Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato


I am a sucker. Big time. As soon as I see a commercial for something that catches my eye I MUST HAVE IT! This week the Wendy’s commercials for their new side option – a sweet potato was the thing. So, when date night rolled around tonight I told Ben I wanted a Wendy’s Sweet potato and a Carl’s Jr. Turkey Burger. Okay the original plan was to go to Native Foods for a tempeh … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites–Amazing London Marathoner


Happy Friday! I ended up tweaking the Butterscotch Bars recipe and using fat free condensed milk  (not sweetened). They were still amazing and Ben LOVED them. I wasn’t as in love (because they don’t involve chocolate the #1 dessert requirement) so I packed them up and sent them with him to work. Also, since I work from home having baked good 3 feet away from me all day … [Read more...]