Dogs Lower Blood Pressure

I busted out a quick strength workout after my morning client. It was this jam:

  • Alt. Rows
  • Chest flys on ball
  • Skull Crushers Face Smashers
  • Close hand DB press
  • BB Chest Press
  • Reverse Fly

Then, I got a quick eyebrow wax (my gym has a small spa) and ate a pumpkin protein bar.IMG_6100 (800x600)

Lunch was awesome thanks to my mom’s food. She sent me home with turkey and perfectly ripe avocados from her tree. I smashed half of one on my bread with salt. So so good.IMG_6105 (800x600)

Turkey sandwich, sweet peppers and watermelon. IMG_6108 (800x600)

Then, I drove out to my mom’s. She and my little brother are off today and she had a doctor’s appointment. So, I’m here watching my little bro (by “watching” I mean making him play the piano while I blog).IMG_6116 (800x600)

They do have a job!

I brought the dogs into the room with me and I instantly feel happier and more calm. I remember reading an article about how dogs lower your blood pressure by just being in the same room with you – I feel it.IMG_6125 (600x800)

Here is the article on the Huffington Post site, and an excerpt:

Studies by researcher Erica Friedman showed that simply having a pet in the room, not even touching him, decreases the stress response. Medical researcher Karen Allen studied New York City stockbrokers suffering from high blood pressure and found that those with a dog or cat suffered only half the blood pressure increase of those without. Even if the pet wasn’t present, the owners still benefited.

Okay Matt and I must go get Valentine’s for tomorrow!


  1. says

    I completely agree about dogs lowering blood pressure… except for when my little barking angels wake me up 4 times during the night.

    And skull crushers scare the crap out of me.

    • Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

      Ohhmygosh …. very sorry to read this Sana?

      Did you have a terrible experience when younger?

      There is a way to overcome these/your fears. Goodness gracious, poochies are wonderful! They are life preserving in countless ways. Millions of animals have saved the lives of humans.

      I hope you can get help with this very important issue. As a pet owner for decades ….. it will make you such a happier lady. Honest.

  2. says

    My dogs, two Golden Retrievers, add so much to my life! Not only do they lower my blood pressure, but they force me to walk an extra two miles most days of the week by taking them to the dog park. Do you and Ben plan to get any dogs?

    • says

      Roxy is my dog, but our condo is way too small and she loves Bailey so we haven’t taken her full time yet. We’re in a rough spot with that actually :(

      But, to answer the spirit of your question, Ben and I both LOVE dogs and cats and would have 99 if we could!

  3. says

    hmmm, depends which dog and where i’m at. if it’s the annoying one chasing me because their owner has no control of them or doesn’t care that it’s biting at me then my BP spikes…lol.

    naw, but i really really want a puppy now! :)

  4. Kate says

    I think our puppy girl would lower our blood pressure more if she didn’t bite us all the time! But this is “just a phase….” right??

    • Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

      Yes …. this is temporary …. she is teething Kate. Her puppy teeth will fall out soon …. new teeth will reappear. Please talk with your vet. Very important to do.

      Another tip …. when I had my first pooch “Panda” …. she was maybe 3 months old. She would bite …. not hard, but sometimes when playing Panda would forget. So, I (began to) would cry. Then I would point to my boo-boo and say to Panda …. “ohhh (crying) …. ouchie-ouchie.” Honest to goodness …. it did not take much crying on my/our part. Panda began to whimper when I cried. Slowly but surely, she would not put her teeth into our skin. She just stopped. Please remember …. don’t play too rough. Never hit her. When overly tired or hungry …. it isn’t difficult for any pooch to be naturally encouraged to bite.

      Most important ….. be patient. They will learn. Love and understanding helps everything.

      Best of Kate.

  5. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    Happy Birthday to your mommy Monica! (I forgot her name.)

    A Valentine’s Day birthday is just great! Hope she (everyone!) had a fun time. I love how you all enjoy each other ….. that you celebrate and make lovely food together …. win for all!

    Well …. from what I’ve seen these past few years visiting your blog (one of my favs) ….. is that your mommy must have done EVERYTHING right! You are a fab person Monica. Most likely your brothers are also. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ya know! I definitely believe “the mommy” sets a pace and bright future for her children. All of them. You will do the same Monica. Some day when ready to have babies. Boyohboy ….. they will be sooo cute!

    P.S. The poochies are adorable …. I love their names! We are looking to adopt/rescue once again. Now we only have our sweet Gidget.


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