One Night In Vegas

When we last spoke I had just arrived in Las Vegas and met up with my brother and his GF. We walked around a bit and then ate dinner at Cabo Wabo. The weather was perfect for sitting outside.IMG_7356IMG_7354IMG_7351

Chips and salsa, of courseIMG_7342

I had a grilled chicken burrito. It was supposed to be a “healthy option”, but came with pita chips? More chips. Great.

Sadly, all the food was mediocre at best. Super bland.IMG_7344

Heather the b-day girl and MichaelIMG_7331

Me pre-16 pounds of eyeliner…IMG_7340

Aaaand post-makeover…IMG_7381 (800x600)

IMG_7392 (800x600)

I enjoyed a beverage or two while getting ready…IMG_7393 (800x600)

We did some pre-gaming and then hit up XS in WynnIMG_7458 (800x600)

The night involved Adios Mfkers and dancing. The pictures speak for themselves.IMG_7419 (800x600)

IMG_7424 (800x600) IMG_7426 (600x800) IMG_7408 (800x600) IMG_7430 (800x600)

Overall the club was okay. I wasn’t a fan of the all techno music :/

This morning I woke up around 8:30a and knew I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep. So, I got up to see how my body felt. I dressed to run but knew I would probably just walk.IMG_7453 (600x800)

My elevator companion commended me on going running so I knew I should run a bit.IMG_7452 (600x800)

I ran down to MGM, walked to Luxor and got an iced coffee (it was probably 2 miles at most). I don’t know if it was my hangover parched throat or what but this was the most delicious iced coffee! las vegas iced coffee

Sights from the strip…monte carlo las vegasIMG_7449 (800x600)IMG_7446 (600x800)IMG_7445 (800x600)

Okay, we’re headed off to brunch! See ya later Smile

Question: Thoughts on brunch?

Normally I don’t like it because it means I had to wait until late for breakfast…


  1. says

    i LOVE brunch..or breakfast..basically just breakfast. vegas hotels actually have the BEST brunch buffets. it sounds kinda gross but they’re awesome! a lot of them have bottomless champagne too :)

  2. Meg says

    Wow so pretty! I hate brunch – you gotta wait longer for breakfast, then what’s your snack supossed to be before dinner? Oh screw the snack I’ll be found with dinner at 3:30pm if you take me to brunch! Throws off my whole game!

  3. says

    My thoughts on brunch are that I LOVE IT! You can eat breakfast food and lunch food and have an alcoholic bevvy while the sun is still shining. I want to go eat brunch right now!!

  4. says

    I only do brunch when I get up late. I cannot wait for very long after I get up to eat.

    And Vegas is fun stuff. The only time I’ve been up at 8 in Vegas is when I’m still up, heh. Love the red dress and the fun birthday dancy pics!

  5. Lindsay says

    I’m so jealous of your trip! Looks like you are having a blast. I went to Vegas a long time ago (when I was like, 13) so needless to say I didn’t get the adult version of the Veg. So I’m ready to go again and get down with my bad self! P.S. You do such a great job of dressing up! I love seeing Monica sexified :-)

  6. says

    Love Vegas! And love brunching! It’s probably one of my favorite hobbies — right up there with running. So naturally, my favorite brunches are those after races & long runs, so I can justify eating & everything my heart desires!

  7. Karen says

    You should do a video tutorial on eye makeup. Yours always looks so pretty. I know how to do my own but maybe I’m doing something wrong because my eyes don’t “pop” like yours. Have fun in sin city!

  8. says

    Overnight trips to Vegas are a must! I went last year for a week but if I lived closer, I would totally see doing a one-nighter. We live near AC and often go there for a weekend when we just want to get away and have a little fun.

  9. says

    Ditto. I try to make it a second breakfast. Usually that ends up happening anyways cuz I get up so darn early. If I work out, I’m always ready for a big meal anyways. Alternatively, I take it as a rare opportunity to sleep wayyyyyy in and eat as regular breakfast! :)

    Love the red dress, b t w! Perfect for vegas, I’d think!

  10. Pam says

    love your makeup & sexy red dress chica!! I bet Ben was drooling all night! :) happy you’re having a great time!!

    I looove brunch. I think the best brunch in Vegas is off the strip at Green Valley Ranch Casino in Henderson. They even have menudo!! sooo delicioso!! :) safe travels home! xo

  11. says

    Brunch is awesome. I went to The Cracked Egg in Vegas (technically Hermiston I think? or some city…) for brunch two days in a row it was so good. I ate breakfast at the hotel, then we’d get ready for the day before heading out for brunch! Yum!

  12. says

    Brunch is the best! I usually get to sleep in a bit later than usual on Sundays, so it means brunch is the meal option for me. this usually results in an early Sunday dinner, too. And then a lazy evening of getting ready for the work week.

  13. Laura says

    I agree with Karen!!!! Your eye makeup is amazing!!!! I would love to hear how you do it, and what brands you like!!!!! You looked great in that dress!!!!:-)

  14. Jenn says

    Hi Monica!

    I have been a reader for almost 6 months now but never really find the time to comment. I just wanted to let you know I think you look soooo pretty in that red dress! I agreed with the reader above that you should do an “Ask a Monican” on the eyeliner! Love it and love the blog!

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