Sunday Breakfast and Lunch

And the winner of the most uninventive blog post title goes to… Me.

Thank you, thank you.

Or should I say… Sorry, Sorry?

Sunday is always a rest day for me (unless it’s a Race Day) so I did a 3 mile walk to shake out my legs and came home for breakfast. Walking makes me hungrier than running for some reason and I came home with a growling stomach! (I think that’s because running confuses my body, but my belly can still think on a walk.)

I’m going to have to say I don’t like the new Laughing Cow strawberry crème cheese wedges. I scraped this off after a few bites and put PB over it. (I’ve heard the cinnamon flavor is really good though.)IMG_7991 (800x533)

Then, Ben and I went to church. We’re still feeling it out, but so far so good.

Church went until 12:30p so by time we got home I was more than ready for lunch. I busted into the amazing garlic dip we got from the Farmer’s Market right away. This stuff is AMAZING. I got 2 containers!IMG_7997 (800x533)

Want to make it? Here are the ingreidents… IMG_7995 (800x533)

I paired my dip with a big salad and the rest of the roll I was using for a dipping vehicle. IMG_8001 (800x533)

And an apple for dessert on the side.IMG_8005 (800x533)

I am going to shoot a webisode for Subaru’s First Car series on Tuesday! The producers asked if I had any pictures of my first car so I went searching through TONS of old photos last night at my mom’s. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any but I did find a lot of funny / embarrassing / nostalgic pics from my past. (Which you will get to see periodically!)

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day here’s a picture of Blarney Castle I took when I went to Ireland in college.SCAN0201 (800x586)

And one of the Cliff’s of Mohr. SCAN0202 (570x800)

I went to Ireland, London and Paris during college with my ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, most of the pics have him in them and that’s weird… (for him, because now I have this creepy blog that brings up old ish that should be left in the past.)ireland with ex

I’m off to a  meeting for a wellness hike I’m leading tomorrow! See you later Smile


  1. says

    I’m always lacking hunger after a run for awhile too. Bummer on the strawberry cream cheese laughing cow. I saw those and really wanted to try them, but they were $5 at the store I was at…so my frugal self held out.

  2. Hannah says

    I know this is a really stupid question but I noticed that you wear your wedding band on the outside instead of the inside, like most people. Is there any reason for that? Totally just curious. Love the Ireland photos, by the way!

  3. Ashley says

    Sorry you didn’t like the strawberry cream cheese…the cinnamon one is delish!! I really want to try the veggie one.

  4. says

    I was in a 6 year relationship from sophmore year of high school on, so there are TONS of pictures of me and my ex (vacations, graduation, prom, homecoming etc). There are practically none of just me, so I can totally relate!

  5. lorin says

    oh I know where that is from! Whenever I go to Leucadia Farmer’s Market, Baba Foods is there. Ireland looks awesome!

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