I’m Trying


I haven’t been writing down my eats in my Fitbook (because I hate it), but when I do I realize I snack and snack and snack and snack. All fcking day. It’s a really bad habit that I formed years ago (just like night time eating) when I was at a place where I didn’t eat enough at meal times. At the time it was a way of “self care” on some level, but now it’s an unnecessary, … [Read more...]

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day


Happy Tuesday! Last night Ben couldn’t sleep and since our condo is the size of a shoe box (not even boots, like flats) that meant I couldn’t sleep either. I feel like he does this unconsciously before I go on a trip or have a race. We should discuss it (or I can just blog about it and breed resentment toward him). Oh, and to everyone who was so impressed with his dinner … [Read more...]