Hungry For Change and Larabar Giveaway

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

I watched the movie Hungry for Change last night and LOVED it. I’ve been on the brink of wanting to change, but not being motivated or inspired to actually do anything about it. The movie struck a cord with me (even though it didn’t really share anything new).

I know diet soda is bad for me (especially in the quantities I drink it!). Well, the lengthy lecture in the movie on the dangers of diet soda finally got to me and I’m going to start breaking the habit.

The movie didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, but it did inspire me to start reading labels again (something I mentioned I’ve been doing less of since last year). It also discussed the perils of SUGAR. I think we all know that sugar and HFCS is in everything! This wasn’t news, but it might be nice to spread the word movie to your family and friends.

The movie is available to watch until March 31 for FREE online here: Hungry For Change image

Ultimately, it stresses many of the ideas I’m sure you already know – eat whole foods, don’t eat so much sugar, treat your body well. I LOVED that it also said DIETS DON’T WORK and it’s about a lifestyle change to be healthier.

Larabar Giveaway!

Speaking of foods where you actually recognize the ingredients – Larabars are one of the few bars that offer whole foods all smashed up together.

You can win 2 Cherry Pie and 2 PB Cookie Larabars by leaving a comment on this post. larabars

Contest closes 3/29/12 at noon PST. Open to residents of the US and Canada.

For discussion: This morning on my run I saw a kid eating Chip’s Ahoy on the way to school and another eating a Poptart. What did you eat for breakfast as a kid? Does that affect what you eat now at all??


  1. says

    I definitely need to check out that movie. I watched “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” a few weeks ago. I’m not about to do a 60-day juice fast, but it did make me think more about what I’m putting in my body.

  2. says

    Great giveaway! I would love to try PB cookie! As a kid I didn’t really like to eat breakfast- when I did, it was usually cereal or a bagel.

  3. jenny says

    I ate a lot more junk than I do now, like Poptarts, Kraft mac and cheese, and cheese in an aerosol can! Its good that I lost my taste for that stuff!

  4. says

    The notion that diets don’t work is hardly revolutionary. But in checking out the best seller list for how-to and self-help books it’s clear the notion of a magical diet making us skinny is still the prevailing hope.

    I’ll check out the movie. Thanks!

  5. says

    I’m a diet soda queen, and I know it would be beneficial to cut back. Maybe the film will be just the kick I need.

    I am not sure what I ate for b’fast as a kid but in high school it was frozen waffles – no butter, but syrup carefully poured into each crevice.

  6. Dynamics says

    I found out my mom feeds my daughter “CAKE” for breakfast. She said what’s the big deal… it has eggs and milk!!!

  7. says

    Those are my two favorite Larabar flavors!

    I used to have a breakfast shake or bagel with pb. I was an athlete and consumer about 2059309523 calories a day in elementary school and high school.

  8. Lauren says

    I’m lucky that I had a wonderful mom who made me (or made sure I made) breakfast every morning. I’d have scrambled eggs a lot, sometimes brown sugar poptarts, or toaster strudels. Sometimes processed crap but a big variety and always lots of options!

  9. maija says

    i haven’t had a poptart in AGES… although i remember only liking the ones that weren’t trying to be fruit so at least it was pretty clear it wasn’t healthy. if you’re gonna eat junk, you might as well own it, right?

  10. Laurel C says

    I’ve been hearing about that film everywhere…..I think I need to just sit down and watch it! I just hope it isn’t like Fast Food Nation (did you ever watch that? I swear I’m still scarred from it!)
    When I was little my mom was so sweet, and made our breakfasts and packed our lunches every day. So I had homemade pancakes and scrambled eggs and fruit just about every day!

  11. Kate says

    As a kid I ate terrible–I would have at best sugary cereal or nothing for breakfast, at worst a pop tart or doughnut. My family was definitely big on refined/processed carbs (bread, cakes, cookies, brownies) and we kept NO produce or things like beans/raw nuts/lowfat cheese in the house. All I grew up eating was carbs–it’s amazing I wasn’t more overweight than I was when I finally went to college.

  12. Rebecca says

    I remember not eating very healthy breakfasts as a kid, I went through phases where all I would eat was PB&J on Wonder Bread or Eggo Waffles w/syrup. Weekends usually meant bagels w/ cream cheese or McD’s pancakes and sausage. I avoid these foods now not only because of their lack of nutrients but because when I would binge I would eat them due the childhood/comfort association.

  13. says

    Thanks for posting about this movie. One of the people featured in the trailer made his own movie about juicing and it really opened my eyes to better eating.

  14. Jackie says

    I was terrible about breakfast as a kid and would ultimately eat a half PB&J sandwich most mornings. On Wonder bread…ugh.

    I cut out diet soda this year. I had to travel for work a few weeks back and indulged in 2 while in boring meetings. But, I would call my diet soda addiction…kicked! My flavored seltzer addiciton? Very serious. :)

  15. Stephanie says

    I don’t really remember breakfast before school…i’m sure poptarts and toaster strudels made too many appearances tho

  16. Jen says

    I used to eat so much junk for breakfast. OK fine. Still do. I actually find poptarts are great pre-race food.

  17. Angie says


    I don’t really remember what I ate for breakfast as a kid – I do remember toaster strudels, though. I’ve never been into soda, which I think has helped my healthy habits as an adult. I’ve only had coke once or twice- and that was when I was served a rum and coke in early college. It was gross.

  18. Paige says

    I LOVE larabars!! Much better than the poptars I used to eat for breakfast as a kid. (Although I have to admit, they looked pretty tempting at the grocery store this weekend.)

  19. Debbie says

    Love Larabars! I had PB & J toast and grape juice every morning, brought to me on a tray by my mom while I watched cartoons. I know, very sad!

  20. says

    I don’t really remember exactly what I ate as a kid- but I feel like I had a lot of hot dogs, McDonald’s and pizza. I never ate vegetables- ever. After college I began eating vegetables and fish, stuff I never would have touched as a kid. It still shocks my parents when they hear me ordering broccoli in a restaurant!
    I’m overall pretty healthy these days, but I do have chocolate binges from time to time. It really is sugar that makes me feel the worst of anything.

  21. says

    Cereal and milk every morning was my go-to breakfast. Now as an adult, I rarely have milk (switched out for digestion issues) and replaced it with greek yogurt or almond milk. My parents emphasized the importance of breakfast as a kid so now I always eat breakfast as an adult.

  22. Kelly says

    I watched the movie a couple of days ago. Like you said, the information was nothing new, but it was a good reminder and kick in the pants to be more conscious of what I’m feeding my family. BTW, I’d love to feed th some Lara Bars ; )

  23. christine says

    I dont think I ate breakfast as a kid but now i just eat toast with butter neither one is probably very healthy :)

  24. Chelle says

    Let me preface my comment by saying that I was and still am an only child. My parents would leave very early for work and I would have to catch the bus, in the country, all by myself. My go-to breakfast EVERY day was and still is chips. I would eat a half a 14oz bag of Doritos before catching the bus most mornings. My parents would have to hide the chips from me if they wanted to eat any themselves. This has downward spiraled into adulthood. I always try to eat extremely clean with the except of chips. My husband keeps telling me that diets DO NOT WORK and if I want to lose that extra 10 pounds I just need to stop eating so many chips. He may be on to something!

  25. Jennifer says

    I ate typical cereal, pop tarts, or pastries in the morning. Now I do eat a healthier breakfast, I think the important thing is to get in the habit of actually eating breakfast. I work in school foodservice and so many kids come to school starving and can’t concentrate in class.

  26. Autumn Rae says

    Cereal was usually my breakfast when I was a kid. I would love to try the Larabars, especially the cherry pie flavor!

  27. says

    As a kid, I ate very carb-heavy breakfasts- think english muffins, bagels, toast, cereal, etc. I now try to incorporate more protein into my breakfast (as well as healthy carbs) to stay full longer.

  28. says

    As a kid I ate a lot of whole foods when I lived with my dad and processed foods when I lived with my mom. My dad hunted, fished and kept a garden, my mom worked three jobs. In college I kept up the diet I learned at my mom’s but now as an adult I eat a lot whole fresh foods like when I lived with my dad.

    I love Larabars. I discovered them when my doctor had me on a gluten free diet for a while!

  29. says

    I love fountain Diet Coke. I’ve been trying to cut back , but it’s super hard. As a kid I remember eating healthy cereal but now I tend to eat a giant fruit salad in the morning. Why start the day on an unhealthy note?

  30. Jennifer says

    In high school I used to eat the hostess crumb cakes EVERY day for breakfast with OJ. I think a poptart might have made it in there from time to time! Today I am far healthier with oatmeal or egg whites.

  31. says

    We ate pretty healthy growing up thanks to my parents. I was totally the kid trying to trade my carrot sticks for fruit roll ups at lunch and today I am grateful for that. But, when I was teaching high school, the free and reduced lunch students would get these “breakfast pizzas.” They were literally the leftover pizza from yesterday with processed “sausage” on top. I couldn’t believe it. Other kids would bring in 2 liters of mountain dew for a “snack”. I started to make a policy that if it wasn’t healthy then you could not eat it in my classroom.

  32. Erin says

    I love larabars! Growing up my mom would cook us a chinese style breakfast first thing in the morning (rice with steamed pork or sausage). Being in a small town I used to be so embarassed about my relatively ethnic breakfasts and would pretend to my classmates that I had cereal or toast. Looking back I wish I appreciated the extra time my mom put in for us instead of focusing on what other people thought! Oh the wisdom of being older :)

  33. Ida says

    I like the idea of lara bars, but dont eat them b/c of all the sugar.

    as a kid I ate cereal, toast or oatmeal. I still eat oatmeal, but go for the plain and add in toppings rather than the strawberries and cream that I used to love.

  34. Carolyn says

    larabars are great! cherry pie is one of my favorites! cherry pie for breakfast, i think so! But actually, I usually just had (and still do) cereal, maybe oatmeal, or breakfast

  35. says

    I honestly didn’t eat a breakfast very often when I was a kid and if I did it was some sort of sugary cereal. I definitely eat very differently now than I did then.

    Also, I used to pass a CVS every morning on my way to school/work and I saw so many kids walking in with a $5 bill in their hand to buy their breakfast. I’d often see them walk out with fritos or twinkies and a sugary soda in hand.

  36. Suzanne says

    Would love to win some Lara bars! Haven’t tried those flavors yet.

    In high school I think I had two pieces of toast with butter every day, I never really liked cereals or pop tarts or sweet stuff.
    For lunch, however, I think senior year I had a cheesesteak every single day. I don’t know what I was thinking/doing, but needless to say, I am much lighter and healthier now!

  37. Chloe Franklin says

    That looks like a good doc to check out. As a child I did not always eat breakfast, which is something that I make sure to do every morning now!! I usually have peanut butter and whole wheat bread or oatmeal with fruit, which has good staying power for all my classes.

  38. Kat says

    I love Larabars! I used to eat sugary cereal as a kid and a lot of diet pop throughout the day. I definitely found it hard to break that habit and my dependancy on sugar!

  39. Kara says

    The PopTart thing makes me laugh. Our school is big on providing a good breakfast for our students because it is essential to the learning process. The star of those breakfasts are PopTarts. Somehow I don’t think PopTarts are going to increase our test scores!

  40. lindsay says

    can’t wait to watch this tonight. and i’m a recent larabar convert so this would be a great giveaway to win!!

  41. says

    we were only allowed cereals with less than 12g sugar… over 12g and we could only have it for dessert. i make up for it now with the lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch i eat! 😉 would love to win some laras!

  42. Adriana says

    Mmmm Larabars. Love!

    I remember eating Poptarts (the brown sugar ones) and cereal. Never had fruit for breakfast and hardly ever had oatmeal unless it was those flavored instant packs. My how things have changed…

  43. Mara says

    I love Larabars!! I am trying to get my kids to eat them, too. They love the big Cliff bars and Luna bars but sometimes they need a change.

    The things kids eat today drive me insane. I know that’s it none of my business what other people do with their kids but it BOTHERS me that when I send healthy lunches with my kids to school (they are 3rd and 4th grade) they get made fun of by other others kids. For NOT having cookies and candy for lunch. It drives me crazy. I talk alot with my kids about what their bodies need and what their minds need and we try to follow the 80/20 rule…80% healthy stuff/20% ‘junk’ food. I know I can’t eliminate it all together for them but I try to limit it. I really hope to set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating.

    Another thing that drives me crazy is snacks at sport game. When my son played baseball, the snack at the end of the game is supposed to be just a snack. Some parents would bring goodie bags for the kids with cookies, candy, Big League chew, and a soda. REALLY???? My 8 year old doesn’t need all that crap!! I even got called out and made fun of for bringing grapes after the game when it was my snack time. UGH, so frustrating.

    Okay…off my high horse. Sorry for the long comment. :-) It’s definitely something I worry/think about all the time with my kids.

  44. Olivia says

    I would loooove sugary cereals when I was younger. My favorite was lucky charms and cookie crisp! But now I always read the labels and opt for low sugar cereals (:

  45. Kaelin says

    I would love to sit my husband and parents down and make them watch this movie but I know I can’t force them to change and that they have to want to change themselves.

    I have to admit I loved pop tarts as a kid and sometimes getting your kids to eat anything for breakfast can be a challenge. It’s better than going on empty until lunch. Not that I don’t think there are better things out there. Today I had a green protein smoothie and toast for breakfast.

  46. says

    On my commute to work I always see kids eating crap for breakfast. Today I saw a girl feeding a kid (maybe 5 yrs old) oreo’s and soda for breakfast and 5 minutes later yelled at him for moving around too much. It drives me crazy!! How else do you expect a child to act after all that sugar.

  47. says

    Love Larabars! As a kid I would have cereal or oatmeal for breakfast. On special occasions my mom would make French toast on weekdays.

  48. says

    I would love to win the larabars!

    I used to eat and love poptarts as a kid (ok, as a college student too). I’m actually eating healthier than I have in my entire life, from green smoothies to salads for lunch daily.

  49. says

    I (very) recently started running and found your blog; I love it! I’m going to give the movie a try tonight!

    I can’t remember ever eating breakfast before school as a kid. But my mom never bought sweet cereals, pop tarts, fruit-by-the-foot, or anything like that (I was bummed then, but thankful now), so it certainly wouldn’t have been those. Darn terrible memory.

  50. says

    Yum! Larabars!

    I believe I was pretty lucky in that my mom was a stay-at-home mom, so my brother and I usually had pretty wholesome breakfasts. One thing we would always ask for was ‘smooshed eggs’, which were basically hard-boiled eggs all smashed up with a little salt and pepper. I don’t know how she did that every morning because when I smoosh eggs to make egg salad, it’s pretty brutal on the arm (using just a fork!).

  51. Michelle says

    LARABARS! I love them and we need new flavors up here in Canada :)
    As a kid, we weren’t allowed to eat sugar, so it was Corn flakes for us for breakfast or oatmeal during the winter months. I think we had Honey-nut-Cheerios a few times when my dad did the shopping and us kids opened the box so my mum couldn’t take them back. lol

  52. danielle says

    definitely cereal! or if we were particularly spoiled, we’d get pancakes or frozen waffles. i’m definitely a LOT healthier now in terms of veggies and variety, but leaving me alone to my own treat devices – yikes.

  53. Mona says

    Monica, once you give up diet soda and soda in general, you will feel so much better. When you do try it after a long time, it won’t taste as good and you’ll be happy you gave it up. It will just take some time, but I know you can do it!

  54. says

    As a preschool teacher, I see ridiculous things that kids eat for breakfast every day. It amazes me sometimes. As a kid, I ate sugary cereals, pop tarts, toaster strudels, and other breakfast foods that weren’t good for me. It probably contributes to why I am so addicted to sugary foods now.

  55. Sarah G. says

    Love Larabars!

    When I was a kid I remember eating brown sugar poptarts, cereal, toaster strudels… basically sugar, sugar, and more sugar!

  56. says

    Pop Tarts – YUM!

    I think I mostly ate cereal or oatmeal as a kid…Usually sugary cereals but sometimes more wholesome cereals like Raisin Bran. It is sad that i can’t even remember my breakfasts! I do remember sometimes on weekends my Dad would make us pancakes…Breakfast now is my favorite meal. On weekends when I actually have time, sometimes I stand there debating for 10 minutes about what to have b/c I want it all!

    Would love to win the Larabars!

  57. says

    I loved Hungry for Change! Soo good, everyone needs to watch it. I also recommend watching their first film, Food Matters, if you haven’t already! It’s on Netflix :)
    I grew up eating cereal practically every morning! I’ve been trying to break the habit of craving something carb-y in the morning & now try to incorporate more protein into my breakfasts like eggs or goat yogurt (my current obsession)

  58. Lindsay A says

    I soo want to try Larabars…never have!! As a kid my mom limited our sugary cereals so I actually would ask for Bran Flakes…of course then I grew up and discovered Lucky Charms….

  59. emily b says

    i would love to try the larabars! as a kid, i usually ate dry cereal (can’t drink milk!) or toaster strudel (pure sugar–ick!). i’m trying to make up for the past by eating super-healthy breakfasts as an adult 😉

  60. says

    I ate a lot of cereals. Frosted flakes, lucky charms. Now it is eggs and wheat toast and fruit. I love Larabars. Great giveaway.

  61. says

    When I was a kid my parents were pretty “hippy” about our food. Breakfast was either a non-sugar cereal, milk & canned (EW!) fruit or boiled eggs with ww toast & canned fruit. Occasionally they made hot cereal or oats, but always made with all water (and no toppings?!) which of course made them taste not so great to my kiddo pallet. Once I was able to choose my own breakfast foods I ate sugar cereals, pop tarts & toaster strudels… That didn’t last long! After a few years of the junk, I began to crave the healthier foods I grew up on and never looked back.

  62. says

    I always had cereal (non sugary kind) with milk or frozen waffles for breakfast as a kid. My parent refused to buy the sugary breakfast stuff. I’m glad they did that now that i look at these kids and cringe thinking how awful that is. And we wonder why the kids are all ADD they’re sugared up in the morning then crash.

  63. Tonia says

    As a child, I was a big fan of cheerios or toaster strudels for breakfast. And might I add, I love larabars!

  64. Leigh says

    I always ate a healthy breakfast growing up…my mom insisted! I still do it now…I figure even if I eat crap the rest of the day, I’ll have at least one good meal under my belt!

  65. says

    I ate cheerios or oatmeal most days, and so do my kids now. Poptarts were a “treat” when I was a kid, but I try to give my kids watermelon or kiwi instead.

  66. says

    I wonder if watching that would make me want to break the diet soda habit. It’s my one true unhealthy thing that I really haven’t tried to get rid of. I’ve actually never tried Larabars but have tried basically ever other type of bar!

  67. Trish says

    When I actually ate breakfast, I think it was almost exclusively cheerios.

    I’ve been trying to find the cherry pie flavor Larabars for months now!!

  68. says

    Oh gosh, I probably ate cereal and an inordinate amount of bagels with cream cheese and large blueberry muffins. Or nothing at all.

    But now I LOVE breakfast! It’s my favorite meal and can probably eat breakfast all day. :-)

  69. says

    My dad would make my brother and me toast from homemade bread with butter, cinnamon, and sugar EVERY morning. Soooo good!! Sometimes we’d use Eggos, but always lots of sugar. Not too healthy but we turned out alright!

  70. JJ says

    I think I usually had cereal, toast, or oatmeal, but once a week my mom would take me to get a donut before school. My teenage daughter pretty much wants nothing to do with cereal and prefers bagels, so has half a bagel and either a banana or smoothie if I’m making one for myself. I do as much as I can at home to serve/encourage 5 a day fruits and veg because once she’s out with her friends, she needs to make her own choices.

  71. Jennifer says

    I ate poptarts and cinnamon rolls a lot because they were easy. I hope to not repeat that with my kids.

    Maybe Larabars? :)

  72. Ana says

    Usually toast or cereal growing up. Now I prefer oatmeal or eggs and toast – without that first recess snack I need something a bit more filling!

  73. Meg says

    I don’t want to win the larabars bc I have more in my house then I know what to do with (I went on this massive dates kick and went a tad overboard!) But I had comment – first thank you for the movie link! Even when it’s stuff you already know it’s nice to hear it again! I’m bad at letting old habbits creep back in!
    About the breakfast I was allowed to eat what I wanted and I do think it affected me because I developed a taste for fatty/sugary foods and eating them now also gives me good memories. I’m not placing blame on anyone and had the best parents ever but I sure wish I wasn’t allowed to eat cookies for breakfast when I was little!

  74. Kendra says

    I just tried a lemon Lara bar the other day and I loved it, would love to try these other favors too. Thanks for the tip about that movie:)

  75. says

    When I was little I used to eat toasted english muffins w/ marinara sauce for dipping and or toast with pb&j. I love me some burnt toast, still to this day. (Probably has to do with the fact that my mom had a tendency to overcool EVERYTHING)

    Love your blog!

  76. Krystina says

    I love Larabars and got my boyfriend to try one recently while we were at a race expo and he really like them too! (He avoided them in the past b/c he confused them with Luna Bars and thought they were “made for women.”)

    As far as what I ate for breakfast as a kid, it varied…I ate everything from oatmeal and cream of wheat to sugary poptarts and toaster struedels. However, I did prefer healthy cereals growing up. I always would choose Wheaties over a cereal like Cinnamon Toast Crunch…b/c I wanted to be strong like the people on the box! 😉

  77. Julie says

    Yummy Larabars! I was a diet soda addict for years! Finally broke the habit a year ago and haven’t missed it at all. Good luck with breaking your habit! I’m happy to save the money too!

  78. Sarah says

    WTF?! Those parents should be beaten with sticks. We didn’t even have that junk in the house when I was a kid, much less eat it for breakfast. That stuff doesn’t even taste good!

    We had cereal (usually Raisin Bran) and I remember a lot of whole wheat english muffins with peanut butter. I still eat those today! But Raisin Bran isn’t up to my current nutrition standards so I’ll eat Kashi shredded wheat or oatmeal.

  79. Jamie D says

    Those are two of fav Lara Bar flavors! I try to eat clean for the majority of the week, limiting my processed foods. Although I have to admit this girl loves her some processed food during the weekend, in moderation of course!

  80. says

    I used to drink milk + coffee and have bread + butter, sometimes few pieces of papaya or banana, or other fruit (peaches, melon) for breakfast when growing up – pretty standard breakfast in Brazil, where I came from. Occasionally my dad would force me into having a soft boiled egg :-)
    I still like that today, and my son actually loves this breakfast. We always have fruit with our breakfast, we use whole wheat bread for toast + butter. My son also likes my homemade healthy muffins or cereal, and I love smoothies!

  81. Ashley says

    Cereal was my childhood breakfast most of the time. Now it’s oatmeal and fruit. I definitely eat much healthier now than as a child!

  82. Cel says

    My mom ALWAYS made sure we had a bowl of fruit before we ate anything else for breakfast. I still continue this healthy eating step every day, to this day :)

  83. Katrina says

    Breakfast as a kid in my parent’s house was nothing healthy! Growing up I was the most unhealthy eater EVER! Luckily I had fast metabolism and didn’t gain weight in my younger years. Breakfast looked like this — Toaster Strudels, powdered donuts, Tastykakes, milk and cookies or some type of sugary cereal. I’m proud to say I now eat a MUCH healthier breakfast and I loved the day I discovered Larabars! They’re all soooo good!

  84. says

    Since watching the movie it’s all I can think about when I am craving pop – thankfully it’s really the bubbles I am craving so bubbly water does the trick!
    Growing up we had lots of sugary cereals and instant breakfast drink mixes.

  85. TiffanyG. says

    Hi, Monica-
    In response to the discussion question:
    As a kid, I ate poptarts, Nutrigrain bars, cookies, sugary cereal, and everything in the sugary category. I always drank mountain dew like it was a religious ritual or something. Now, I rarely drink sodas…. only if I am stressed and need something to wake me up… but I promise, that hardly happens. 98% of the time, I drink water. I eat healthy foods like fresh produce and low fat, organic stuff.
    Eat the way I did as a kid had a negative impact on me. I NEVER could stay awake throughout each day I was at school. I was always tired. Always easily exhausted from walking short distances… and couldn’t get the guts to take up running for exercise and fun because I had zero lung capacity it felt like…
    Just a terrible time as a kid. I never had anyone discipline me as a kid. I was raised by diabetic grandparents and both sides of the family didn’t have any willpower when it came to eating. By time I turned 14-15, I became weight conscious and started to watch what I ate after I saw what bad eating habits can do to anyone (grandma continued to eat poorly to the point she fell into a colma, had brain damage, and died after being pulled off life support)… that was my reality check. I started eating healthy, forcing myself to try new fresh produce items… drinking more water, and so forth.
    Now, I have got something going on with this organic stuff in my kitchen! 😛

  86. tiffany says

    usually i had cereal. sometimes soup. sometimes a poptart if we were in a hurry. but i hated oatmeal…what was i thinking?!

  87. says

    I didn’t eat anything for breakfast a kid.

    As an adult, I never skip breakfast.

    I’ll have to remember to watch that movie. I was just thinking yesterday that I’d like to get to a point of eating more whole, clean foods.

  88. Casey says

    as a kid i was HORRIBLE about breakfast and would eat either donuts or pastries covered in icing or some sugary cereal… i dont think i would touch those things (unless it were a special occasion) for breakfast these days because i have gotten in the mindset that i FEEL so much better when i have a healthy, nutritious breakfast

  89. Veronica says

    Never tried a Larabar. My mom used to leave my sister and I homemade breakfast burritos every morning before she headed off to work.

  90. says

    Yum, I would love the Larabars!

    When I was in high school, I often ate a 2-pack of S’mores poptarts and a can (or two) of Dr. Pepper for breakfast. Funny thing is, I never had a weight problem until I got older. I can’t imagine eating/drinking that know, but my overall health is much more important to me at 28 than it was at 17!

  91. Jessica says

    I had a BIG bowl of Raisin Bran every morning growing up. I loved it. But it was full of HFCS. Now, in my 20s, I usually have a piece of fruit and/or a granola bar. So LaraBars would fit right into my breakfast! Love the blog!!!

  92. says

    I didn’t eat breakfast as a kid which I find crazy now because these days I wake up STARVING. If my mom could force me to eat anything it would be a blueberry muffin

  93. says

    YUM! I love cherry stuff! :) Which brings me to my lovely breakfasts as a child: cherry toaster strudles, cherry poptarts (with butter on top!!), peanut butter toast, and lots of sugary cereal! Luckily the awful breakfast habits changed once I learned about nutrition in high school. I do still love peanut butter though! (And have been known to eat a bowl of Lucky Charms on vacation)

  94. Megan S. says

    Sometimes I cringe thinking about what I used to eat even throughout college! Poptarts were always awesome, as were cinnamon rolls, high sugary cereal was the best, and eggs were probably non-existent haha. Thankfully that has changed!

    My parents are huge DC (diet coke) fans and have been learning more about how it’s bad for you. They’re trying to drink more water, but it’s a long time habit that will be hard to break!

  95. says

    hmmm, I think I ate oatmeal almost every morning. I had a “funny” stomach as a kid, and the mornings for me where hard. I just couldn’t stomach eggs so early.
    I think this messes up my cravings now days. I am almost a vegetarian and well, I think more meat and protein would do good in my diet.

    And perhaps those yummy delicious larabars!!!

  96. says

    I can’t imagine giving my son that much sugar for breakfast! OMG!!! My son will usually get a breakfast burrito (spelt tortilla, pinto beans, cheese, and scrambled egg whites) and an orange for breakfast. He’ll either have water or an emergen-c if he gets thirsty. When my son was in kindergarden, he had a classmate that every Monday got dropped off at school with a McDonald’s meal for her lunch… seriously! What are we doing these children?!?! I got the typical flavored oatmeal packets for breakfast growing up. My parents worked in the high-tech industry, so they didn’t have a lot of time at home to prepare meals… especially at quarter ends! All my friends thought it was awesome to not have cold cereal in the morning… I thought it was really boring. hahaha.

  97. Jen says

    My two favorite breakfasts as a kid were apple cinnamon Quaker oats and Raisin Bran. I also ate pop tarts and toaster strudel and really anything. Now I pretty much only eat oats with cinnamon and a banana, and sometimes I eat eggs and an english muffin. Or leftovers. I never thought about whether my childhood breakfasts affect what I eat now!

  98. Emily says

    I always ate cereal, yogurt, or a hot breakfast (pancake/suasage, etc) and with always fruit. Now I am always famished when I wake up, and find I need to eat something heavy in protein, or I will eat nonstop until lunch time!

  99. Stephanie says

    I used to eat crap like that for breakfast because I was a latch key kid and my mom was very uneducated about nutrition and bought all kinds of junk for us to eat. By the time I graduated college, I was morbidly obese and it’s taken me a long time to change my eating habits.

  100. says

    I don’t ever remember eating breakfast as a kid. My parents never ate breakfast either. I remember grabbing poptarts or quaker granola bars if anything, then I’d wait till I got home to eat lunch. Man I’m so glad breakfast is my favorite meal of the day now!!

  101. Audra H says

    As a kid I always had a bowl of cereal for breakfast. ALWAYS.
    Im in college (still a kid?! ;)) and have been doing a lot more oatmeal, eggs, or whole wheat toast morning meals. They keep me satisfied way longer!

  102. Kim says

    I love Larabars!

    When I was a kid I would eat poptarts or eggos for breakfast. My breakfasts have changed quite about after learning more about health, nutrition and whole foods. Sometimes a cherry poptart still sounds good though. :)

  103. allison says

    I ate cereal for breakfast pretty much every school day. My dad wouldn’t buy sweetened cereals. So now, I actually don’t like really sugary cereals, although I don’t eat it at all much any more.

  104. ali says

    I ate a lot of cereal for breakfast when I was a kid. I rarely eat it anymore though, not for breakfast anyway, more like a snack. It never fails- an hour after I eat it I am hungry again!

  105. ltb102 says

    I never ate breakfast until high school (I know! So unhealthy!!). Once I realized my body enjoys food before noon, I started bringing granola bars and fruit to class to eat for breakfast.

    Oh, and great giveaway! Love Larabars!!

  106. AJ says

    I usually ate cereal. I once went through a phase of eating trix yogurt with a Thomas’ toaster muffin – that breakfast was basically a quest to eat as many preservatives in one sitting as possible. Now, I mostly stick to oatmeal/bran or smoothies.

  107. Ashley says

    Great giveaway…love Larabars!!

    Sadly I too used to eat Poptarts for breakfast. I each much better these days, but my bad childhood habits definitely followed me into adulthood. Not sure I ever had cookies for breakfast though….

    • Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

      Kinda afraid to watch that movie. Eeek. It might tell me something I do not want to know.

      Me too Wendy ……

      Sprite (not diet) is my addiction. I MUST have one every evening (a can of soda lasts for many hours when you drink it slowly) with lots of ice. Sprite settles my tummy. Very strange …. I never order soft drinks in restaurants. Only decaf coffee.

      Ha. Noway …. our mom never bought Poptarts. She wouldn’t even buy me Ritz Crackers I so desperately loved. So, none of us kids ever tasted a Poptart to my knowledge. Mom only bought Cherrios, Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes & oatmeal. Plus other hot cereals that had to be cooked. Those are all good. Ick for dry Wheaties. Too mushy for my palate. I still remember the taste though.

      Good food-for-thought Monica!! Learn something new everyday.

  108. Brooke S says

    I ate cereal for breakfast when I was really little. When I was in high school I did not like breakfast so my mom made me drink a Carnation Instant Breakfast every morning before I was allowed to leave the house.

  109. says

    ooo awesome ill have to check that movie out!

    honestly, i didnt eat super healthy when i was a kid. probably ate ‘normal’…not great, but not terrible. i was also super active though. its funny u bring up poptarts i bought smores poptarts as an impulse buy the other day…they’re pretty amazing haha. i (usually) eat way better now so i dont think my choices as a kid reflect how i eat now at all. some items are nostalgic though…as they should be!

  110. says

    My dad would make me boiled eggs or rice with vanilla, sugar, and butter in it. Those were my standard breakfast meals. I rarely had cereal or poptarts or anything like that, but I always wanted it :) Now I’m a yogurt and fruit morning person. With coffee of course! I’ve never had a Larabar before; would love to try one.

  111. marie says

    When I was a kid I frequently ate cr*p like cookies, cake, donuts, etc. for breakfast. Now it’s oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, etc., and the stuff that I loved as a kid does not appeal to me AT ALL.

  112. Emma says

    This is such an important topic! Parents need to be teaching their kids about good food. I grew up eating oatmeal and fruit for breakfast because that’s what was in our house and what my parents assured me would help me ace that math test. :) by the way, I love larabars!!

    • Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

      As teenagers …. we all loved the Chex cereals. So crunchy and yummy w/slice banana!

      Our momma never-ever bought highly sugared stuff. Nothing. We were denied (store bought) cookies too. Most sweets were only homemade …. maybe once or twice a month.

  113. Jamie says

    Cereal was my go to food for breakfast as a child.

    I too am a diet soda drinker. Ive tried before to stop but didnt succeed.

  114. LeslieG says

    I ate Life cereal because my mother wouldn’t buy us any crap. I had a long love affair with Pop Tarts in my 20s and 30s and am only now getting back to healthy breakfast eating. Would love to try Larabars!

  115. Lynn in MD says

    I’m going to watch that movie (hopefully with my husband) this week too.

    I ate cereal – my mom never bought the sugary kind – so either homemade granola or plain corn flakes, rice Krispies, etc.

    I now buy a variety of cereals for my kids… but I’m still a cereal for breakfast kind of girl. :)

  116. Laura says

    usually instant breakfast drinks…yechhh. wasn’t much of a breakfast eater growing up but my mom made me have something before i left for school!

  117. Courtney says

    I used to love cinnamon swirl raisin toast or a bowl of cereal… I always wonder how I stayed full until lunch! I have yet to try larabars so I hope I win! 😀

  118. Yadi says

    I ate cereal, especially the sugary ones. I remember there was one that was different berry flavors and it was my favorite. My mom also bought Corn Flakes and I would eat that with bananas (and still do :) )

  119. Kelly says

    I ate tons of sugary cereal.. which I still love very much. I think if you grow up on sugary foods your more likely to like them even more when your older!

  120. says

    I seriously ate what I called “hot bread n’ butter” every day for breakfast until, like, senior year of high school. It was nasty white bread, fake butter, microwaved for 10-20 seconds. Looking back, I’m super grossed out with this breakfast and almost always try to eat a balanced and healthy breakfast now.

  121. SaraRM says

    I am definitely more disciplined and knowledgable now than I was as a kid with my breakfasts. AKA cutting out all the chocolate donuts (uhh man I loved those)!

  122. says

    Thank you so much for sharing the link to that film. I love documentaries, and they always give me a burst of inspiration to continue eating healthy!

    Larabars are the greatest! Have you tried any of the new competitive bars such as “Pure” or “That’s It” ?

  123. says

    I ate just straight up crap when I was younger, including breakfast. Poptarts, sugary cereals, and donuts were usually my staples.

    I think it really did affect my diet later on. I grew up never eating veggies, so I didn’t like them. I have had to retrain my taste buds to like vegetables now, and it is not easy.

  124. WendyF says

    Oatmeal, lots of oatmeal and a lot of sugar, so it’d be thick and very sweet. I feel badly because my mom discouraged us from eating sugary breakfasts and refused to buy all of the ‘kids’ cereals, frosted this, choco that, etc.

  125. Connie says

    I was a Captain Crunch and Fruit Loops kid – funny thing now is not cereal for breakfast but sometimes for dinner (PB Cheerios). Love Larabars!!

  126. Katrina C says

    When I was a kid, I usually had cereal for breakfast, but I didn’t really think much about it. Nowadays, I’m all about eating a healthy breakfast, especially one with eggs!

  127. Katie Mc says

    I used to hate breakfast so my mom would feed me non-traditional breakfast foods. Mini bean burritos were the favorite and I ate those all throughout middle and high school.

    I love breakfast now and tend to still eat weird things for breakfast. This morning was a turkey sandwich!

  128. Aubrey says

    CEREAL! YUM! :)… I have eaten breakfast every single day of my life for as long as I can remember, and it was cereal, every day. I can totally see how that habit has carried on throughout the years and I crave cereal ALL THE TIME! (although my choices are much healthier now 😉 ) Gotta love breakfast! I love starting the day on a crunchy note.

  129. Megan says

    Never tried the Larabars before! Would like to ESP. W/ whole ingredients! Ate tons of cereal as a kid and still do! Just try to eat more healthier ones but e very once in a while I busy out the Trix or Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Also Toaster Strudels were Delishifying!

  130. says

    As a child, I ate cereal almost every day. One day a week, our baby sitter would make french toast. I know that my overall eating habit was HORRIBLE! I would say the majority of what I ate was processed, heavy on the sugars, and only about 5% healthy. Today, and for the past ten years or so, I’ve totally changed my eating habits and I am a much happier person.

  131. Jennifer says

    My day always started with a bowl of Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats. Now I eat shredded wheat, but I don’t eat sugar, so I buy the non-frosted kind.

  132. Anna W. says


    When I was a kid, my dad made breakfast for me every single morning….eggs and grits, french toast, oatmeal, pancakes, sometimes cereal (Cheerios, Kix). I begged for sugary cereals and Poptarts, but my parents refused to let me have them. Ever. Now I see what a lucky kiddo I was :)

    You look really pretty at the webisode; even with the 2-tone hair 😉

  133. says

    Yum. I love larabars!
    I don’t let my kids eat cookies or poptarts for breakfast. I would feel horrible sending them to school eating that. maybe once in a while as a special treat.
    If my kids want a “sugar” cereal, I buy them the Cascasiam Farms organic cinnamon toast cereal. It tastes just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch but with whole grains and no artificial colors and junk like that.
    My kids don’t eat perfect all the time, but I try to balance it out.

  134. Jules says

    I was never hungry for breakfast as a kid, but my mom made us drink our smoothies before we left for school. I remember I would get so pissed when she would try to sneak flavoured tofu into them… I find it kind of sad when I see kids eating Doritos on the way to school, because you know it’s not their fault, but hey, something is probably better than nothing.

  135. Amy says

    I’m going to show this video to my husband cause I wish he didn’t drink diet soda so much.

    I love me some Larabars though!

  136. Elise Lewis says

    Yeah! A contest open to the US and Canada!! That’s me, eh! Canadian through and through…although, my big sis lives in Florida and I am a little jealous…
    As kids my mom made us hot cereal; oatmeal, Cream of Wheat and Red River. On weekends pancakes were a treat. We begged her for sugar cereals but she stuck to her guns. I am forever thankful.
    Of course when I was 8 I really wanted some fricken Fruit Loops…lol


  137. Mary R. says

    I *heart* Lara bars! As a kid I ate sugary cereal for breakfast most days. As a teeneager I never ate breakfast. Now I don’t touch sugar cereal. I try to buy high fiber & organic when possible. I also eat lots of rolled oats or cereal with chia seeds and almond milk, and egg sandwiches now and I always have a piece of fruit too.

  138. says

    My dad would make us eat breakfast every morning. He would make us up a bowl of cereal each morning so that we would have something before we left the house. My mom didnt really have that much influence in my breakfast, so I am glad that my dad always made sure that I had a good breakfast! When my dad was gone, my mom would let us have poptarts and french toast sticks for breakfast, not the healthiest thing! :(

  139. amanda says

    I use to eat waffles w/ loads of butter or bagels. They did nothing to fill me up. Now I eat more filling breakfasts so I am not as hungry 1-2 hours later

  140. says

    I totally want to see that movie! thanks for the link!!! and of course, the bars!! :) I ate cereal for breakfast as a kid. And quaker instant oatmeal in the winter!

  141. Maggie says

    larabars are all i ate this summer when i worked at camp-all that other sugary crap they gave the kiddos-GROSS! growing up, my brothers and i were never allowed sugary cereal. i started every morning with a bowl of cheerios and a glass of carnation instant breakfast!

  142. says

    I also need to work on my diet coke habit.. it’s so tough!
    My mom would make us pancakes with chocolate chips. mmm. I still love them to this day, tho eat them much less!
    I’d love to start my day right w/a Larabar – PB cookie is my fav =)

  143. Andrea says

    I are a lot of cereal as a kid for breakfast. Some cereals are okay for you, but my mom tended to buy the sugary ones. I eat things now that are much healthier for me, but I still think of cereal as a “comfort food.”

  144. says

    i’m terrible with diet soda.. i seriously need to stop!

    my breakfasts usually consisted of low carb items (since i low-carbed it from middle school thru high school). lil’ smokies and microwaved scrambled eggs were my besties!

  145. says

    Today has been a day of poor choices in the eats dept. over here, I think I am going to watch that movie right now. Thanks for the link! Never tried a Lara Bar, but I have heard they are great.

  146. says

    After a very disappointing meeting with a nutritionist for my daughter, I think I will be watching that tonight after the kids go to bed.

    When I was a kid we ate non sugary cereal like Cheerios and Rice Krispies. As I became a teen my mom loosened up a bit by then I rarely ate breakfast because that happened in the morning and mornings were evil (they still are but I now eat breakfast and it is the same thing I had as a kid!)

  147. says

    Thanks for the heads up about the movie! I will try to watch it today. I’ve never tried Lara bars before. I keep reading about them. I started reading the Intuitive eating book :)

  148. Andrea says

    I need to check out Hungry for change. I have a bad habit of drinking diet coke and I can’t get myself to stop even though it is bad for you!

  149. lauren says

    I never wanted to eat much in the morning when I was a kid. I finally eat a good breakfast everyday, makes a world of difference for my weight loss/maintainence and workouts.

  150. says

    I used to stuff my face with bowls of cereal or eat pop tarts. I had terrible eating habits and it’s no wonder I reached my highest weight of 230 lbs. Now that I’m 110 lbs lighter, I’m a clean eater and I love love love breakfast! I try to incorporate all of the food groups. It’s my favorite meal of the day!

  151. Melissa says

    I had a big bowl of sugary cereal and a large glass of Tang! Eeesh…thinking now about all the sugar….makes me crave some (KIDDING. Sorta.)
    I gave up diet soda for Lent and not gonna lie, miss it! I only had 1 a day but damn. Can’t wait for Easter. I was hoping it would break my habit but it doesn’t seem to have lessened my want.

  152. Brianne says

    My mom always provided healthy food for us. I still eat the same as when I lived at home: homemade bread or oatmeal is my breakfast.

  153. says

    I ate non sugary cereals, but we always had a lot of cereal in the house. I do love grainy, good for you cereals now and absolutely love oats. I try and give my kids those same things.

    They do occasionally get poptarts (as a treat) and they still eat waffles once in awhile, but I really try and help them make good choices.

  154. says

    I usually ate cereal or cream of wheat for breakfast. My mom would never buy sugary cereals for us and I’m incredibly thankful for that. She also made breakfast a habit for my sister and I so the idea of not eating breakfast is completely foreign to me. I didn’t even taste a poptart until high school and thought it was disgusting and way too sweet for breakfast. (there’s my upbringing rubbing off on me :D)

  155. Samantha says

    My hubby and I were just talking about “old school” breakfast food the other day. We both LIVED on toaster strudel. There is no way I could choke that down today, it’s so sweet it hurts my teeth!

  156. Megan says

    Thanks for the link, I’m totally going to try and watch that before Saturday!! As a kid I either had toast or cereal (like cheerios, rice krispies, plain shreddies) for breakfasts on weekdays. Probably a little heavy on the carbs/low on protein, but overall much better than a lot of kids in the morning. It’s so sad to see what school-age kids bring for lunch now.

  157. says

    I ate cereal. Boring, but I was a preeeeeeetty picky eater when I was a kid. Now, my students eat donuts and other incredibly high calorie food, which is one reason they’re so unhealthy. It’s tough for them to make good decisions because their parents don’t make good decisions either!

  158. Cassidy says

    I usually have green tea and a toast – piled with whatever that day craves. Butter? Berries? Peanut butter?

  159. Kate says

    I eat the same for breakfast, but upgraded – whole grain bread for toast, natural pb, or healthy cereals.

  160. says

    oh lordy i do love larabars!
    when i was a kid my mom never let me get away with eating pop tarts or sugary stuff for breakfast – which just made me want them more!
    my one “treat” was ww eggo w/ pb

  161. says

    I ate sugary foods for breakfast as a child and that was a hard one to break! I still love baked goods and I still prefer sweetness over savory in the morning. I pick oatmeal over eggs any day, so yes I think it affects me now too!

  162. Kylee says

    I’m so excited to watch that movie when I get home!
    As a kid I ate mostly cereal for breakfast. I loved Cheerios and life! We did get homemade muffins on special occasions before school:)

  163. Jenny Mc says

    I need to watch that film! I am in dire need of kicking my diet coke and processed food habit. I am diabetic and extremely insulin resistant. No matter how much insulin I take, my blood sugar is high. I can go with out eating and it will still be high. I am open for suggestions. Perhaps by watching, it can lead me to kick some bad habits and get better blood sugar readings.

  164. says

    Yes, I ate cheerios as a kid, like I was addicted. Now I never have the urge to eat sugary cereal (with the exception of cocoa puffs to fulfill my chocolate milk satisfaction when the cereal is gone.)
    Need to watch that movie. I have never heard of it before! Thanks for sharing!

  165. Shaunna Ulrick says

    I change up my breakfast frequently so I don’t get bored. Sometimes I have spaghetti if that is what i am craving. Mom said I did that as a kid too. My fave was scrambled eggs with dill pickle relish mixed in :)

  166. JessicaE says

    I have never tried a Larabar and I would love to! thanks for the giveaway.

    As for the discussion, I don’t think the cookies were a great idea, but an occasional Pop Tart isn’t going to hurt anyone. I was definitely a cereal girl growing up.

  167. Pam says

    I’m going to check out that movie. Thanks chica! :)

    I agree…”diets DON’T work!!” :)

    I’m guilty of skipping breakfasts when I was in school or sugary cereals & pop-tarts! My mom & dad both worked when my brother and I were growing up so we ate what we want. I know…muy malo!! I made it a point that when I started my family to teach my kids by example, I always make sure they walk out the door with breakfast in their tummies & the kids don’t know what pop-tarts are. live & learn right?!

    Have a great day, week!! :))

  168. Nancy says

    free movie, i can do that :) my mom wouldn’t let us have the good sugary stuff for breakfast when we were young and I still don’t eat it (regularly) now, she must have done something right

  169. Rachel C says

    Can’t wait to watch the movie.

    Hmm, I ate a lot of cherrios for breakfast as a kid. My parents didn’t let me have a lot of junk food, but I would go crazy at a friends house who had lots of junk food. :/

  170. Emily says

    I love Larabars!
    I would eat an english muffin with peanut butter every morning before school! Once in a great while, my mom would buy the cinnamon mini-Eggo waffles, I loved ’em!

  171. Camara says

    my mom mostly wouldn’t buy junkfood for us. but from time to time we’d wear her down and she’d get us poptarts or toaster scramblers.

  172. Denise P. says

    With a single-working mom, I usually ended up with the Poptart or Cheerios breakfast. I do remember one particular morning where I decided to eat some sausage off of leftover pizza … I do not recommend that.

  173. Liz says

    I would love to win some LaraBars, and I honestly don’t remember what I ate for breakfast as a kid. I do remember eating microwave popcorn in college though!

  174. Bri says

    I just saw an article about ‘Hungry for Change’ this morning- definitely watching while it’s still free!

  175. Jen says

    I’ve finally started cutting back on diet soda. I did 2 weeks cold turkey and now am having 1 every few days. I know I’ll never cut it out completely, but I was drinking several a day! I thought maybe I’d feel less bloated and overall have less cravings, but so far no luck :(

  176. Amy says

    When I was a kid I’d eat anything that wasn’t a breakfast food for breakfast! I loved leftovers; they make the best breakfast!

  177. Mason says

    My mom tried to make us healthy breakfasts but she was so busy! We’d always have healthy cereal available, but we also had a designated doughnut day :) My brother and I were both active and healthy though so she didn’t mind!

  178. says

    Wow I just watched the trailer and I will definitely watch the whole thing. I couldn’t agree more with the fact that we (Americans) aren’t eating food anymore, we are eating food-like products that look and smell and taste better, but are harmful to our bodies. As a middle school teacher, every day I see kids eating skittles, sipping sodas, and slurping venti frappuccinos for breakfast. Although I can’t stop this outside my room, all my kids know that if they want to snack in my class it has to be a fruit or a veggie, no exceptions.

  179. says

    I used to eat cereal, toast, or eggs on occasion when I was a child. And I have yet to try those flavors of larabars. I have enjoyed making a homemade version of them. They are so yummy and so many different flavor options.

  180. Mary says

    We always ate healthy breakfasts–cereal, oatmeal, eggs, etc. I am grateful for it because I still do the same today!

  181. Tessa Holshouser says

    I ate pop tarts or cereal daily. Now its oatmeal, egg whites, yogurt, fruit, or a smoothie! I guess you could say my tastes matured dramatically!

  182. Allison says

    Larabars are my favorite snack. I always ate ceral as a kid, but now I eat overnight oats or on weekends oatmeal with fruit.

  183. says

    I ate the worst stuff for breakfasts as a child! Pop tarts, sugary cereals, toaster strudels, etc… I don’t eat much of that stuff now, but I don’t eat as well as I should for breakfast. Now I just tend to grab something on the way out the door and eat it at my desk. I try to at least keep lots of easy healthiness around – granola bars without too much sugar, yogurt, fruit..

  184. Robin says

    I should watch this. I exercise religiously and I eat well BUT the caveat to that is I eat way too much sugar. I just have a hard time breaking myself from it.

  185. says

    When I was a kid we always ate a bowl of sugary cereal for breakfast. My mom did NOT cook so that was all there was for us that was easy and fast before school. For shame….I have since broken that cereal habit and eat MUCH healthier breakfast. Usually an egg and toast. And chocolate almond milk.

  186. says

    I usually ate toast or cereal. If it was a special occasion oatmeal! I would have never been allowed to eat cookies and then a poptart. I’m a teacher and I see kids eating all this sugary crap all. the.time! Drives me crazy…and we wonder why there is childhood obesity!?

  187. Abbey says

    I used to eat waaaaay too many poptarts when I was young, especially the hot fudge sundae ones!…but not anymore! :) p.s. Larabars are awesome!

  188. Hanna says

    OMG LARABARS! my favorite. When I was a kid, I ate crap for breakfast everyday. Like pop tarts, cookies, and sugary cereal. Recently (in college) I’ve started eating better and now I HAVE to have oatmeal for breakfast with fresh fruit. I gave up all sugary stuff for lent this year and it definitely helped me realize I don’t need as much refined sugar as I thought I did.

  189. Vanessa G says

    I would love to win!! I’m obsessed with pb and I’ve never had a Larabar. As a child I ate lots of sugary cereal, poptarts, toaster strudels on school mornings.We had my moms gravy and biscuits on Saturday mornings. Now, I don’t eat none if those things, nor do I want my kids too. We eat oatmeal, toast with pb, low sugar cereal, fruit, or eggs.

  190. Hillary says

    I ate lots of eggs, Cream of Wheat, oatmeal, and Grape Nuts as a kid. “Sugar cereal,” much to my dismay, was banned for breakfast.

  191. Hannah M. says

    I ate cereal and Cream of Wheat as a kid. I am still a huge cereal fan, as I have 7 boxes in my pantry right now! I never eat just one cereal–always a hodgepodge of various types!

  192. Alana says

    I never ate breakfast as a kid. But I did eat sugary cereals for lunch like frosted flakes and honey bunches of oats.

  193. Blair says

    Love larabars! I don’t remember eating breakfast very often when I was younger. Maybe an occasional bowl of cereal. Now I never start the day without it … yes I know it’s good for you, but more because I get super hungry and cranky otherwise!

  194. says

    I used to pretty much eat cereal all the time, and a lot of times I still do (Kashi Whole Grain Puffs with almonds, almond milk, bananas, and chia seeds). I usually only eat it on long run days and rest days. When I have early morning workouts, I’m all about the Clif Bars!

  195. Amanda says

    I definitely grew up eating frozen waffles, eggs, pancakes on special days… breakfast was always important in our house. However, now i eat nothing like that (except the eggs) – after a turning point in college, i eat far more whole grains, whole foods, and fruit (and green monsters!).

    yummm lara bars!

  196. Erin says

    Oooh both of those flavors sound delicious! My favorite natural “bars” are kind bars… but they are just so dang expensive!

  197. says

    How I ate growing up totally affects me now. My breakfasts were always real food and fairly healthy. I literally never had a Pop Tart until college and I’m not sure what all the hype was about…I’ll take my oatmeal over them any day.

  198. says

    I recently gave up my enormous amounts of daily Diet Coke. I figured if I don’t let my kids drink it, I probably shouldn’t either. Added bonus–I figured we are going to be saving like $600 a YEAR by cutting it out! Wow.

    I always had cold cereal as a kid. I would eat like 4 bowls of Cheerios. I still love cereal, but I never feed it to my kids. Well, once a week we have “Cereal Sundays”, but I try to feed them (and me) healthy, whole grain, homemade muffins, breads and things like that. And I am really into homemade Greek yogurt right now!!

  199. Tami says

    Wow, It’s hard to remember! I think I ate a lot of cereal and eggs if my parents had time to make them for me!

  200. Kate says

    Dying to try the cherry pie Larabar — that’s not a flavor I’ve had before (though I don’t know why).

  201. Amanda says

    I always ate cereal or oatmeal for breakfast….. I like a bit of protein for breakfast now but I ALWAYS eat breakfast. I don’t know how people skip it….

  202. Kylee says

    If you haven’t watched Forks Over Knives I definitely recommend that–It’s on Netflix Instant Watch. And I would love a few Larabars for a great flavor boost on my low college budget.

  203. Julie S says

    Hi! I started reading your blog regularly about two weeks ago and really enjoy it!

    I don’t think I ate much for breakfast as a kid. Good think I know better now!

  204. Elena V says

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    And as a kid I had buttered toast and tea for breakfast. Now I’m all about protein and always have some PB or a boiled egg in the morning.

  205. Jo Anna says

    Poptarts, but my mom would draw the line and never buy the frosted ones. Now, I can’t imagine starting the day with one of those, but at the time it was the norm.

  206. Yin says

    I’ve always had ‘breakfast food’ for breakfast (milk, bread, etc.) as a kid so yes, it has affected me since I follow the same pattern 😀

  207. Katie M. says

    I just watched the film “Hungry for Change” this afternoon. Excellent film. I’ve been working towards more whole/raw foods. So far I make it til supper and then I eat what everyone else likes including dessert. But will be working towards making that change also. But juicing for breakfast and then eating a healthy salad and fruit for lunch has been making me feel wonderful. BTW…I’m totally new to Larabars but the few ones that I’ve tried are great!

  208. says

    I used to eat 2 mini bagels with butter and OJ or sometimes those pillsbury cinnamon rolls with raisins (I ate those the other day and totally had a kid flashback!) I still totally crave bread and butter type things for breakfast.

  209. says

    I always had peanut butter and toast for breakfast with a glass of milk – like, was not allowed to leave the house before i finished my milk. ironically, i grew up to become lactose intolerant 😛 haha. i never had oats as a kid, but visited my parents and made overnight oats for my myself last weekend. my mom tried them and fell in love and made me make 3 more batches for the fam before leaving!

  210. Traci L says

    Growing up we lived down the street from a wienerschnitzel and sadly at there way too much, including for their breakfast. Now that I am older, I eat lighter and healthier breakfasts and I have so much more energy!

  211. NurseG says

    Well, I have never had a larabar !! So I hope to win one. As a child I think all I used to eat is cereal. That’s all I can remember anyway! Now I never eat cereal. I love my eggs. 2 every morning. It sets me up for my whole day. Helps me stay balanced all day! Swear by it !

  212. Danielle says

    I love the peanut butter cookie flavor – thanks for the giveaway! As a kid, I used to eat cereal and milk, bagels and cream cheese, etc. for breakfast – very simple!

  213. says

    My mom made sure we (the kids) had a half boiled egg and a mug of choc malt milk every school day morning…right up to the day we went (away) to college. So yeah, till today, I doubt any of us can have eggs for brekkie. Lunch – yes; dinner – yes; just not brekkie.

  214. lorin says

    I always had a variety of breakfasts; be it cereal(cinnamon toast crunch mostly), those french toast sticks, toast ect.

  215. says

    I honestly dont remember what I ate for breakfast growing up, but I’m sure it included poptarts and sugary cereal. It doesn’t really affect what I’m eating now, it may have actually just driven me to eat healthier.

  216. Christina says

    I definitely went through food phases as a kid: toast streudle, pb toast, pop tarts…you know all the healthy stuff 😉

  217. says

    As a kid I ate a variety of things for breakfast. I had cereal and every other week I could pick out a “sugary” one. I do remember eating pop tarts but I also had oatmeal, eggs, pancakes. I think the “junkier” foods (like pop tarts) I ate were more in Middle School when you pick your own foods. Maybe slightly rebel? I guess when you get older you settle in to what works best for you.

  218. says

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I used to drink diet pop by the truckload. It was really hard to quit it, but you can do it! It’s been about a year and a half and whenever I do try it now I get a headache. When you need a change up from water, I like squeezing a lemon into water, ice and adding a bit of stevia. It’s a great lemonade it can help. :)

  219. Aimee M says

    In high school, I always started my day with sausage & cheese on a mini bagel. Not the healthiest choice but I played sports and needed the carbs & protein every morning. Now I start with egg whites & spinach on whole wheat toast! Much better :)

  220. heatherfeather says

    i was never a breakfast eater until college…. i used to eat the normal old school lunch and a big dinner ( I was hungry!!!) i remember not being able to go to sleep until late- but i think it was my extra-full belly. now breakfast is my fav meal of the day!

  221. Laura says

    I’ve never had larabars and would live to try these. My mom always stressed the importance of eating breakfast (you didn’t go out the door without it) that’s really stuck with me.

  222. Debbie says

    I honestly can’t remember what I ate for breakfast as a kid! That’s just as scary as kids eating cookies for breakfast.

  223. Jennifer says

    I’ve never had a Larabar, so I would love to win this!
    Seeing as I was the unhealthiest child ever, my breakfast was usually some kind of chocolate cake or donut. Sometimes I would have cereal – my favorites were Cinnamon Toast Crunch (still my fave) or Cocoa Puffs.

  224. Laura @ Backstage Balance says

    Hooray for Larabars.
    I too struggle with avoiding diet soda. Sometimes I just need a damn Diet Dr. Pepper!

  225. Cari says

    my mom always kept our breakfasts pretty standard, but healthy– toast or oatmeal were regulars, and we almost never had any sugary cereals. with the exception of one treat box of Reese’s puffs at the beginning of the school year :)

  226. sally kate says

    Oh I LOVED strawberry frosted poptarts. It doesn’t affect how I eat now, but I know think of poptarts as a “trigger food” and won’t keep it in my house- tragic.

  227. kerry says

    I love larabars!! I always had oatmeal or cream of wheat when i was younger. As a child my mother was very strict with what we ate. It definitely carried on into my adulthood because i am extremely conscious.

  228. says

    I usually had cereal or toast for breakfast. Except for when I went to my dad’s house every other weekend…then it was brown sugar poptarts and cartoons lol! It’s funny because peanutbutter toast is my breakfast nowadays so I supposed it has affected me!

    I’m not sure why, but I still don’t feel the need to kick my diet dew habit. Probably stubbornness and the fact that without caffeine I get grumpy..

    I JUST tried Larabars for the first time and I would LOVE to try other flavors! Excited about the giveaway!

  229. zoe says

    we ate cereal every day for breakfast growing up – any kind we wanted: fruit loops, frosted flakes! now I can’t stand the stuff (any cereal really. funny, huh?)
    I’d rather eat a larabar!

  230. Sally.H says

    As a child, i would eat Korean food every morning.
    i envied kids who ate cereal and ‘breakfast foods’ but know i realize how healthy and satisfying Korean-style breakfast is. Besides i wouldn’t be able to stop myself from eating more than one bowl of cereal ;P

  231. says

    I’ve always been a healthy breakfast eater. I’m a teacher, and I see my kids eat terrible breakfasts all the time. Mountain Dew and Cheetos is a popular breakfast among my students.

  232. says

    I’ve never tried a Larabar but have heard great things about them! Growing up, my momma made me breakfast and it usually consisted of a bagel with cream cheese, yogurt, and some type of fruit… And to this day I make myself a similar breakfast 😛

  233. says

    I used to eat cereal or toast as a kid. Now I avoid cereal because I eat too much of it and feel hungry an hour later. If I was in a rush, I could see myself eating a Larabar for breakfast, although most of the time I use them as substantial snacks.

  234. Maren says

    I don’t know if this is still open, but I had sugary cereal growing up, which lead to special k fruit and yogurt..then I added grape nuts to that, then switched to kashi, and now I eat oatmeal! They were all my own decisions, but my mom doesn’t eat breakfast and my dad usually eats cheerios or honey nut cheerios…and frosted flakes 😉

  235. Taylor says

    I’ve never tried a Lara Bar! I usually swear by Luna Bars…I’m hoping to win these so I can compare! :)

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