Friday Afternoon

I almost didn’t post right now because I figure you’re all off early for the holiday. Or, if you’re not – I thought you’re slammed with a ton of work before you have to leave for the weekend.image thumb3 Friday Afternoon

Then, I thought some of you might have to stay at work until the end of the day and don’t really want to work, but would rather read dumb blogs like mine to kill time.

Was I right?

After my run I mopped the whole tiny condo. It’s 200 square feet or something like that, so it wasn’t much work. Lunch was the usual with some veggie chips from Naturebox. I wish veggie chips were healthy. I’m sure all the vitamins are fried the heck out of them.IMG 9570 800x600 thumb Friday Afternoon

Then, I headed to my mother’s house for a visit. She and Matt (my little brother) are on Spring Break right now.

The dogs are always on Spring Break…IMG 9585 600x800 thumb Friday Afternoon

Matt turned down several offers to party in Cancun for Spring Break. Nah, he wanted to keep it low key at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.  He stayed overnight on the haunted ship! Here’s is souvenir – a Russian soda. Don’t ask. What happens on the Queen Mary, stays on the Queen Mary.IMG 9593 600x800 thumb Friday Afternoon

Winners of the Achiva Chia Seed drink contest are:image thumb4 Friday Afternoon

image thumb5 Friday Afternoon

image thumb6 Friday Afternoon

image thumb7 Friday Afternoon image thumb8 Friday Afternoon

a giant egg Friday Afternoon

Now we’re going to walk the dogs and raid my mom’s fridge…

See ya later!


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    I just got those veggie chips from naturebox today and immediately broke into the bag. Damn they are good! I just told myself that they were healthy, worked like a charm! :)

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    Those tomatoes look amazing! On a non-religious note, today feels like Saturday. On a religious note, I celebrated Passover at Maggianos with my Jewish friend. (obviously she doesn’t keep passover, with all the leaven bread at the Italian restaurant!)

  3. says

    Happy Easter!!

    I’m blog-readin’ right now… but should be working. Unfortunately it’s going to be a long weekend of working a LOT of overtime. I do love a good break to catch up on my fave blogs though!! Enjoy your weekend!

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