Random Tuesday with Ask a Monican #32


Howdy howdy howdy! Today has been super productive and full of randomness like always. So, now I present my random thoughts on a Tuesday… I bought two mini watermelons from Costco this week and ate 1 today. One mini-watermelon is 1 serving, right? And I hate to admit how fast the 5lb container of grapes from Costco disappeared. I’m guess that’s not supposed to be 1 serving? … [Read more...]

California Right To Know


I had a great run and great breakfast! Let’s hope the rest of the day continues this way!! I woke up and saw 1 mile repeats on the plan, but I still don’t even feel very strong doing 800s (half mile) so I decided to do one more session of those. 1 mile w/u, 6 800s, 1 mile c/d – Average total 8:01 My first 2 averaged 7:50, but the last 4 all averaged 7:35 I’m happy with … [Read more...]