Triple D Restaurant Willie Bird’s


You guys didn’t think I would go all the way to Santa Rosa, Guy Fieri’s hometown, and not hit up a Diner’s Drive-ins and Dives pick right?!?! Since Guy is from Santa Rosa there are a lot of Triple D restaurants in the area! Last time we visited Healdsburg we hit up La Texanita. Today we went to Willie Bird’s Restaurant I remember watching this episode too! It’s the place … [Read more...]

Sunday Seven


Hello from Santa Rosa! I started my day with a nice 7 mile run. I was aiming for eight, but my stomach was growling at 1.5 so I cut it short. As soon as I got back I told Ben it was an emergency that we get to Starbucks asap. I took a super fast shower and we were at the ‘bucks in less than 15. A naner to share… I wanted a hot coffee because I was cold. But, I wanted an iced … [Read more...]