Untying Your Shoes

My quads are still unbelievably tight! What gives?!

I had a longer-ish run scheduled for today, but I feel like my quads are a super tight rubber band about to SNAP so I did 4.5 miles to shake it out and stretched when I got back.

I think it might be time to put my Garmin to sleep Sad smile During the relay one of the buttons collapsed in and I’ve been changing the screen by using the end of my shoe lace and sticking it in the hole.IMG_1378 (800x600)

So this morning I busted out my MotoActiv to use. I’m still learning it so we’ll see…IMG_1403 (800x600)

I had one lonely pita leftover from pita pizzas past so I used that for breakfast.

I slathered a layer of whipped cream cheese and topped it with 2 eggs and cheese.IMG_1394 (800x600)

Wait! Plus ketchup…IMG_1399 (800x600)

This was delicious, but I’m in a weird breakfast funk where I don’t know what I want, and no matter what I eat I feel unsatisfied. When I have something savory, I’ll crave something sweet after and vice versa – every morning. I think it’s more a psychological thing than physical since I hit all the nutrient bases. So I’ve got to fix my brain. Or my tongue.IMG_1401 (800x600)

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail from the Cinco de Mayo Half Marathon peeps. I somehow managed to win 3rd place in my age group and got a gift card to Dave & Busters and $1.00 off Cold Stone Creamery. I really need more than one dollar off ice cream the way I eat it though…IMG_1380 (800x600)

Sometimes I kick off my shoes without untying the laces, but I feel super guilty about it because my 7th grade teacher said that was bad. She said it stretches out the shoe! I never forgot that and try to get myself to untie them because of that lesson. Isn’t that a random thing to remember?

IMG_1406 (800x600)

Question: Is there any random life lesson a teacher told you that you still remember??

Do you untie your shoes before taking them off?


  1. says

    My second grade teacher taught us a song that I sang in my head as I read that question:
    Of all you learned here, remember this the best.
    Don’t hurt each other and clean up your mess.
    Take a nap everyday, wash before you eat.
    Hold hands, stick together, look before you cross the street.
    And remember the seed in the little paper cup.
    First the root grows down and then the plant grows up!

  2. jennifer says

    My 12th grade physics teacher taught me the phrase “lefty loosey, righty tighty”. It has come in handy all these years.

  3. says

    I still really love this race and winning things and getting mail, but for some reason Coldstone and In N Out (yes I got a free burger/fries coupon) don’t really scream “WAY TO GO, RUNNER! LOVE, A PUBLIC HEALTH COMPANY.”

    Maybe that’s just me, though.

  4. says

    My dad told me the same thing about untying your shoes before taking them off…so I always untie my shoes!

    I remember in middle school, our lady PE teacher got on a tangent about hip width so she measured all the girls hips and which every girl, she would make an “assessment” on ease of childbirth based of hip width. The girl in line in front of me had wider hips “great for child birth!” the PE teacher said while mine were more narrow “Not so good” It was so weird…even more so now!

  5. says

    I got the same advice from my 5th grade teacher! But, now I don’t untie them b/c my trainer said once I get them right, I should leave them alone. It hasn’t wrecked my shoes yet :)

  6. Leslie says

    I still remember being in 2nd grade, and on the way home, somebody pulled out in front of us and made us slam on the brakes. The lady driving the carpool said “I HATE people who do that!” then quickly rephrased it, “No, I don’t hate the person, I hate the action.” That has always stuck with me.

  7. says

    I love my MotoActv! My Hus and I both got one and he’s been using the golf app on it. I love that you can do indoor activities too, plus it’s so sleek looking. I’m sold on that guy.

  8. says

    I absolutely never untie. Who are these patient people that can untie their shoes before taking them off? They must have a lot to teach me!

  9. Ida says

    I untie. When I was a kid I liked to retie my shoes after taking them off b/c i thought they looked better with bows.

  10. says

    I’m definitely not a shoe-untier.

    Random # 1 – my 4th grade teacher (who knows why) told us to match foundation to your jawbone in the winter and to your collarbone in the summer. Not that I even wear foundation now…

    Random # 2 – My 2nd grade teacher taught us to spell encyclopedia by having us repeat it over and over. To this day I spell it out in my head with the exact same rhythm.

  11. says

    My mother told me it was illegal to drive barefoot because “there might be something sharp on the brake and then you’re dead.” There are a lot of times when my shoes are killing me and I want to kick them off before the commute home, but I just CAN’T. I’m 99% certain this isn’t true and I’m a lawyer and I guess I could check but it might ruin my entire childhood…

    • says

      Oddly, my mom had me first learn to drive barefoot because she thought I could feel the acceleration better. I’ve been breaking the law since I was 16 😉

  12. Karoline says

    I just bought new runners last week so I’ve been good at untying them. That will last for about..2 more weeks. Tops.

  13. says

    Congratulations on your win! I untie shoes too. Someone told me long ago that it was bad for your shoes, too. I had a class in third grade where we talked about airplanes and my teacher’s name was Mrs. Green. To remember that the green light was on the right wing, she had us memorize, “Mrs Green is always right.” Now, when I look up at a plane, I always look for the green light :)

  14. katharine says

    My mother told me that ‘all the women in Montreal wear hats’. It was so wierd, even when she said it 15 years ago. Now it’s just nuts. We tell the kids ‘don’t believe everything I say, parents say crazy things all the time’. They just look at us blankly but one day they’ll know we’re right. Oh, also from my Mom, did you know cats smother babies, maliciously. Apparently they can’t figure out how to judge the edge of the couch reliably but they can muster the intent to kill a baby. Nice.

  15. LiseyB says

    Since I’m like…a million years old..I can’t remember anything my teachers told me, but I do remember what my son’s kindergarden teacher told him. He was 4 then, almost 20 now…
    She told the class that when they wash their hands they should count for 60 seconds. Well, it takes a four year old about 3 minutes to count to sixty. Poor kid had these chapped little hands and when I asked him about them he told me he HAD to count every time!! I told him it was okay to count to 10…that took about a minute…:)

  16. says

    My 3rd grade teacher taught me to not pass gas – this isn’t a joke either. One day in class a kid broke wind and she questioned all of us on “whom done it, and if they did, they should go to the restroom” and then she walked around the room trying to figure out the guilty party! In the end I think she sent 6 boys to go use the bathroom but seriously that haunts my dreams haha

  17. says

    I recently went with one of my friends to get her first pair of running shoes. She kicked off her shoes with her feet and without untying them, and the guy said scolded her (humorously) for it! It really does damage the shoe!

  18. Christina says

    It sounds like you need to give your body a few days of rest. I have a hard time taking rest days because I LOVE the activities I do, but it’s necessary sometimes – especially to avoid injury. Would you rather take a few days off running or a few months?

    I’m too lazy to untie my shoes before taking them off :)

  19. says

    My 6th grade health teacher was on a mission to promote no smoking & focused on it heavily. This is a great message however it was discovered at the end of the year that she was a smoker & we all felt duped/betrayed. It was scandilous. That is the message I remember from a teacher, and I’m sure it stemmed from her wanting to prevent us from having to go through what she did quitting.

  20. Natalie says

    Our 7th Grade Health teacher told us that it was much more sanitary to flush public restrooms with your shoe rather than your hand. I still do that to this day!

  21. Angie says

    I’ve been in a breakfast funk too. Neither eggs or oatmeal sound good. I’ve had a pb&j the past 2 days!

  22. Daphne says

    I always wondered if pulling my feet out of my shoes was a bad thing. I guess so. I will now start untying my shoes. Thanks for giving me yet another thing to think about!! :-)

  23. Maiyan says

    Mr. Rogers taught me to get out of the bathtub before all of the water drains out so that I don’t get cold. I remember that until I heard him say that on the show, I would always stay in the tub until the last of the water drained. Never again!

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