Fifteen Miles and still not Famous

I woke up this morning and apparently was still asleep when I made coffee because I forgot to put the basket back! Major fail. See? This is why I have to make coffee the day before and have it iced in the morning!IMG_9630 (800x600)IMG_9633 (800x600)

I ran 15 miles average page 8:47IMG_9639 (800x600)

I felt pretty good the whole time, but have to say I am somewhat uninspired because I still don’t have a “goal race”. I love running and am trying to stay in shape so when I finally pick a race I can just jump right into training. But, it’s hard to push for 15 miles without a cause.IMG_9635 (800x600)

Wait. Lemme stretch…IMG_9638 (800x600)

I need to stretch for real today.  I am so tight and my IT band is getting angry. I can’t go to yoga tomorrow since it’s the most important day of the year. But, I will go by Wed. or else.

Okay, maybe I don’t need a race to be inspired to run because the whole time I just kept telling myself… “15 miles and then Whole Foods. Faster you’re done, faster you can go to Whole Foods. 15 miles and then Whole Foods… ”IMG_9646 (800x600)

I started with an appetizer of Detox Juice – add Spirulina, in a large cup with tons of ice, wheat grass on the side. <- If you ever need to know my orderdetox juice

And this pic if you ever need to know my name…IMG_9645 (600x800)

I sipped my juice while walking around. Then, I hit up the Whole Foods hot bar. Yes, you can buy happiness. But, it costs $7.99 per pound.

The Thai Black Rice caught my eye so I took a little scoopIMG_9640 (800x600)

Although, I can’t confirm that this is black rice because I don’t see colorwhole foods thai black rice

As I was piling other organic, yet calorie dense foods into my card board box (read: Macaroni N’ Cheese!) a pretty girl came up to me. I figured she was going to politely ask me if I realized I smelled like cow dung as maybe I stepped in something (hey, I just ran 15 miles – it’s not cute).

Turned out it was a reader named Mary! She has a blog called What’s Cookin’ With Mary. She didn’t seem to judge the fact that I was covered in salt from dried sweat and smelled like garbage (which I should formally apologize for).

More importantly, she didn’t care that I was carrying 8 pounds of organic potato salad. And that reminded me of the other day when Ben commended me on staying with my Lenten promise to not eat frozen yogurt.

I joked that the only reason I haven’t went to Yogurtland is that would be the one time I’d run into a reader and get busted!

But, just now I realized that if someone was always following me around judgingly I might watch myself a little more.

Ha! Who am I kidding?!

give up lent

I didn’t mind the guy driving on the side of me’s judging looks as I shoved this in my face on the way home. So, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be classing it up anytime soon.IMG_9649 (800x600)

Oh! I also got a carrot muffin and plan on giving half to Ben. He better hurry home though (he went to his MMA gym this morning)…IMG_9651 (800x600)

Question: Do you live  your life like no one’s watching?


  1. says

    Great job on 15 miles!

    I have been living my life like no one is watching, but then I found that I am being I think the family might be on to me. 😉

  2. Hillary says

    Ha! I’ve done that when making coffee too, and it is also my reason for pre-making and just keeping it cold in the fridge for iced coffee in the mornings!

    Live like no one is watching, for sure (except work – we still need jobs). Marilyn Monroe said, “When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I’m already better than them.” Amen!

  3. says

    oh yes! I laugh out loud or cry (depending on what im watching) on the treadmill at the gym, I dance to a song I like in a store and I sing along to songs when I’m running :)

  4. says

    I live my life like no one’s watching when no one’s watching. Lol. I always tell the BF that if anyone ever saw the things we do when we’re alone they’d think we were crazy and have us commited!

  5. So... says

    “Do you live your life like nobody’s watching?”

    Well, we all know you don’t, because… you have a blog.

    Was that meant to be an ironic question? I’m confused.

    • s says

      blog like nobody’s watching? :)
      no but seriously i’m all for living like nobody’s watching. i don’t recommend it on greyhound buses though because eating tuna out of the can while your seatmate looks on uncomfortably can get a little awkward…

  6. says

    Congrats on 15 miles. Im currently trying to get over injuries and get back into the swing of things and where 6 mi was fun, 3 mi is now laborious. I best get on it though cause my sister is planning a half with me in Nov or Dec :)

    There is a brannnnddd newwwww Whole Foods here and I am dying to go to it.

    And I wish I could live life like no one is watching. But I consider everyone in the public a potential patient. Basically, all I can think of is if I did something stupid in public and then was at the office and a new patient showed up and they saw me and it was a person who was there what would they think? Would they have confidence in me as their doc?

  7. Grecia says

    I live my life like I am being judged. Bad I know. What’s the one thing you always get at WF? I have been wanting to try something but I want something beyond amazing at 7.99/lb.

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