Memorial Day Run not Race

A year ago today I ran the Laguna Hills Half Marathon and PR-ed that ish! I try not to put any pressure on myself for races because running isn’t easy for me. Some days I have good days, some days they’re bad. That day all the stars aligned and I felt great! I felt fast and I had a ton of energy!!

So, I am sad I didn’t run it today (especially because the start is less than 2 miles from my house!). But, I know this weekend’s back to back half marys are going to be super hard on my body. I decided to do the smart thing and skip a race down the street from me <—that took a lot of restraint.

This morning I set out for a tempo run. I tried a new route because things are getting boring and stagnant up in there. Instead of my normal route that is uphill-ish on the way out, I went the opposite way and went down the incline to start. 3 miles out, 3 miles back.

Since the first 3 where down-ish I kept a great pace. It was just more work to keep it like that on the way back.IMG 1533 800x600 thumb Memorial Day Run not Race

I was greeted by my house guests when I got back…IMG 1534 800x600 thumb Memorial Day Run not Race

And my neglected old friend… (who is going to get some action soon – stay tuned)IMG 1537 800x600 thumb Memorial Day Run not Race

Breakfast was the usual – 2 egg whites, 1 egg and AB&J toastIMG 1543 800x600 thumb Memorial Day Run not Race

Running and Eating in the News:

Man collapses near finish line of Ottowa Half Marathon. Luckily, a few spectators jumped in to help!

Ben and I are headed to a BBQ at my mom’s. I should probably throw together something to bring…vegetarian burgers Memorial Day Run not Race

Question: Working or playing today?


  1. says

    We went to a BBQ last night! It was fun and they even made me a veggie burger :) Nice friends! I ran in a 5K yesterday, the Rum Run in Tualatin Oregon, they gave us mojito’s at the end! Enjoy your BBQ today!

  2. Marcee says

    Sorta glad to you took a rest from the LHH Monica. I love when you girls get those medals (and other goodies) for accomplished races! More to follow no doubt. Can’t wait!

    Funny comic. (Make mine all-veggie please.)

    Cool blue bike. Usually my fave color.

    Today I am in a relaxin mode. Puttering …. reading emails, writing a bit and enjoying the laziness of the day.

    Cannot forget to mention lots of good eats! My contributions are oatmeal + peanut butter cookies ….. and ….. risotto w/chunks of squash and green peas.


    P.S. Think of our fallen heros …. all the folks that keep us protected and safe from the enemy.

  3. katharine says

    Someone went down at the end of the 5k too. Left my worrying about my 8yo until she finally crossed the line (in 38:00 she rocks!). I was soooo hot on Saturday.

  4. Karoline says

    I like that you’re always so honest to your readers. “Running isn’t easy for me”. I can relate to this – it’s not for me either, but the fun in it is seeing what I can do when I push myself and reach my goals (amoung other things such as cool gear, nice legs from the workout, clear mind, and general health benefits) ;) . It’s weird in that it’s not like “snowboarding is fun because it’s downhill in snow!!” but it’s a different kind of fun..

    • says

      I’m with you both. I was not built/born to be a runner. It is a constant struggle and I push and push myself to do it, and then get lapped by girls who never even train.
      However, I’m doing it and that makes me feel great.
      I love how honest you are about your running, eating, etc. makes me feel like I’m not the only one who has to push hard for this.

  5. says

    Working and playing! The best mix of both.
    Did my first double digit, 10 miler, since an injury. Woohoo. Trying to do the Runners World Summer Streak too.
    Now going to my parents house because according to my father, “Not grilling out on Memorial Day is un-American.”

  6. Geneviève says

    OttAwa* ;) (Canada’s capital and also where did grad school – ran this half last year, beautiful race!)

  7. says

    Playing–if you call a half marathon playing. :)

    My husband and I did our 12th half marathon in 12 months today, and it was the weirdest ever–race didn’t start where they posted, it was not chip timed, and there were maybe 50 people total doing a 5K, 10K, 10 mile, half, or full marathon all on the same course. Oh, and a triathlon as well! Um, yeah. Not one I’ll be doing again any time soon, but at least it was a pretty course, and hey, 12 in 12 isn’t shabby, even if we ARE slow.

  8. says

    I just blogged about the LH half today! I had to bow out due to injury – BOO! It’s literally a mile (if that!) from my house so it killed me. I’m all for a race where there is no traffic and I can use the bathroom at my house pre-race. I can walk out my door 30 minutes to race time and still have PLENTY of time to get ready. At least I got to watch my kids run it…

    I guess there’s always next year!

  9. says

    I find it so upsetting hearing about runners collapsing in races – it’s weird, but you feel this bond with the other runners you run with at races (just me?) I’m glad that the man in Ottawa was ok. A man collapsed at the relay race I ran this weekend – 500m from the finish line, and he wasn’t so lucky. It’s pretty devastating, especially in a running community as tight as where I run. There were only 1,200 runners in the relay and over the 24 hours you make friends with so many of them.

    It just seems so unfair – runners are mostly the healthiest people I know, for the most part we’re very conscious of what we put in our bodies, we exercise and stay fit… It doesn’t seem right when you hear about these things happening.

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