello mousse cup

  92. Carmen Kercher says

    Today my snacks were a greek plain yogurt followed by a orange. For my afternoon snack I had some carrots and a handful (Or five) of spicy trail mix someone brought in to work! I love unexpected snacks! YUM!

  93. Jen B says

    Lady Cripps apple, vanilla yogurt with raspberries and Bear Naked blueberry flax granola and a handful of baked Lays original chips. I was doing well until the chips were offered to me. :)

  94. Jenna says

    I’ve had an apple, and raspberries with sunflower butter. So lame I know. I’m going to have some chocolate later. I found some new dark chocolate with buttercream frosting bars at trader joes today.

  95. Amanda says

    Today was a clementine, apple slices, and popcorn for carbs, almonds for healthy fat, and rolled up turkey slices for protein. Snacked on throughout the day!

  96. blair says

    Today’s afternoon snack was homemade trail mix. Pretzels, cashews, walnuts and raisins. It was good, but I mistakenly bought unsalted pretzels at the grocery store, which are, in my opinion, absolutely terrible! Of course I hate to waste food so I’m eating them…by dipping the rest in PB.

  97. Kate says

    I had a Kashi Crunchy bar and a scoop of Biscoff. Oh, and a glass of red wine (I didn’t have the wine with a meal so I guess it’s a snack).

  98. says

    today was a BIG snack day for me….i had a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch (recently bought on a whim at the store haha), some fruit, a lara bar…and now im thinking about something else. maybe i should eat an actual meal? i have to say, i wish i had some popcorn..that sounds awesome!

  99. Amy H says

    My snacks today included peanuts, an orange, almonds + raisins, a TJ’s fiberful bar, and pistachios. Oh, and hot tea if that counts as a snack. I’m BIG on snacking. Especially snacks of fruits and nuts/seeds. They keep me from getting super-crazy-out-of-my-d@mn-mind, grumpy-as-all get-out hungry. So yeah, snacks help me keep my friends.

  100. Iris Lee says

    I had an apple with peanut butter today – old news, but so so so good. I also tried a Pure protein bar… not sure how I felt about it though.

  101. Aly says

    My snacks for today were a banana with Almond butter smothered all over it, a hand full of mixed nuts, and an apple. Can we say that I like fruit and nuts or what??

  102. TJ says

    Some roasted brussels spouts, a hard-boiled egg with mustard, and these homemade energy bars I make with dried cherries in them.

  103. says

    I heart snacks.

    Today I had a protein/almond milk/frozen banana shake snack, an apple, a slice of peanut butter toast and a baby orange.

  104. brose says

    this HAS to be the best giveaway ever… I’m right now snacking on celery and carrots with butternut hummus. Earlier today it was yogurt and blueberries and grapefruit…

  105. Jane says

    Today…not so healthy. I ate 2 Reeces P’Butter Cups washed
    down with a glass of milk. Sigh…somedays you just gotta have
    the chocolate!

  106. says

    Oh man! All I do is snack! I snack on popcorn (with hot sauce) literally almost every day. I snack on a piece of toasted bread with peanut butter and honey before workouts. I snack on a spoonful of Nutella when I was something sweet. And yes, I’ve had all of those snacks multiple times this week. :D

  107. Steff K. says

    I had a chocolate chip cookie…our bank gives them away and the bank was being difficult today, so I earned it!

  108. Erin H. says

    Oh where to start? Small banana with a handful of almonds. String cheese and jazz apple. Cottage cheese with strawberry preserves. And probably later: hummus and carrots! All that. In my belly.

  109. says

    I had a whole chocolate almond fudge clif bar. I try and only eat half for a snack but after a 5 mile run and yoga class I needed the whole thing!

  110. Ashley says

    I’m not proud of this but it was pizza. Also I went to the dr. today and in their charts I am exactly 6lbs heavier than I was one year ago yesterday. I too believe it happened after race season and will probably continue now that Cadbury eggs are out.

  111. runnrjo says

    My afternoon snack was beef jerky, almonds, and dried strawberries. Dessert is coconut tea and fresh chocolate chip banana bread!

  112. Rachael says

    i snacked on some dried cherries (pre 5 mile run) and a Jamba Juice Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet bar after dinner.

  113. says

    mmmmm popcorn, i’ve got to get some more!! Today at work I had a larabar of course, some almonds, a pear, a granny smith apple, some more almonds, and when I walked in the door I may have had a handful of chocolate covered espresso beans.. ooops- hey i had a workout to do! ;)

  114. Katie says

    My morning snack was a plain vanilla yogurt with a handful of chocolate teddy grahams (my favorite!!). At the end of my work day before heading to the gym, I had apple slices with some peanut butter.

  115. Akemi says

    Haven’t eaten any snacks yet, but they will probably be carrot sticks, dried fruit and nuts and a piece of chocolate.

  116. Erica says

    I had a sweet potato with almond butter as a snack today. It is my go-to snack and is absolutely delicious! Hits the spot every time

  117. abby r says

    today i had a 100 calorie emerald nuts almond pack- delicious! i also had 2 pieces of dove mile chocolate for my sweet tooth. i guess i like sweet and salty!

  118. Tricia says

    I was pretty snacky today: light cheese and crackers, dark chocolate, banana/honey greek yogurt, (and some of my daughters target food court popcorn – total honesty!! ;)

  119. Jade says

    I had fruit slices and a protein shake. Probably a small slice of DQ ice cream cake later tonight. Good thing I had a great workout, way too many carbs/calories in those snacks, LOL!!

  120. Raak says

    Today i snacked on an apple, veggies with hummus, popcorn and then gave in to my craving of Five Guys fries…not so healthy there but I’m being honest!

  121. shawn says

    Today my snacks where an apple and some almonds & hopefully i’ll soon be getting an ice cream cone from mcdonals! what an awesome prize pack!

  122. Judyjun says

    My snack today was a banana, small tangerine, and one small Girl Scout cookie (“thank you berry munch”)! But usually it’s a piece of fruit with a piece of non-fat string cheese.

  123. Linda says

    My snacks today were Chobani blood orange yogurt (YUM), a sweet & salty almond granola bar and a fun size pack of Valentine’s M&M’s – honor system, right?

  124. ltb102 says

    Cinnamon graham crackers, an apple, and a banana. I may or may not have also sneaked a few Hershey’s kisses from the chocolate stash. yum. Love this giveaway!

  125. Anje says

    I was a BAD snacker today…had a protein bar mid morning, then after a very rough work day, I had a Twix. I need help!

  126. Nancy says

    Larabar, homemade trail mix, and a handful of peanut m&ms. I have a small amount of chocolate everyday, necessary for sanity.

  127. bri says

    I’ve had a greek yogurt, peanuts, fresh cut pineapple (mmmm!), a bite or two of fruit and nut chocolate, aaaaaand carrots! Overall, a pretty good day. Oh, and maybe 3 spoonfuls of Ben and Jerry’s….

  128. Jess V says

    I usually snack on apples or carrots and celery and sometimes yogurt. It is hard when I get sugar cravings though!

  129. Ariel says

    Today was a snack-filled day! I had a clementine, grapes, a small bowl of fiber one with almond milk and some frozen berries with soy milk.

  130. says

    Today’s snacks included a chobani honey flavored greek yogurt in the AM, then banana cut up with almond butter & two thin int cookies crumbled on top & microwaved for 20 seconds. Yum.

  131. Enid says

    This is an amazing giveaway!!! I love popcorn…and Lululemon!…and Moleskin journals!…and Garmin gear! It couldn’t get any better. :-)
    Here are the snacks I had today handful of dark chocolate covered almonds, greek yogurt with granola mixed in, apple slices with peanut butter and cottage cheese.

  132. Stephanie says

    Coincidentally, my work is having a Biggest Loser competition, and even though I only have 10-15 lbs to lose mostly to tone up and be back at my goal weight, I’ve been closely watching my snacks. Today I had a long training after work, but came prepared with blueberries, walnuts, and carrots and a La Croix berry water. I would LOVE that baller prize pack!

  133. Kary says

    I love snacks!! Today I had a brown rice cake with natural peanut butter and some banana slices! (got to love those nut butters!) I had one of those cute clementines, and while getting supper ready, I munched on some hummus and carrots (and a few bites of pear & strawberries while I was cutting them up for supper). Does a dark chocolate caramel from Trader Joes count as a snack or dessert? I had that too!

  134. Robyn says

    My yummy snacks…..dark chocolate roasted almonds (my fave!), toast with pb&j before my training run, chipotle Laughing Cow with whole wheat crackers. Gosh, I’m quite the snacker ;-)

  135. Laura @ Backstage Balance says

    Awesome giveaway!
    My snack today included half a PB sandwich on wheat bread, and some rice cakes.

  136. Kate says

    My snacks today included a big bowl of popcorn made in the Whirley Pop (I did have 3 sets of little people hands reaching in the same bowl……they do help with portion control) and some warm black beans paired with some cold avocado slices -yum!

  137. Jess says

    Today was a very snacky day, actually. Snack #1: plain greek yogurt with pineapple and walnuts. Snack #2 was before teaching two exercise classes this evening, I picked this up from the cafe at the gym: Apricot flavored Heart Thrive muffins. Here’s the info: Thanks, Monica!

  138. Kara says

    Mmm. most of my meals are snacks as I am a student and just grab whatever healthy snack is there when I’m hungry. I think what can be called snacks for today are a bagel thin with laughing cow, a kids clif bar, and some wheat thins and peanut butter.

  139. katie says

    Bad snacking day for me. Ants on a log this morning and way too many oreos after lunch. That is exactly the reason I can’t keep sweets in the house

  140. says

    Wow, what a gift package!

    My snacks today: fresh fruit in the mid-morning (clementimes = YUM), Larabar before the workout, and popcorn before bed (duh). Oh, and maybe somes dark chocolate too (girl can’t lie, right?)

  141. Kelly says

    My go to snack is usually an apple or celery with a side of pb2. This time of year i love grapefruit…so filling and perfectly sweet and sour

  142. says

    Today for snacks I had a subway cookie (my husband bought 3 so I had to have one of them), a fiber one bar, and a vanilla activia. Hello processed snacks! :)

  143. Janie Kaiser says

    As a vegan on the road all day i’ve had some interesting snacks. A larabar, edamame, tomatoes and broccoli, and i just finished a late night snack of dark chocolate covered cherries and tea! (there were some attempted wholesome meals thrown in there too..)

  144. Karina says

    My snacks today were string cheese, a clementine & a Clif Z bar (yes the kind made for kids.. And yes it tasted just like a brownie) :)

  145. Marissa says

    Today I ate some dried apricots, trail mix (with TONS of M&Ms) and a GINORMOUS campfire cupcake. As you can tell, I have a bit of a sweet tooth…

  146. Leila says

    My snack today was popcorn and a piece of dark chocolate with hazelnuts from Trader Joe’s. I love the combination of chocolate and popcorn. Yum!

  147. says

    i’m definitely a planner when it comes to snacks because otherwise i’d eat everything in site! today i snacked on clementines, baby carrots and later on had a fudgsicle for the sweet tooth.

  148. Lindy Katherine says

    What a great giveaway!! Today’s snacks: string cheese and an apple. lindykatherine @ gmail. Fingers crossed!

  149. Kate says

    Oh my word. A horrible day to have to confess my snacks! But I want that gift, so here I go: 1) a mini doughnut 2) goldfish crackers 3) 2 cookies. Kinda makes me want to eat suuuper healthy tomorrow.

  150. Meg Newton says

    I am currently in culinary school…so my snacks tend to be things that the baking and pastry students put out into the common area. It’s so dangerous! Cookies, cakes, pie..oh my!

  151. Becky Przy says

    I snack a lot of the day away, but a few I had today: hard boiled egg, banana, baked oatmeal bar, overnight oats and yogurt.

  152. Sarah says

    I snacked a lot today :/ I had: toast with pb, almonds, string cheese, apple, greek yogurt with berries, and popcorn!

  153. Stephanie says

    Today my snacks were 2 clementines and a strawberry-banana chobani. (Yesterday I may or may not have had an entire bag of popcorn… good thing you didn’t ask about yesterday!)

  154. Isabel says

    Hmmm I had an apple, chobani yogurt with blueberries….and just a few minutes ago- a KIND Plus Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate bar that I got as a free sample yesterday on my way to an NBA basketball game. Can I say friggin’ delicious!!! I am definitely going to have to find KIND bars in my local store!

  155. Whitney says

    Today I snacked on almonds, plain greek yoghurt with blackberries and carrots with hummus. I also plan to have some popcorn thanks to your inspiration!

  156. says

    My snacks today were an apple and a piece of cherry cake. At least I did good on one : ) I would absolutely love some popcorn right now though!

  157. Carly says

    My random snacks today included: a seaweed salad, chocolate covered raisins, and Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies (but not all together….bleh!)

  158. says

    wow this is a kick a$$ giveaway!!!
    snacks planned for the day:

    AM – 4 mini plums & a spoon of peanut butter
    PM – A Bounty chocolate bar & a Perrier. It’s Friday so I’m going all wild & crazy with a chocolate bar treat!

  159. Lindsay says

    For snacks today, I had a large bowl of cereal and milk. I had a luna bar, pretzels and peanut butter, and ice cream and m&m’s. I am a bit of a snacker, especially when I have homework to do! :D

  160. Kristin says

    I had lots of clementines, some hard boiled egg whites, and some cocoa roast almonds. It was a running day meaning my appetite was out of control (even though it is every day…)!

  161. Cari says

    my morning snack was an apple and a few almonds, afternoon snack was pretzels, and night snack was a couple homemade cookies and a mug of minty green tea :)

  162. Dannielle says

    Today I had: a cup of frozen (whole) strawberries, a popsicle, fruit salad + cool whip, and some pb …out of the jar…with a spoon, I’m pretty classy like that.

  163. says

    Usually I’m really consistent with healthy snacks but today was just one of those days where i just snacked on some good but mostly crap. For example, homemade Lara bar, banana + sunflower seed butter, edamame (good)….then my day takes a turn for thin pretzels, dark chocolate, and 5 (FIVE) chocolate chip cookies #everycaloriewasworthit . No stress though, I’ll be back on my normal track tomorrow :)

  164. Megan says

    I had a TJ’s whole wheat cinnamon roll and way too many Cheez-Its. I had a big salad for dinner and wanted croutons, but I didn’t have any and used Cheez-Its instead, while thinking, “this is totally something Monica would do,” haha.

    Aaaaaaaand, now I sound like a creepy stalker!

  165. Tori says

    The only snack I ate today was this vegan chocolate pudding I make with silken tofu. Has lots of sugar, but a decent amount of protein and not enough calories to throw me off track.

  166. Steph says

    The only snack I got in today was cottage cheese with blueberries and a little honey….weird but decent and filling :)

  167. Amanda W says

    Today was easy on the snacking, officially I only had a handful of cheezits (ok I didn’t say I chose well!). Unofficially, a couple of apple slices as I cut one for my husband, a couple of bites of my baby’s banana, and maybe a couple of chocolate chip cookies. Maybe it is a good thing my snacks were fewer today since I didn’t choose the healthiest snacks.

  168. Jade says

    An apple before lunch and a couple whole wheat crackers with nutella spread on them after lunch. Didn’t really need the post lunch snack but alas, the sweet tooth did me in..

  169. carly says

    i had a chobani, a banana with some PB, and brown sugar and cinnamon almonds. <— DON'T BUY THESE- i've already finished them and i bought them on monday :(

  170. Mariana says

    The snacks I ate today: passion fruit chobani, mozzarella string cheese, handful of cashews, and a reese’s valentine heart =X

  171. Sarah says

    My best snack today was my cheddar vlast goldfish dipped in PB… But I also had an apple, 2 bananas and a French fry (just one so I’m calling it a snack)

  172. Becca says

    That prize pack sounds amazing! My snacks so far have been one greek yogurt with Kashi GoLean! cereal, hummus + veggies, and about 10 of those little mini Jazz apples they sell at Trader Joe’s… SO addictive! And I’m going to pop up some popcorn for tonight’s snack shortly (Orville Redenbacher’s, of course!).

  173. says

    Hi Monica! My snacks today were: a clementine, a Cliff Bar, a handfull of almonds, and 1 peice of string cheese. I’m thinking I should add popcorn to the list….

  174. Karen says

    I have had a protein shake, a delicious pink lady apple and some strawberries. I am trying to keep to the healthy snacks theses days.

  175. rachel says

    oh man I had a lot of snacks today…cheese and crackers, pretzels and avocado, pb and banana. I could go on forever I’m such a snacker!

  176. Nicole says

    Hmmm today I snacked lots but mostly healthy stuff. I had some apple, peppers, cucumbers and grape tomatoes……followed up with 3 dove hearts when I was crashing at 3. Have a good night!!!

  177. jennifer p says

    I ate apples and bananas as snacks mostly because I didn’t have anything else with me. This seems good but I really needed protein. I was starving by the time I got home.

  178. says

    Today’s snacks included an orange, a piece of caramel candy, a tiny piece of ricotta salata cheese, and a couple bites of left over Thai food.

  179. says

    What a great prize! I snacked on a grapefruit, had some dark chocolate and also a sugar cookie my son frosted for valentines day at grandmas house! They weren’t all at the same time :)

  180. Rachel says

    It’s only 6am across the pond but I can already tell today’s going to be a snacky day for me – I made the mistake of putting brown sugar on my porridge and now I have set myself up with a sweet tooth for the rest of the day, I’m going to try to sate it with fruit but, hey, it’s friday, I’m sure I can make time for some ice cream too!

  181. Sarah says

    Today I snacked on a pear, Greek yogurt and cereal, and a homemade chocolate peanut butter marshmallow bar! A much needed treat!

  182. Lauri says

    Today was a good snacking day – snacks were an orange and a pomegranite chobani with some Kashi cereal in it. Oh and a caramel – yum!!!

  183. Jialin Z says

    Well, considering the fact that it’s 5 in the morning, I haven’t eaten anything yet, but some fruit, and maybe a small bag of popcorn is on the snacking menu today (:

  184. says

    I just woke up and it’s Friday, so I have no idea what I’m going to snack on today…but yesterday, my snacks were:

    -String Cheese
    -Siggi’s Peach Yogurt
    -Luna Bar (before my run)

  185. Renee says

    String cheese, homemade crackers, and a nectarine! I just bought my first Lulu running skirt and love it, so I’d love to win this!

  186. Katie says

    umm a granola bar, greek yougurt, and 2 backs of kettle corn…the first one because I was starving, and the second because I’m a human. ohh and maybe a few, or more than a few, M&Ms….

  187. Autumn Rae says

    I am trying very hard to cut back on snacks, and in my half-asleep state this morning while packing my lunch, I decided not to throw any in my bag. I am now regretting this decision terribly…..

  188. Kerry says

    I had a banana, two hard boiled eggs, and a Think thin bar. I also may have had a couple handfuls of those Brachs conversation hearts :).

  189. Lindsey says

    I had a gala apple with crunchy peanut butter, a handful of Kashi GoLean Crunch and a few cashews after dinner.

  190. says

    Yesterday I ate half a grilled cheese sandwich – with some pickles for a snack.

    I also had a few wheat thin crackers with cheese when I got home from school.

    I’m sensing a pattern with my snacks…

  191. Stephanie says

    kashi heart to heart and some chocolate chips (plus too many refills…my sweet tooth was getting the best of me today!)

  192. AceRunn says

    My snacks today are FF cottage cheese and an apple, and a Zone perfect bar for my pre-workout fuel. Snoresville, I know, but they get the job done!

  193. Megan says

    My favorite snack this time of year are clementines! I can eat 2-3 at a time. Mmmmm…actually there’s a bag in front of me right now! I will admit to the occasional candied heart though. It is almost valentine’s day after all.

  194. Kim says

    My snack was a banana and some wasabi almonds (love those)! Unfortunately, my second snack was a handful of peanut m&ms.

  195. Angela says

    My snacks are usually a granola bar, some crackers while I wait for dinner to cook and a hot chocolate to end the day!

  196. Krystina says

    My snacks yesterday were a banana, Chobani blood orange yogurt, a couple handfuls of Kix cereal, and a handful of almonds.

  197. Christina W says

    I was very snacky! I had half an orange in the morning, a fuji apple and string cheese in the afternoon, some pita chips and hummus in the evening, and a 100 calorie pack of kettle corn before bed!

  198. says

    I didn’t bring any snacks to work today. I usually don’t need them. We have some treadmills in our office so if I get the munchies maybe I’ll hop on one of them for 15 minutes.

  199. Rachel says

    String cheese, veggies and hummus, dark chocolate, a spoon of peanut butter, and butterscotch chips (hopefully just a small handful, but I can’t be held responsible for what my sweet tooth demands).

  200. Beth B. says

    I plan to eat Fage yogurt with a Nature Valley granola bar before my workout sesh this evening, and will probably steal some handfuls of my husbands popcorn tonight at a movie :-)

  201. Marissa says

    Light string cheese, light’n’fit yogurt, and, since I’ll be flying today, a stop at the airport Starbucks for a skinny caramel macchiato!

  202. says

    Nice giveaway! Snacks I ate yesterday included trail mix (homemade = more M&Ms), peanut butter-filled pretzels and an orange. Plus meals. I was hungry.

  203. Katie P says

    Wow, that is an amazing prize pack. I has some bell pepper strips with laughing cow cheese wedge and half a sweet n’ salty peanut butter balance bar for snacks on Thursday.

  204. Allegra says

    My snacks: Sliced apple with yogurt and whey protein. Carrots and Celery with hummus. Homemade mini banana nut muffins with peanut butter!

  205. Beth says

    Some handfuls of cereal, maybe some popcorn, and… an apple/peanut butter will probably make their way into my mouth at some point today. I’m also trying to cut down on my snacking… meh

  206. Kristie says

    Yesterday I snacked on several pieces of pumpkin pecan chocolate-chip bread. Can’t imagine why except it’s so freaking good I can’t keep my hands off it!!! :) Normally I just eat 3 big meals though because otherwise I am snacking non-stop all day.

  207. says

    Yesterday I snacked on sugar snapped peas, Vitacoco, & Baked Kale chips. :) I am a big snacker. I have been into snacking healthy lately though. Thanks to Pinterest.

  208. Monica says

    Yesterday I had 45 almonds! Haha I know this because I only planed on having 20! Had a plum, broccoli with hummus, and Greek yogurt with pineapple chunks.

  209. Monica says

    Yesterday I had 45 almonds! Haha I know this because I only planed on having 20! Had a plum, broccoli with hummus, and Greek yogurt with pineapple chunks. Oh and maybe you know what these are churritos not the sweet kind the kind with chili and lemon.

  210. says

    Woo, awesome prizes! Hope I made the cut off!
    I had almonds and raisins (on my long mid-week run, trying not to let people see me getting the raisins stuck in my teeth as I ran by them, ha ha), so good together and work well for me!
    I had a grapefruit too (with splenda on top)! I know I am needing water on my runs when I start fantasizing about fruits like grapes or grapefruit on my runs too. Weird!
    Thanks Monica!

  211. Shannon says

    I love to snack on graham crackers…regular, old Honey Maid, blue box goodness! Sometimes they get a tsp. of Nutella…sometimes!!

    After my 5 mile run yesterday, I had a small (carefully measured or I’d eat my weight in it) serving of trail mix (almonds, cashews, glazed pecans, peanuts, mini choc chips and dried cranberries) with some coconut water.

  212. Hilary says

    So far…snacks have been some kefir (strawberry flavored – post early morning workout snack!) and some kettle corn (Popcorn, Indiana kind because apparently I’m too lazy to even use a microwave? Oops!)

  213. Ellen says

    Today I brought a protein mug cake for my afternoon snack. I mixed all the ingredients this morning and today around 3pm when I’m ready to eat my arm, I’ll just pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes and feast on a fluffy pumpkin/coconut flour/protein powder/egg white muffin!

  214. Tawny says

    Today snacks will be some string cheese and pretzels, and Fat Free chocolate Pudding with some teddy grahams! Mmmm..something salty something sweet!

  215. Ellen says

    Fage greek yogurt plus some grapes. Because if you close your eyes and hold your nose the greek yogurt almost tastes like ice cream! :)

  216. Candice says

    I will snack upon…..popcorn and tea in the afternoon. I have a big family dinner tonight so I am eating veggie heavy for lunch because who knows what might show up on my plate tonight. I have already snacked on fresh oj and chia seeds.

  217. Natalie says

    I have been snacking all week on Low Fat string cheese and baked chips….and maybe a few carrot sticks and hummus in there too.

  218. says

    yum!! i’m going to eat veggies and dip and probably chips and salsa…there is a chance my husband and i will close the evening with popcorn because that’s what we do :)

  219. Lindsey says

    I rarely snack which leaves me starving at the end of the day! If I do get a chance, it’s a naked drink or some pita chips! This giveaway is amazing RER!!!

  220. Meredith says

    I’ve had this strong craving for peanut butter & bananas – in a sandwich or not. :) Also the new flavors of Chobani!!

  221. Liz says

    my go to snacks usually are Honey crisp apple with laughing cow cheese wedge, weight watcher bars, and popcorn:) i like popcorn cause u feel like your eating more than you really are.

  222. says

    Wow. Amazing giveaway.

    For a snack today I ate a bag of Gardetto’s. Not the world’s best choice, and not my normal choice, but it really hit the spot this time.

  223. says

    First snack – cinnamon sprinkled apple with almond butter and string cheese. Second snack – plain Greek yogurt with bare naked granola.

  224. Debra Douglass says

    Ate a small pack of raw almonds during my tennis match…then some triskets and string cheese this afternoon :-) I may have some girl scout cookies if I lose will power this afternoon!!!

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