Flashback Friday My First Car

Happy Friday!

Yesterday my client was wearing this shirt and I had to take a picture(she’s 27 but our gym is near a retirement community so it was either funny or offensive we couldn’t decide).

Now I can’t stop saying, “Nice Hustle Grandma!” IMG_7095 (800x600)

I walked to work yesterday afternoon and got home just before 8pm HUNGRY. I made the biggest salad for dinner… veggies, veggie burger, chickpeas, peanut dressing, Kashi crackers, half a bagel.IMG_7100 (800x600)

and the garden lites Butternut Squash Souffle for “dessert”. I LOVED it! Ben did not. Maybe it’s because I’ve been laying off the sweets, but I thought it was delicious.IMG_7102 (600x800)

This morning I did Level 1 of Jillian’s RIPPED in 30. Level 1 isn’t much of a challenge, but I want to do each level 5 times before moving on.  I liked that it was pretty short – I get bored fast.

I wore my new Target clearance rack tank top – it looks a little messy. Not a fan.IMG_7111 (800x600)

Breakfast was a bagel with PB&J on one side, Laughing Cow&J on the other. Plus a plain omelet. IMG_7117 (800x600)

It’s Flashback Friday!

(This would be me and my BFF the summer after senior year in Rosarito.)


Today’s FF is a little different because I don’t have a picture of this memory, just a story. I recently used Subaru’s First Car Story site to bring back my first little blue hatchback car. You can watch my little Nookie Machine story here.image

And you can make your own First Car story on their site herePrint

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Question: Ever gotten in an accident because you spilled oatmeal on your lap?

I have… Busted!!


  1. says

    No… never spilled oatmeal on myself while driving. But I did total my first car (also a little blue hatchback!) by smashing into a parked vehicle while searching in my purse for my phone charger.

    *tear* So teenaged, so stupid.

  2. Jocelyn says

    Not oatmeal…but I have been in an accident because I was eating Ben and Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Chip straight from the container while driving. At least your cause of reckless driving was healthier than mine.

  3. says

    No, but I did get in a car accident because a car hit their gas instead of their brake. I had plenty of room to turn left in front of them, but they clipped the very tail end of my car spinning my car around three times. The cop’s determination? I was 100% at fault. This was over a decade ago and I’m stillllllll pissed by that.

  4. says

    Yes, Level 1 of Ripped in 30 is ridiculously easy (not so much if you’re using heavy enough weights though!) in principle. Just you wait until Level 3 (which, for some reason, is harder than Level 4 for me).

    I’m always such a hungry hippo not a smidge of oatmeal misses my mouth.


  5. says

    never spilled oatmeal on myself but i did back up in a drive through and hit somebody (obviously). i forgot my change! haha idiot. btw, duck walks are death. love it though its great!

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