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I had a great run and great breakfast! Let’s hope the rest of the day continues this way!!

I woke up and saw 1 mile repeats on the plan, but I still don’t even feel very strong doing 800s (half mile) so I decided to do one more session of those.

1 mile w/u, 6 800s, 1 mile c/d – Average total 8:01

My first 2 averaged 7:50, but the last 4 all averaged 7:35IMG 7783 800x600 thumb California Right To Know

I’m happy with this run because I started to talk myself down to 4 800s right away,  but ended up doing them all wlEmoticon smile7 California Right To Know

IMG 7784 800x600 thumb California Right To Know

Then, I had THE BEST BREAKFAST! I warmed up 1/2c pumpkin with pumpkin pie spice, added pineapple chobani, chia seeds and Love Crunch Granola in Carrot Cake.IMG 7853 800x533 thumb California Right To Know

This granola ROCKS.IMG 7867 533x800 thumb California Right To Know

I wasn’t sure how the pineapple would work with the pumpkin, but it was perfect.IMG 7861 800x533 thumb California Right To Know

Added bonus: All of Nature’s Paths products are Organic and non-GMO (genetically modified organisms).IMG 7869 800x533 thumb California Right To Know

Right now the supermarket is full of foods that have been genetically modified, but we don’t know it. 80% of the packaged foods in the US have GMOs, but they don’t have to be labeled!

Foods like corn, canola and cotton and soy are genetically modified to resist herbicide or with pesticides built into them. In theory it’s great for producing massive amounts of food and making sure the world doesn’t starve, but they haven’t been proven safe.

And you’re eating it. Your little brother, kids, baby cousin, mom, best friend, dog – they’re eating it too.

We have a right to know if we are eating genetically modified food, right?

California Right To Know is grassroots campaign trying to get all gen. mod foods labeled. Even if you don’t live in CA the hope is that once it passes here it will spread throughout the US – so everyone’s support is important!

Monsanto and other companies are spending millions trying to block this initiative. If you want to stick it to the man know what you’re eating please spread the word!IMG 7250 800x533 thumb California Right To Know

If you live in California: Sign the petition, volunteer to collect signatures, donate money. You can find info on the initiative here. I signed the petition and the Natural Products expo, but am not sure where you can find it to sign?! (working on this.)

If you live on Earth, but not CA: Check out the NON-GMO Project, donate to the CA initiative or ask your company to adopt the cause.

Question: What’s your favorite granola flavor?


  1. says

    Great run… great breakfast… great cause… someone put on her awesome pants this morning ;)

    But seriously, I’m with you on the GMOs. As a society we’ve got to start thinking about what we put in our bodies! I just read Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals (discussed on my blog yesterday) and we owe it to our health to be more aware and responsible consumers and eaters.

  2. shawn says

    Great run! When you run these repeat workouts do you set up your garmin using the workout feature or do you just monitor it on your own? I’ve been doing my speed work on the treadmill but the weather is turning nice and I would like to do these outdoors! Advice please!

    • says

      I don’t set up my Garmin for repeats, I just eyeball half a mile and pause it after one 800. Then, I rest for a bit (have no idea how long though) and do it again. There is an easy way to set it up for 800 splits but I’m lazy and don’t remember how.

  3. Ida says

    GMO’s also havent been proven dangerous. I think the labeling is kind of silly since all foods are basically gmo’s, I mean Mendel was making GMO’s 200 years ago…I think money should be going to research of safety(for the eaters and the environment) before putting a meaningless label on things.

  4. says

    Amazing run!! That’s my sprinting speed and can only keep it up for a mile huffing and major props.

    Thanks for the info. It’s a really great cause! Wish I lived in CA to sign the petition, but I’ll head over to check out more about it.

  5. Angie says

    Thanks for bringing up the GMO food. Everytime I go to Whole Foods people are asking me to sign a petition. Although it sounds good I don’t sign petitions unless I’ve researched it first!

  6. says

    GMOs totally freak me out. I remember hearing about their dangers years ago, but not really knowing what they were. I’m glad people are becoming more aware!

  7. says

    Thanks for theinfo, Monica! I’m going to chek out those websites. I actually wrote a paper on college on genetically modified foods and Monsanto. They stuff they do to food is crazy! And the worst part is that it doesn’t have to be labeled. So, you have no idea what you’re actually eating!

      • says

        I had to go back and review my paper, it’s been so long. I’ll email you a copy if you want to read it (if not, no biggie! I included a PowerPoint too!) A lot of it is stuff that happened in the 90s – like genetically modified corn that produced its own pesticide, which people them ingested and StarLink corn that made tons of people sick.
        Other health risks include: new toxins being introduced into the food supply, a higher risk of allergens, antibiotic resistance could develop, immune suppression, and all of the unknown health risks that come with dealing with new technology.

  8. says

    I am always torn between caring about what’s going on with the food I eat, and turning a blind eye because it tastes so darn good! I’ll sign that petition if I knew where to find it.
    Great run btw! Oh, and after reading a lot of running blogs lately, it’s good to see I’m not the only girl with a ginormous Garmin 305 :)

  9. says

    “80% of the packaged foods in the US have GMOs, but they don’t have to be labeled!” This is so true. Most people don’t realize a majority of the sweetners used in foods you find at the supermarket have high fructose corn syrup or asparteme. Both are very bad. Great to see you raising awareness… keep up the good work!

  10. says

    omg.. delurking to say that I’ve seen that Love Crunch granola around the blogosphere but now that I know there’s a Carrot Cake flavor IT MUST BE MINE! I wonder where I can find it around here… the hunt is on!

  11. says

    The sad part is that it’s all about $$ for the big bussiness agriculture companies. We are soooo lucky in CA that we have so many food choices and alternatives to GMO and conventionally grown foods. it may cost more and require more research to find the best stuff, but at least it’s available. Imagine living in many other parts of the country/world where not only is food genetically modified and not labled, but there are really limited alternatives if you do want to limit that junk. Thanks for posting about this really important issue!

  12. Summer T says

    Monica, are your repeats the same as “yassos”? We have been doing Yasso runs once a week. I have a little goal to hit a 2hr mini for the 500 festival mini marathon this May. 2:14:59 was my last PR. That said we have ventured into the low 9′s high 8′s. This is all fairly new, so what do you suggest we do with our Yassos(fast for 800, recover for 800) for a total of 5 miles. THANKS!!!

  13. says

    I love Bear Naked fruit & nut granola. Delish! I am SO into the GMO labeling issue – I cannot for the life of me figure out why it isn’t a given that GMOs are labeled. ??? I backed a Kickstarter project for a GMO film a few months ago if you’re interested in checking it out:
    And the super funny coincidence is that in their project update newsletter today, they announced that Nature’s Path just became their big sponsor! :)

  14. says

    great info! I really had no idea about the GMO labeling. It’s so frustrating how many different labels are out there to trick us :-( although it’s also frustrating that not many people even know what a GMO is….

  15. Kelly says

    Thanks for posting this. I watched Food, Inc. last night and didn’t sleep very well…pretty horrifying. We have a right to know what we’re putting in our bodies.

    I keep seeing that granola…gotta try it!

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