That Would Only Happen To You…


Yesterday I got a knock on my door from my friend, the Fed Ex guy (aka Ed), holding a huge box. I was pretty excited thinking my life sized Matt Damon doll had finally arrived. Turns out it was even better – a ton of loot from New Balance! NB is sponsoring our Reach the Beach Relay team and sent us gear to train in! Our team name is “Off Balance” my idea, “NewBs with Boobs” … [Read more...]

Flashback Friday My First Car


Happy Friday! Yesterday my client was wearing this shirt and I had to take a picture(she’s 27 but our gym is near a retirement community so it was either funny or offensive we couldn’t decide). Now I can’t stop saying, “Nice Hustle Grandma!” I walked to work yesterday afternoon and got home just before 8pm HUNGRY. I made the biggest salad for dinner… veggies, veggie burger, … [Read more...]