Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

I am a sucker. Big time. As soon as I see a commercial for something that catches my eye I MUST HAVE IT!

This week the Wendy’s commercials for their new side option – a sweet potato was the thing. So, when date night rolled around tonight I told Ben I wanted a Wendy’s Sweet potato and a Carl’s Jr. Turkey Burger.IMG 0833 800x600 thumb Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

Okay the original plan was to go to Native Foods for a tempeh burger, but I did the math and figured the calorie stats were similar and I really wanted a burger-y type meal.

So we stopped at Wendy’s for the baked sweet potato. It’s $2.49 and comes with brown sugar butter. Tip: ask for NO BUTTER. Even though it’s on the side it’s irresistible. If you taste it you will eat it. So good.IMG 0831 800x600 thumb Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

I don’t remember the last time I ate “fast food”, but I don’t have any food rules anymore so I’m pretty sure the sky isn’t going to fall based on this meal. The Carl’s Jr. Turkey Burger has 490 calories. You can read all their nutritional info here.IMG 0835 800x600 thumb Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

My date used to eat fast food all the time. He thought it was weird to see me there wlEmoticon smile13 Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

IMG 0829 800x600 thumb Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

He was a very bad influence and suggested dessert – THE WORLD’S BIGGEST OREO!!!IMG 0840 800x600 thumb Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

It’s like a dream.IMG 0842 800x600 thumb Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

Okay, it’s really a hand scooped Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich!IMG 0837 800x600 thumb Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

We shared the dessert and the fries for a more moderate meal wlEmoticon smile13 Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

IMG 0845 800x600 thumb Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

Then we hit up Costco for some healthy staples – it’s all about balance!IMG 0849 600x800 thumb Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

Like, how I balance all these veggies…IMG 0853 800x600 thumb Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

I spent a significant amount of time digging through the watermelon bin for the biggest one. IMG 0850 800x600 thumb Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

I love it so hard.IMG 0851 800x600 thumb Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

So many good eats on one date night. Love love love.IMG 0852 800x600 thumb Wendy’s Jr. Sweet Potato

Question: Thoughts on the Wendy’s Sweet Potato?

Favorite side to order with a burger or sandwich?


  1. says

    LOL. You are too funny with the watermelon. so glad strawberries and berries in general are back in season too.

    Don’t like Wendy’s. However my hubby and daughter do. So, It gives me a healthy option when I go there. And the Carl’s Turkey burger is good. As long as you tell them to lighten up on the sauce/spread they put on. I swear, if I don’t tell them… its like they dump the whole bottle of stuff on it.

  2. Floey says

    did they let you take your sweet tater into carl’s jr? i always feel weird if i take food from a different place into another haha

    • says

      I didn’t ask, but I’ve done this so many times before when I want different food from Ben. I’ve full on packed a lunch to eat at Costco when he wanted pizza one time…

  3. says

    I can’t even remember the last time I had fast food. But irony of irony is that I own a couple of shares of McDonald’s stock – it was an award in high school!

  4. Liz says

    I had the sweet potato the other night, but I definitely put the butter on it. It was tasty, but I am able to get ginormous sweet potatoes at my local market for 39 cents a pound and make them myself and control the butter/cinnamon I top them with.

  5. says

    I LOVE sweet potatoes but I don’t think it would send me running to Wendy’s for one.
    You reminded me that I need to fit a trip to Costco into the weekend.
    Sweet potato fries (add to Costco list) are a good side.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  6. Sable@SquatLikeALady says

    So, two things: 1. I fell off my chair when you commented on my post! I’ve been reading your blog (silently, I’m such a creep, sorry) for like two years. haha.

    2. My husband’s grandparents are (were? his grandmother just passed away 2 months ago but I still talk about her in the present tense. weird I know) THE biggest food snobs in the world. Like – horrible. They are SUPER picky about restaurants. So when we moved down here, my husband asked them about a good place for burgers…. his grandmother went on & on describing this great restaurant – “The people are so friendly and the burger is so juicy and perfectly cooked and the flavors are just wonderful” – and we were like, “Okay so where is it?!” and she goes “Wendy’s!!!!” It was super funny but it’s true – Wendy’s is the best fast food!!

  7. Ida says

    I didnt know about the sweet potato option at wendy’s. If I do fast food I want my potatoes in fried form only. I am a huge fan of pollo loco’s sweet potato fries!

  8. Aliaa says

    You just look so cute with your watermelon!!!!!
    Besitos de Maruecos (oh yes, you do have a Moroccan Reader!)

  9. says

    I did not know Wendy’s had baked sweet potatoes…good to know as I always like to have healthier options at fast food restaurants as you never know when others will out vote you :)

  10. says

    I am not sure what to think about a sweet potato at Wendy’s. I guess I will try most things once. I like to make sweet potaotes at home I really don’t think about that as an option when I go to a fast food place.
    Favorite side would have to be french fries. only thin cut ones though.

  11. Leslie says

    I’m glad to hear Wendy’s now offers sweet potatoes. I don’t frequent fast food places but as a vegetarian it give me another option while traveling. My go to travel stop for a quick meal is usually subway. Nice to have another option. I could make a meal of salad and potato. Love watermelon have not had one yet this year. Your pic has me craving one. Just told my son that all I wanted for mothers day is a watermelon. Ben is looking mighty slender these days.

  12. Sarah Williams says

    I am SO glad there is another human on earth who loves watermelon as much as me!!!!! I GO THROUGH ONE EVERY TWO DAYS IN THE SUMMER!! Even the 10 dollar crappy ones in the winter are worth my dollar. Thank you for making me feel A LITTLE less crazy today!;) Love the pics! haha

  13. says

    I just tried (and blogged about) Wendy’s sweet potato…it was okay. I think the commercial wowed me more than the taste. I’m not a fan of the cinnamon butter or the price. In the south, it’s $2.49 or something around that. I just bought a sweet potato for 30 cents! I prefer to make my own, know what I mean?!

  14. says

    I love sweet potatoes, I wish they’d have them readily available as a convenience food over here too. I do love baking them and dipping them in a ridiculous amount of BBQ sauce, well, maybe not so healthy this way…

    That amount of celery is insane! Haha.

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