Traveling Tuesday–Las Vegas


You guys might have realized that I like to go to Las Vegas. Living in Southern California means it’s only 4 hours away (depending on traffic) and gives me an excuse to wear way too much make up and get a spray tan So when one of my readers sent the following email I realized I should write a post about it! Hi Monica, Love your blog! I noticed that you are pretty … [Read more...]

Run Tan Walk


I woke up this morning and knew I should do a speedish run, but I didn’t really want to. So I told myself, “It’s okay if you want to suck at life. But you should really get it together and at least do 4 800s so you don’t have to explain to your blog readers that you are a failure.” So I did. The End. I knew one thing this morning – I did NOT want eggs. But I couldn’t … [Read more...]