I Don’t Trust You

So, I tried a new yoga studio this morning…IMG_9856 (800x600)

It’s super close to my house and there was a class at the exact same time as my favorite (but far) place. Part of my complaint with yoga is that the classes are 1.5 hours – plus I need 26+ minutes to drive there. So, I reluctantly decided to try this new place out. (The classes are still 1.5 hours, but it only takes 3 minutes to drive there.)

The class was listed at a Level 1-2. I’m back to Level 1 at my fave studio, but it was the only option so I figured I spend some time in child’s pose when I needed.

Well, it was a bust.

First, I live in a very unique area of Orange County that is basically a retirement community. 80% of the ladies that come to my gym are an older set. The few younger clients are assigned to me so I get to work with girls my age, so I don’t really feel it most of the time. (In this class one of the ladies asked if the lights could be turned off because it reminded her of cataract surgery.)

Anyways, there were no sun salutations and just random “do this pose”. Then, we’d be corrected and do it again.

It was boring and didn’t feel like a good stretch or workout or anything. I considered leaving, but thought I should give a real shot.

At one point the instructor had us do head stands up against the wall. I’m tight and haven’t done a head stand in years so I wasn’t going to do it. She came to help me and I announced, “I don’t trust you.” Luckily, she didn’t push me further because I wouldn’t have caved.

What? She is a complete stranger to me and I haven’t done that move in a long time.  Don’t judge.

Long story long, I still need to go to yoga (or get a drink).

After class I hit up Costco for $100 worth of veggies. Ben is on a nice little mission to lose weight (completely self imposed and we’ll discuss later). So, I’m making salads for dinner per his request.

I ate sweet peppers on the way home.IMG_9859 (800x600)

Today I’m using hummus and ketchup as dressing. I paired this with a ww wrap and some ham.IMG_9862 (800x600)

I don’t know why, but bananas are 99 cents each pack at Costco. Naturally, I stocked up. I had one with PB for dessert.IMG_9864 (800x600)

I guess banana soft serve is on the menu all week. Score!!!

Question: Would you let a complete stranger help you stand on your head?

I might let Ben help me, but that’s about it.


  1. says

    Albertsons has bananas for $0.39 a lb this week which is a slightly higher price but I know they won’t take over 2 weeks to ripen like my last batch from Costco!

    And since I have not done a handstand since I was like 6, then no. No way on earth.

  2. says

    On a whim I did a handstand a few weeks ago. I run 4-5 days a week and do yoga and spin on my off days, so a handstand didn’t seem out of the question.


    I was sore for days.

    I’m with you on this one. Anytime my butt goes over my head for any reason, I need to be 100% confident in those around me who are helping it get there.

  3. says

    Wow, how rude! Sorry you had such a crappy experience, guess you won’t be going back there anytime soon. No headstands for me – would not be a good idea at all. My daughter could go thru that stock of bananas for you, she is obsessed.

  4. says

    The first time I tried a handstand, it was with my teacher and it took me awhile to open up to other yoga teachers at my studio when they wanted to teach it. But then one helped me get past my fears of the pose when she showed me how to use bolsters under my head. Now I’m kicking up into it like it’s nothing!

  5. says

    mmmhmm those peppers look good! so does that hummus. hecks no I wouldn’t let a stranger do that…probably because I haven’t done a headstand in yoga in so long. the teacher that helped me do it then I had been going to her class for a little while. definitely something I think u should build up to.

  6. Marcee says

    Yoga has always interested me. To possibly work on some types of strengths and movements. However, I suffer vertigo. Cannot move my head up, down sideways and whatnot. if I get a (spinning) spell …. forget it. Takes me anywhere from 10 days + to feel well again.

    Ha. The last time I ever did a handstand was when I was 12!! Ha. Long ago.

    CostCo is the very best place to buy bananas. Also, huge tubs of spinach!!

    Have a nice weekend w/the hubz Monica! This also includes kitty Vegas!

    P.S. As a (mostly) veggie …. I did not know you ate pork.

  7. says

    I would, and I have. I now go to yoga twice a week (three times if I can) and our teacher is really agressive. I know her better now, but the first few classes she helped us. Personally, I need that push or I won’t try new things in classes like that, but you know your body best. And that class definitely sounded irritating- classes aren’t exactly cheap and for 90 minutes I expect a solid workout.

  8. says

    Hey, good for you for speaking up. I do yoga fairly religiously and sometimes try to experiment at new studios but nothing is more scary and irritating than inexperienced teachers trying to push you without the proper approach into the pose. This happens more than you would think! As a FYI, you can always check to see if the instructor has completed the 500-hour certification for training; if not, I might be cautious. I’ve had teachers (who seemed to be poor instructors, doing random sequences, scatter brains, etc.) try to encourage me to do things that my experienced, athletic instructors at my regular studio tell us NEVER to do and I always will say, “No thanks” or even, “I was instructed that is not proper form so I’m not doing that”. Yoga injuries typically don’t arise from regular practice but rather from trying to enter a pose without the proper form, just like any other sport. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it, and definitely don’t feel bad for opting out. You can always throw in another vinyasa to fill the time; not weird at all.

  9. says

    So funny, I just posted that exact NatalieDee cartoon last week on my yoga post! Love those cartoons.

    I always stock up on bananas and then end up eating like 3 bananas a day because they ripen so fast! Or I just have a ton of smoothies.

  10. Ida says

    I dont think a yoga teacher should ever pressure a student into headstands or any position that could be dangerous for the head/neck. Good for you on standing your ground!

  11. says

    So the majority of the class was an older crowd? Why the eff was she asking old ladies to do head stands in the first place? lol That sounds like a great idea.

  12. says

    Yoga is one of those things that (I think) is unique for everyone. I know how far my body can go – a stranger wouldn’t. I do a lot of at home yoga DVDs. Email me if you want some recommendations – too long a list to write out right now. The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards book is on my reading list–I’ve heard the author interviewed…he tells some crazy stories about people getting hurt doing yoga. Namaste.

  13. Meghan says

    No way! You made a good call, that little neck of your is too precious to try a move a like that when you’re not comfortable.

    I really, really want to try yoga but I’m so intimidated by it that I just can’t bite the bullet.

  14. says

    Ha! I once went to my regular yoga class to find out there was a substitute. A super boring, slow-moving substitute. (Of course we didn’t know until after the class had started how miserable she would be). At the end of the class someone asked, “Will you be teaching this class next time as well?” The substitute apparently is very confident, because she replied, “Oh, you want to come to one of my classes?” To which the student asked, “No…just…are you going to be substituting again?” It was super awkward, but it was a miserable hour, we all wanted to avoid that torture in the future!

  15. says

    Oh I totally get where you are coming from. I had a Power Yoga class the other night that was barely a basic class. I felt guilty for counting it as a real workout. And your picture makes me LOL. You are so funny. I love your blog!

  16. says

    I love those Costco bags of little sweet peppers!!! They’re so great on everything. And the super cheap bananas are great as well. Now I want to go to Costco.

  17. carrie bradshaw says

    Haha- hilarious that you said that; i don’t blame you!! I’m gonna use that line soon.:) good for you for standing up for yourself to the shady yogi.

  18. says

    I know the area and I can only imagine…things are pretty strange down there, but it’s getting better. Hello Nordstroms Rack.

    My grandma always says to watch out when running because even if you think they see you, they probably don’t.

  19. says

    I love buying my produce at costco. It’s always so fresh (and if its NOT you can bring it back and they will give you something fresh) and its cheaper than trying to go to whole foods or TJ for all your produce!

  20. says

    Hi! I really like your blog…the nice photos of sunny SoCal are such a bright spot in my day from here in dreary London. I’d love an online copy of the book. I’ve just started “running” (jogging? hobbling?) and the book would be such a great way to make sure I do it correctly!

  21. says

    I just realized I am out of bananas. But I avoid CostCo produce because I will spend $100 easily.
    As soon as cataract surgery and lighting were paired in the same sentence I would have died. Too funny.
    As for headstands, id fly solo on that one. Was the crowd ninjas? Why are elderly women doing headstands? No thank you. Back to the 30 minute drive!

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