Checking In on my Hammies

Hola! I was going to do a full day of eats post tonight, but I’m lonely and thought I’d check in Smile


Run: 5.7 miles, slow. Didn’t even feel like hitting the road today. I’m busted because I was supposed to do speed work.monica in red mizunos

In addition to all the wine we picked up this weekend, we also picked up a jar of port jam. Be still my heart.IMG_8696 (800x533)

Breakfast was the usual eggs with PB & Port Jam. Love.IMG_8703 (800x533)

I headed to work and trained 2 clients. Then, I got in a small hamstring workout of my own.  I recently heard another trainer saying, “Runners never use their hamstrings!” (probably to prove a point). It struck a cord with me because my quads are massive, but I think my hamstrings are weak sauce.hamstring(source)

This article says you do use your hamstrings for running (more so than walking). But I do find a significant difference in strength in hams over quads.

I like this butt.leg muscles(source)

I got home just after 11am and since I skipped a morning snack was HUNGRY. So, I had an early lunch.IMG_8707 (800x533)

TJ’s Egg White Salad with Chives is tucked in that wrap. I dipped the celery in the Hummus Quartet. It’s no Sabra, but there’s variety.IMG_8713 (533x800)

And right around 2pm I started getting hungry again. First, I tried to distract myself because it wasn’t “snack time”. But, before I knew it I had eaten a granola bar (you know, because that doesn’t count).

I should have just listened to my signals and had a legit snack! So now I did – yogurt and pumpkin and cereal and milk. Good stuff.IMG_8715 (800x533)

I spent some time updating my Travel Page today. Let me know if pages are hard to navigate or find, I’m trying to organize things better up there!jaco in costa rica


  1. Bri says

    That hummus quartet might be one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I’M JEALOUS. Reason #46252 why I wish there was a TJ’s in my area.

  2. says

    The Egg White Salad from TJ’s sounds really good. I will definitely pick that up the next time I’m there. I really love TJ’s with the exception of a goat cheese “incident” I had last night. Probably won’t be buying that again!

  3. says

    I tried doing speed work today too. It killed and I wimped. Ugh. My hamstrings are pretty weak and I have certain exercises that help me out with the exercise ball, but that’s when I realize how weak they are. I guess I never really thought about them in terms of running.
    Um, that orange on your plate looks so good!

  4. says

    Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full. Don’t worry if it “is not snack time.” I have been hungry all day today, so I have given in and eaten-healthy of course. Sometimes our bodies are telling us something.

  5. says

    ya runner’s hammies are weak. at least mine are! i remember going to a physical therapist for my knee and hip last yr and they told me i have super weak legs basically..kinda funny since i assumed i was using all those muscles all the time. its hard when you’re training for a race to get strength training in too..only so much time in the day!! guess ya just gotta do it!

  6. says

    I think the only reason my hammies are as strong as they are is because of spin but I don’t stretch them nearly enough which doesn’t help.

  7. says

    My legs felt like lead this morning – yesterday was a double for me: strength training (legs!!!) in the morning and an easy (not easy after the morning’s session!) run in the evening.

  8. says

    My hammies always are super tight (esp after runs) and I notice in Yoga they could use a little luvin. Could you share your workout?

    PS what kind of toast is that with the pb & j, looks amazing!

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