Training Journal Giveaway

This morning I snacked on a few of my mom’s apricots (from her tree!) and a Greek yogurt.IMG_1588 (800x600)

Lunch was an early bird special because my leftovers were calling my name – salad and sandwich. I topped the salad with my leftover chicken kabob from yesterday. The extra protein filled me up in the best way.IMG_1589 (800x600)

So, I still haven’t announced my new training goals / goal race for 2012. And I still can’t spill all the details of my plans (major stuff is pending and it’s not all in my hands yet). But I will say this… I signed up for the Santa Rosa Marathon a few weeks ago (!!). It is August 26th. That is not very far away!

Then, I got hit up about another marathon that shall remain nameless for now. Since I’m not a marathon girl, I’m re-examining whether or not I want to do SRM. I need a minute to think. But, if I do… I need to get on training NOW! That is only 12 weeks away (and most training plans are at least that much, often 16 weeks)!

Anyways, if you need some direction and accountability you shouldn’t read this blog…. you should keep a training journal.

The ladies behind Believe I am Training Journals sent me one because they must have realized I need to write down my goals (and get it together)! IMG_1595 (800x600)

I love that there is a place to re-examine how a race went!IMG_1596 (800x600)

IMG_1594 (800x600)

I have 2 training journals to give away! Want to win one?

Comment with one of your fitness goals OR your next race.

You can get one extra entry by running to my house to get the journal in person. 2 entries in you run here from Hawaii…

Open to US residents. Closes 5/30/12 at noon.


  1. Lindsey B says

    My next race is a 5k that I am aiming to just finish without walking. I’m more of a beginning runner but I think a journal is a great motivator.

  2. says

    My next race is my marathon in Oct. I’m tjinking of splitting training up with a half somewhere in there, but I’m super excited/nervous for my first full!

  3. Kirstin says

    Running the Fontana 1/2 on Saturday. Between OC and now, I’ve only gotten 2 miles in on a treadmill at the end of last week. It’s going to be a tough one.

  4. Meg says

    My goal is to complete the Runners World challenge to run at least 1 mile everyday Memorial Day to July 4th!

  5. libby says

    My goal is to get fast! I did speed work all winter but with the summer humidity I’ve lost all my speed. My new goal is to be summer fast!

  6. says

    my next big race is my first sprint triathlon in July (i have smaller races before then but that’s my goal race!) super nervous and excited!

  7. says

    That journal is so neat! My next big goal is get my endurance back!! I’m almost 11 weeks post partum am now finding ways to work out more since I’ve sleeping *a little* better. My husband and I are running a mud run in July and I have a 10 miler scheduled in October. I’ll probably have a half in October too!

  8. NG says

    I have run a few 5ks over the years, but never quite as quickly as I would like. So I decided to actually train this summer – but for a 10k! I’ve signed up for one in the winery region of northern Puget Sound, WA, and I am going to do a practice 5k in the middle of my training, on June 10 here in Seattle. I’m on week 3 of my training plan and having SO MUCH FUN! Thank you for all the motivation you’ve given me on this blog!

  9. krystal says

    My goal/race is to run a Half this year as well as step outside my comfort zone and try something new but challenging like Crossfit.

  10. Jessica says

    Next race isn’t until October for Nike Women’s Half. My goal this year is to finally feel strong when I lift weights at the gym.

  11. Blake says

    I am planning on running my first full marathon before the end of the year. This would be a great way to keep track!

  12. Mary Beth says

    My training plans are to rehab my IT band and get ready for my second half marathon on Sept 23!! I am hoping to get in under 2 hours:)

  13. Lynda says

    My 9-year old daughter has been watching me (and joining me!) try to be more active. She suggested to me that we do a 5K together sometime soon. A training journal would be a great tool for us, especially for her as she sets goals and reflects on her progress. We have a local Women’s Race the first weekend in October that we are planning to do.

    Love your blog! Sometimes it’s motivational, sometimes inspirational, but it always makes me smile. :)

  14. says

    My next race is on June 9th, its the “Take a Step For Our Heroes” 5K in Harmar, PA. I’m excited, it will be my second 5K to date!

  15. says

    My next race is the Wasatch Back Ragnar. My first relay. I loved reading your recent relay recap although I have to admit I’m a little more freaked out now! HAHA

  16. Megan S. says

    I just got engaged so I’m making it a point to map out my week of exercise so I don’t have any excuses!

  17. says

    That journal is adorable! I can’t win one but will play anyway!
    My next race is Ironman Canada at the end of August.
    I’m itching to hear your plans. I’m thinking they have to do with triathlon!

  18. Laura says

    On june 9th I’m running a 5k to cheer on a friend in Munster,IN and then running the 10k since I need to run 9 miles that day anyway for half marathon training.

  19. Courtney says

    Oooh! This is great, I definitely need something like that. My goal race is the Great Race in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s a 5k and a 10k, but I am determined to do the 10k distance and push myself, because I tend to slack once I get that 3.1 in. Go go go go!

  20. says

    Me me!
    Next race I’m running is the Long Beach Half Marathon (your favorite distance – do I get bonus points?) on October 7th! =)

  21. Dayna says

    My next race is the Sound to Narrows 12k in Tacoma, WA. I’ve run this race the past 4 years in a row and every year I PR, so I’m hoping to to do it again this year!! :)

  22. Alexis says

    I’ll be running the Nike Women’s 1/2 in October with my Sister! This is her first race ever and she would love one of these!

  23. Genny says

    My next race is the Tap and Run in Indianapolis. It’s 2.5 miles with 4 pitstops for beer and a bottle opener medal at the finish. It’s a light race because my girlfriend and I who are doing a race every month this year did our first half in May. We wanted something fun and playful for our June race.

  24. Suzi says

    My next race is Long Beach 1/2 Marathon in October. My training goal is to PR at the race. I would love one of these Training Journals. I work close to where you live so I could easily run over to pick it up. HA!

  25. Sarah says

    I want one! My next race is a 5k trail run up on a mountain followed by an outdoor music festival. I’m running so I can get free admission to the festival 😉

  26. Lindsey says

    Not sure if I told you this, but I also read Anne from fannetasticfood so it was crazy to see y’all do that relay togethr! Anyway, my next goal is a very sprint triathlon. Swimming is going to be tough but it’s in a pool so I feel ok about it! Yay giveaways!

  27. says

    My goal is the Hartford Half Marathon in October, and then possibly a winter full marathon! I’m just coming back from a running hiatus and I’m so excited to get back into it :)

  28. Hannah M. says

    My next race is a 4 miler at night! We get to run over 2 bridges. The only drawback is that it is HOT here in North Carolina–even at night. So, I’ll be the red-faced runner!

  29. Shreya says

    My next race that I’m training for is the austin 70.3.
    Incidentally it is the same day as the Marine Corps marathon. I might defer that to next year.

  30. says

    I just ran another marathon and now I am taking a break to build up a strong base through strength training. I would like to do an 8 hour mountain bike race next September.

  31. Michelle says

    My fitness goal right now is to run a 5k race. I don’t have one picked out, but I’m getting there!

  32. Erin says

    My husband and I are running our first quarter marathon on June 23! I’ve been a 5k girl until now so I’m kinda freaked out!!!

  33. Randi says

    My big scary fitness goal is a half Ironman at the end of September! Naturally, my next race is a sprint triathlon at the end of June.

  34. Lisa says

    I have been running for about a year and I really love it. But… I have yet to sign up for even a 5k yet. I really do want to but lack some confidence in myself. So my goal would definitely be to SIGN UP for a race. Love your blog!!

  35. Heather says

    My next fitness goal is to run a half marathon with zero pain. I am
    Recovering from a left hip stress fracture and am
    Waiting to be cleared to run again. For me, the best I can hope for is for my next longer ish race to be pain free!

  36. Caity says

    I’d love to actually finish the C25K program. I got up to week 7, got sick, and now I’m going to start back over. Having a journal might help. :)

  37. Krista says

    My next fitness goal is to BQ at the Dallas Marathon in December! Good luck on your 2 races this weekend! :)

  38. Jennifer says

    My next race is the Virginia wine country half marathon this Saturday. Good luck on your two (!) half marathons this weekend!

  39. Denise P. says

    I’m currently training for a tough women’s only trail half marathon in Temecula on June 23. (And I have another half the weekend after – I’m a sucker for a deal and it was only $17!)

  40. elizabeth reisner says

    I am training for Chicago’s Hot Chocolate 15k. Its no marry, but it will be my longest distance. After that will be a half, but that wont be until May 2013.

  41. Emily says

    Now that all of my scheduled races are complete, my fitness goal is to develop a workout routine that I actually ENJOY, not one that I do because a race is on the horizon. So far it consists of swimming, cycling, and weight training. I need to add yoga, stat.

  42. ina says

    My fitness goal is to run 15-25 miles a week with one/two yoga cross train days to balance it all out! If you saw how I recorded this (think free word printable monthly calendar and thick black sharpie mixed in with appts, notes, etc you’d really understand why I need this journal! :-)

  43. Anais says

    My next race is on June 9, a sprint duathlon in Naples. My fitness goal is to qualify for Boston before I’m 26 (I just turned 24)!

  44. says

    Next race is a local 1/2 mary, which I am nervous for because living in Ohio we don’t have many hills, and of course the race I sign up for has MAJORS hill, but I am looking forward to the challenge!

  45. Kelly says

    Pending no injury, my goal is to the Maineiacs half marathon on Sept 23, 2012. I just want to finish will be my longest run ever.

  46. says

    I have a lifelong (or as-long-as-my-body-holds-up) goal of running at least two marathons/year: one in the spring & one in the fall, though I’m not signed up for a fall full YET…

  47. Amanda W says

    My goal is modest as I’m still getting myself out of pitifully bad shape. I work at it every day, but definitely by November I’ll be at least 5k ready to run the Color Run in Orlando. I hope to be ready well before then, though!

  48. Ashley says

    I HOPE my next race will be the Philadelphia Half Marathon. I am recovering from achilles tendonitis, but I hope to be back pounding the pavement in another week or so.

  49. Kristie says

    My next race is an 18k trail run on Saturday! I’m prepared for the distance, but not the trail part – it’s going to be hilly. At least it’ll be nice scenery though :).

  50. says

    I just finished my goal – I ran my first marathon on Sunday! My next goals are to get certified as a personal trainer and increase my strength training. :)

  51. says

    My fitness goal may not sound like much, but it’s easier said than done. I want to keep working out 4-5 days a week for the rest of my pregnancy and keep weight gain in a healthy range.

  52. Anje says

    I just did my second half marathon a few weeks ago, and ended up with hip bursitis. I decided I’m going to take it easy this summer and work on speed, not distance. My new moto is “Run shorter and faster!”.

  53. Hillary says

    Goal: to run a half in less than 2 hours
    Next race: the British 10k London in July (my friends think I’m crazy for racing while on vacation)!

  54. Marija says

    Just signed up for a firecracker 5k on July 3rd..pretty excited, it’s a night race with live music throughout and fireworks at the end!

  55. says

    You seriously amaze me girl! We were actually talking about you this weekend (in a good way) when I had lunch with Tina and Ali and saying how you are some kind of wonderful. :)

    Love the journal! My next fitness goal is another 1/2. I’ve slacked on the races last year but I’m back this year and ready for more!

  56. Makenna says

    This would be so great–I really want to run my first 1/2 marathon, but I need to build up the confidence in myself first!

  57. says

    I’m running my first marathon in October. Between that time I’m getting into trail running, which is turning out to be a whole different ball game (but a fun one!)

  58. Megan says

    Mu next race is a Mary in Duluth Minnesota (Grandmas) and I’m not ready! Oh ya it’s June 16!!

  59. Leigh says

    My fitness goals are to go to yoga once a week and do strength training twice a week (in addition to cardio).

  60. says

    My next race is a 10k in Boston in June. I have not been running as consistently as I would have hoped, but I’m doing the Summer Running Streak so I hope that helps me get into shape!

  61. HeatherDee says

    I am running the Air Force Half Marathon in September in Ohio. I need to ramp up my game to run with the hottie pilots, and this journal could definitely help! :)

  62. says

    Love the journal. I’d like to take some (a lot) of time off my half marathon time. My next one isn’t until Nov. 18.

  63. Laura says

    My new goal is to work out 3 times a week….so far I’m doing pretty good! =] In addition to that, I’m watching what I am eating….and smacking and eating a lot of crap is also hard. I’m writing everything down helps tho =]

  64. says

    I’m totally running the Santa Rosa Marathon too! Well im actually doing the 1/2. So cool! Maybe I will get to meet you! Fitness goals include drinking less alcohol, and running faster. Cheers!

  65. Tricia says

    My next race is the Zooma 10k in Annapolis on Saturday. It’s blazing hot here, and I’m glad I didn’t sign up for the half!

  66. Caitlin B says

    I’m getting all cray cray and thinking I’m going to run another marathon. Memory has failed me on how awful my first one was. Like I said: cray cray.

  67. Amanda says

    My next fitness goal is to complete my first marathon in Chicago in the fall!! My “official” training starts soon and so this training log would be perfect!

  68. Rachel A. says

    I’m planning to run my 1st half marathon in October. I’m a new runner and 13 miles kinda scares me ; )

  69. Carmen says

    I am running a half marathon this year! YIKES! The most I have ever ran was a 10K but I am ready for it!! Next-I will be ready to run to your house for giveaways!!!

  70. says

    My goal by the end of the summer is to run 3 miles in 27 minutes (currently it is 30 minutes). I also want to be able to do 25 normal push-ups…not girl ones!

  71. Denise says

    My current goal is to meet the ARMY FITNESS Green Beret Basic PT requirements (at 42) by Jun 30…. Run 2 miles 14 mins, 100 sit ups in 2 min 100 pushups in 2 mins.

    Once I knock that out I am going for Navy Seal PT requirements of
    500 yd swim 12 1/2 mins (10 min rest )
    42 push up 2 mins
    50 sit up in 2 min
    6 full pull ups ( no time limit)
    (10 min rest)
    Then run 1 1/2 miles in long pants and boots in 11 1/2 minutes

    I want to do the Seal challenge by my birthday Aug 2 …

    The fitness journal could help me get there!!!!!

  72. Becky Przy says

    My fitness goal is to strength train 2x/week. I am good on cardio, but don’t seem to schedule in strenth training as much as I would like/should/could.

  73. Connie says

    Running a 5k a month – so far did 4/28, 5/19 and next is 6/23 – plus walking/running min 4 days a week – (I think I can I think I can)

  74. Erika says

    My next race is the Rock N Roll Half-Marathon in Providence, RI… and those journals look awesome!

  75. Daphne says

    I want that journal! I want anything free and that will help further my training!! I sooo look forward to running to your house to pick it up! Thanks… :-)

  76. says

    My fitness goal is to first let my foot continue healing from my stress fracture and listen to it when it hurts. I then plan to build in strength and running so that in a year and a half I can run my hometown’s 50K.

    In the meantime it’s swimming, yoga, strength training, biking, and very little running.

  77. Laura says

    My goal is to complete the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak! And the streak will finish on July 4th with my next race–a 10k. So excited!

  78. says

    This journal looks amazing! I recently ran the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon and learned A LOT about myself, my goals, and racing. If only I had a journal to write it all down…My ultimate goal for this year is the St. Jude Marathon. I…must…pray…for…strength!

  79. says

    Are those the journals by Lauren Fleshman? I heard that they are great! My next race is a marathon for my birthday on June 17th. I am running it purely for fun. It will be my 4th marathon in 365 days!

  80. says

    One of my fitness goals is to run a 10K. While I LOVE to workout, strength training is my forte, running is an area I want to push myself in. This journal would be a great motivation 😉

  81. Larkin says

    My next race is the Marine Corps Marathon in the fall (although probably a few 5ks between now and then!). It will be my first marathon!

  82. Nicole says

    My goal right now is to include weight lifting into my workouts. I love running but have a hard time getting in to the gym to lift weights.

  83. Michelle says

    My goal is to get my mileage per week to over 25! I am going to run the rock and roll half for las Vegas in December!!

  84. heatherfeather says

    that’s so inspiring Monica!!! I want to do a 10k….i’m moving up on race distances sllllooooooooooowwwly and I like it like that! :) I’m more of a weights girl but I think this journal would get me on track to increase my distance

  85. missy says

    My fitness goal is to work out at least 5 days a week and to continue running. I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and hope to run through out the entire prenancy, we’ll see how that goes!
    I’m not signed up for any races right now, but just heard of a flat race on June 16 and hope to sign up for it soon!

  86. Jamie says

    I think my goal will stand out. I want to recover from my stress fracture in time to run the Rock and Rock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach on Sept.2. I developed the fracture training for the Nashville Half in April. My goal is to really rest (so hard!) so that I am ready to run at the end of June.

    • Angie says

      My fitness goal is to attend Bootcamp class twice a week for the next month and by the end of it, not be sore…ok, how about not AS sore as I have been after the class! My next race is July 21 in Sandpoint, Idaho and it will be my FIRST trail run. Can’t wait!

      • Angie says

        Sorry! I posted in the wrong spot because I was going to say that I am an Angie Mae as well! Whoops!

  87. Karoline says

    Ok I KNOW I’m a Canadian resident and technically can’t enter this BUT I go to washington, mainly Portland Oregon, Seattle, and Bellingham a lot, and my aunt and uncle live in Portland so you can mail it to them If it’s a postage issue! My next race (and first half!) is the SeeWheeze half marathon here where I live in Vamcouver B.C in August! Please let me win I’ll read your blog forever muahaha

  88. emily b says

    my goal is to stay injury-free over the summer so that i can run the harrisburg half marathon again in september! and not to die of heat exhaustion on my training runs, of course.

  89. Lindsey says

    I would love to have a training journal to record my race times and goals in. I am running a local 10K here in my hometown in upstate NY next weekend to benefit the local police department.

  90. Cari says

    my next race is a 4 mile trail race on june 16! i’m excited– i’ve never done a trail race before!

  91. Lauren says

    These journals are super cute! I just started running in March! I am scheduled for a race every month til Nov. THEN I will be doing my first half In Disney to raise money for Jackson Gabriel Silver Foundation FIND A CURE / END EB. I keep thinking I should start tracking my training, this journal would be perfect!

  92. adria biasi says

    I want one! I just the couer dalene Idaho marathon on Sunday and am.doing another on fourth of july in sauvie island. I’m moving down to cali in august can’t wait to do races there!

  93. maggie says

    I’m doing the colored run this weekend, the warrior dash in 2 weeks, and the rock n roll chicago half marathon in july! All after coming back from a hip stress fracutred that side lined my junior year track season

  94. Angie says

    My fitness goal is to attend Bootcamp class twice a week for the next month and by the end of it, not be sore…ok, how about not AS sore as I have been after the class! My next race is July 21 in Sandpoint, Idaho and it will be my FIRST trail run. Can’t wait!

  95. Sarah says

    My current fitness goal is to start running. I’ve lost 56 pounds since July 2011. I’m finally at a place that I feel like I can start a program like Couch to 5 K. I really want to enter a 5K, then a 10K, and my dream is a half marathon!!!

  96. Brittany says

    My next run is June 9th, it’s called the Herron Half. It’s a trail run in Montana and should be nice and HILLY!

  97. Desirae says

    I’m a brand new runner (April). I originally signed up for a 10K on September 16th, so my goal was/IS to train for that and be able to run the entire 6.2 without walking. But then I added a 5k on June 9th. My goal for the 5k is to run the whole thing in under 28 minutes. And TODAY I decided that I will register for the Mountain Raid Challenge (in ME) which takes place on October 7th (and is 5 days before my 40th birthday). My goal for THAT is to finish alive.

    I NEED a journal so I can keep track of all of this stuff. I have a feeling I’m not done adding races to this year, yet…

  98. says

    That journal would help me for my summer training and marathon training next fall. My fitness goal is to stay trained through the summer so I can train for my first marathon. I live in the desert and you cannot train long distance in the summer (or at least I can’t).

  99. Ashley says

    Looking forward to running my first half in October! A running journal would be nice to track my training!!

  100. says

    My next race is technically the SF Marathon this July, but I’m recovering from a double stress fracture that I got in March, so really the next one I’ll be able to run is the Ragnar Relay Napa Valley this September! It’s ridiculous how excited I am to be cleared to do 15mins on the elliptical this week!

  101. Melissa says

    I have many small races & goals planned for this year, but my main objective is to run my 2nd 12 hour run this October. A little crazy- at least that’s what my friends say, but it was fun!

  102. Dana Joost says

    My next big race is Americas Finest City Half in San Diego. I live in AZ and we have to travel to race in the summer. I signed up for a marathon in March called the Phoenix Marathon, pretty original name. It will be my first mararthon.

  103. Brandee says

    I have two races coming up. The first one is in August and it is Subway Get Fit 10K Run and then in Sept it is Kroll’s Marathon, which I am going to do the 5K. I am doing these two races to improve my time and to release stress from life. I have come to enjoy me time and look forward to it daily.

  104. Jamie says

    My next planned race isn’t until the fall…lame I know! I recently PR’d in a 5k (by major minutes!) so I’m thinking I want to see if I can get my 5k time down even more over the summer (8 min/miles I’m looking at you). But I do plan to start training this summer for my 6th & 7th halves the MO Cowbell 1/2 in October (10/7) and the KC 1/2 two weeks later (10/20).

  105. says

    Running doesn’t come easy for me, but I really enjoy it and am looking forward to running my second 5K on July 4th in Coronado! I would love to have a journal to record my progress and help with the “motivation” factor!!

  106. Laura says

    Just ran my 3rd half marathon last weekend while also training for my century (100mile) cycle road ride this coming weekend. I am training for a 6 day bicycle tour in June and triathlons in July. So time to get swimming and also incorporating weight training back into my routine. I love training for lots of different things, keeps me motiviated and happy!!! Can’t wait to hear what the rest of your racing plans are for the summer!

  107. Angela says

    I’m recently coming off of 2 years (!) of injury, and looking forward to running my first real “race.” I know I most likely will NOT pr, but I just want to run hard and fast!

  108. Erin says

    My goal is to start a routine. I used to play volleyball and run all the time. I have falling out of the routine and this journal would keep me on track.

  109. Rachael J. says

    I actually just did my first 5k yesterday! Then in July I’m doing a 4 mile race and The Color Run. I’m also currently looking for a half marathon to do :)

  110. says

    I wasn’t supposed to do another marathon til the Nike women’s marathon in October but my husband surprised me with a free entry into a marathon in less then 2 weeks. I will be his pacer for his first marathon, I’m so excited!

  111. Tiffany G. says

    Hi. I am a new reader of your blog :) I’m new to running, I’m currently doing c25k. I’m going to run a 5k in July. The Color Me Rad 5k, it looks so fun 😀

  112. Erin says

    2 (short) races this week: 5K on Thurs and 4 mi on Sun. love to keep it short and sweet in the summer so i dont die of heat

  113. Morgan says

    My goal is to finally run a 5K. I have walked a couple 5Ks, but I would love to run one all the way through. I started a couch to 5k program a few weeks ago and am excited about the changes I’v seen in my endurance and overall health!

  114. says

    My current goal is to hike 10 miles, which I will be doing this next weekend on my very first overnight backpacking trip. WAHOO! I’m really excited. I have a whole bucket list of fitness things I’d like to try, too. I also plan to walk a 10k before the summer is over, I’m just trying to figure out which one! :) P.S. I love your blog!

  115. Stephanie says

    I’m not currently signed up for any races because I’m likely moving soon… but if/when I finally land somewhere more permanent, I’m going to sign up for a 10k first thing and I want set myself up now to make sure I can do the distance for my first race!

  116. Pam Moulton says

    I’m 52 and just started running 2 years ago. I would like to eventually run a half marathon. My next race is the Pride 5K in honor of my nephew.

  117. Alicia Wynn says

    I had surgery 4-1/2 weeks ago, so my short-term goal is to get on the treadmill tonight and walk a 5K! My long-term goal is to run the Really Big, Really Free Half Marathon in Vegas in November in under 2-1/2 hours.

  118. Charlotte says

    I want to get back to running at least 8 miles, hopefully sub- 8 min/mile again. I stopped running once life got hectic and want to get my fitness back on track!

  119. says

    The journals look really cute. Right now I’m just working on finding the fitness plan that works for me – I used to run all the time, but now I am doing occasional running with lots of yoga and pilates and some swimming. I think that works better for me. So my goal is to just keep moving along. And to make good use of the Y, which I joined for the summer since it gets too hot to do a ton of outdoor running and walking.

  120. says

    I just finished my first HM last weekend! My goal for now is to lose these last 5lbs and get faster. My next “race” is July 19, for a cherry festival, but I’m running for fun with my best friend. I may try to find a 5k to do before then.

  121. says

    My goal for the summer is to get back on my bike! I bike at the gym and in spin class but haven’t been on my road bike in over a decade. eek!

  122. Kellie says

    I am doing the Long Beach marathon in October. It is my first full and I am excited. I also get an extra entry because I live in Costa Mesa and we can meet a back bay for a run and I can pick up the journal.

  123. Charlotte says

    One of my goals is to run a 55 minute 10k. It has been my goal for awhile but missed it by two minutes in my last 10k. I’m training extra hard so I can beat it in my next 10k.

  124. says

    I have been living in denial about the pounds that I have crept back on since I stopped breast feeding about 6 months ago… so I am all about getting rid of those.

    Oh, and I am going to complete my first full marathon before the year is over!

  125. says

    I would say go for Santa Rosa – you don’t really need 16 weeks since you’ve a base and have been running regularly. Next race? 10k.

  126. samantha says

    My goal is to run a sub 4:30 marathon. I’m training for my 4th marathon now and my 3rd NWM in San Fran … BTW your blog is awesome and thanks for the inspiration and random events =)

  127. says

    My next “race” is the Spartan Race in September… its more like a 13 mile up-hill bootcamp which I’m a little nervous about but I’m just doing it for fun!

  128. Melissa says

    My current goal is to get back into swimming and complete a sprint tri. Also, my next race is a 150 mile bike ride starting in Boston and ending in Provincetown on Cape Cod. It’s 2 days and I am super nervous for it! As for running, my next planned race is a fun one called Color Me Rad. A bunch of friends and I are running it together for run, no clock or anything. I’m excited!

  129. says

    I signed up a couple of weeks ago for my first Century Ride because my friend wanted a buddy. At the time I didn’t have a road bike or a training program. Now that I have both it would be great to have a journal to track the journey. :)

  130. says

    Your salad with leftover kabobs looks so yummy… I think I’m hungry for some grilled chicken.

    My fitness goals are to lose these last five pounds and tone up. I’m seriously contemplating doing a 5k (I’m not a walker or runner, so this is a HUGE deal for me), so that may be coming up soon.

  131. Stephanie says

    My fitness goal is to run a sub-30 minute 5K. I have to shave off just over 2 and a half minutes from my current time so hopefully that’s doable.

  132. Regan says

    My current goal is to beat my Half Marathon PR of 1:45 and build strength. So this would perfect to gauge my running and strength routine…I need to be better about logging everything this is the perfect tool :)

  133. Marcy says

    Next major race that I’m going to start training for is…drum roll…

    Reach the Beach NH in September

    Totally can’t wait, although you have uped my anxiety level about the night runs…ugh…

    ~Marcy :)

  134. says

    I *think* my next race goal is the Baltimore 10 miler which is in 3 weeks. I did it last year but wasn’t fully prepared and had to walk a lot due to a side cramp and the crazy hills! This year my mileage is moe than it was last year so I’m considering going for it and proving to myself that I CAN do it!!

  135. Christina says

    Just started training for my second marathon….and my third! I’m doing back to back marathons this year and I could really use a training journal to stay on track!

  136. Lisa says

    I’m running the Seattle R&R marathon with my brother next month. It’s his first race over a 5K and I can’t wait to share it with him!

  137. rachel says

    I recently set some major goals for the Bozeman triathlon. I created a spreadsheet with all my old race times and my goal times. I really want to shave a few minutes off my 5k time this year.

  138. Dana B. says

    I am relatively new to running. I began a year ago and am now in a routine of regularly running 5Ks thanks to the Couch to 5K program. I’ve added strength training to my running schedule and am now gearing up for my first 10K in September. I’m learning everything I can about running and would love to run a marathon someday! I’ve always struggled with weight loss and fitness despite always being an athlete. Running is my new challenge and I’ve learned that I really enjoy it – as a lifestyle. Reading your blog certainly helps too! Have an awesome day! :-)

  139. says

    I have three races on my radar: Komen Race for the Cure in St. Louis is June 23 (I am running my 4th as a SURVIVOR!), the Sunshine Run 10K in Springfield, MO in October, and the St. Jude Memphis 1/2 Marathon in Memphis on Dec. 1!!

  140. abby r says

    recently, i just ran my first 1/2 marathon so i am on a bit of a lull when it comes to races but it would be great to still have a journal to keep me accountable. i am hoping to complete a 5k under 30 minutes so as soon as i find a race i might just try!

  141. Patty Fischer says

    I’m currently training for my 2nd marathon, R’n’R St. Louis! It’s been 2 years since I’ve done a marathon, and I plan to train much more throroughly this time than the first time. Hoping to PR by an HOUR! Yeah!

  142. Amy says

    My fitness goal this year is to focus on health and to learn to love running again. I ran too much and trained too much last year. I need to relearn the joy of just getting out there and going, not watching my time/pace and constantly worrying about that. But instead, be healthy, love health, live with joy!

  143. sara says

    I am so excited that just last night I met a big goal! I am 3weeks out from running a 7mi relay route in our local marathon. I am the finisher for our team. I have never run that far until last night. Now I feel more comfortable with the upcoming race even though I will be running close to noon in high heat. Any tips for running in sun and heat? I usually run in the evenings. The sun kills me.

  144. Patricia says

    I’ve had quite a difficult pregnancy so far and have had to give up my exercise routine and go on bed rest. Looking forward to getting back into a routine but I have no clue how that will work with a new baby. Having a workout journal would definitely help me achieve my goal of finally running a half marathon in 2013.

  145. Emily says

    My next race is the YMCA Half Marathon in Evansville, IN. I’m hoping to PR by beating a time of 1:59:40!

  146. Michelle says

    I’ve been contemplating one of these for so long! I’m a big picky bars fan and pretty much have a girl crush on LF. My next big goal is to CRUSH my half marathon PR at my next one in July!

  147. Jill says

    I just finished 2 half-marathons this spring. My fitness goals for the summer is to focus on cross-training & strength training, to give myself a break from running.

  148. says

    Wow! There are some great goals here! My goal for this year is to do a sprint triathlon. Running has always been my strong sport, but I want to challenge myself beyond my limits… Yay for swimming and biking. :)))

  149. says

    My next race is Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN. It’s supposed to be a beautiful area, and Kara Goucher is originally from there (she’s running the half!), so it will be a great race. I’m running two marathons 20 days apart this spring, and that’s my last one for a few months :)

  150. TiffanyS says

    I have a mini tri this weekend, and a super fun 5K adventure race next weekend. But, my next ‘running’ race is the Great River Ragnar relay in August. Beyond that I’m running my second half marathon in October, and last year I had bursitis in my knee. So, my goal is to train smarter not harder, listen to my body, do more cross training and less running, and hopefully shave off a half hour from my time due to the pain I had last year. I was just happy to complete the race last year. I try to keep a training spreadsheet, but I prefer to write things down and carry it with me. I don’t carry my computer with me. I can’t wait to hear your news!

  151. Margaret says

    My next running goal is the Freedom’s Run marathon in WVA in October. This will be state #6 (marathon #7) in my quest for 50 states!

  152. Jen says

    My next race is a 5k at my alumni weekend at the University of Delaware this Saturday. My long term goal is the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Feb.

  153. Nikki says

    I have a few ideas for races this year but am playing it by ear at this point. I ran a half a couple weeks ago and missed my goal by 1 minute, so I need to beat that!

  154. says

    My fitness goal is to maintain my bikini bod for the summer! I like to adopt a general program for about 6-8 weeks then tweak it by mixing up my strength, cardio, and yoga sessions each week. Being able to track everything would be amazing!

  155. Nicole S says

    I am running a Tough Mudder in July, so my goal is to finish and at least attempt all of the obstacles and not get hurt :)

  156. says

    HA! love this. My next race is a 12 mile trail race (first trail race ever) this Saturday. My goal is to finish in one piece 😛

  157. says

    One fitness goal is to keep up with my work outs! I moved farther away from my gym and work, so I have less time to work out. I’m making it a goal for the next month to try out different at-home workouts, whether it’s running or a full body circuit.

  158. Jen S. says

    My next race is a half marathon in Saratoga Springs, NY in September. It will be my first race since running the NYC Marathon last Novemeber and I’m a little nervous to get back out there in a race setting. But my goal is to PR (2:25 or less!).

  159. Barbara says

    I have been working on building up to running a half hour non-stop (C25K). I read your blog for running inspiration! My goals are to complete a 5K, then once I do that, run a 10K, then after that ?? . A training journal would be great to have!

  160. Tracy says

    My next race is this Saturday. A 10K to open the new Terminal #3 at the McCarron International Airport in Las Vegas. I live here and am excited to run this because it will never happen again plus it begins and ends in the parking garage. Brilliant! I am working my way to another half this year. My first one was on my 50th birthday running the Red Rocks half in March. Nothing like a lot of hills to get the next 50 years going!

    • Denise P. says

      Very cool! I got to run a 5k on a freeway here in So Cal before it opened and I still think of it all these years later whenever I drive on it. I was one of only a few hundred people who got to run (legally) on this freeway.

  161. Stephanie N says

    My next races are RNR Chicago Half, Omaha Full (my first.. eeeek) and Des Moines Half! Can’t wait!!

  162. Denise P. says

    And yes, I qualify for the bonus entry. You are only about 50 miles away – so give me a couple of friends and a van and we can be there in like 12 hours.

  163. Sarah says

    I just ran my first half marathon on Sunday! My next race is a 10K at the end of June and I want to break an hour!

  164. says

    I’m just starting to train for two half marathons this fall. I completed my first almost exactly a year ago and then fell off the training wagon – if only I’d had a training journal :) My next race is a 5K in two weekends (I’m about 20% ready for it) and I have ten others planned throughout the next 5 months. I’m so excited to get back on the running wagon!

  165. AnnaGrace Strange says

    I am trying to decide what my next race will be. So right now, I am just maintaining a base mileage. One of my dream races, however, is the Vienna marathon in Vienna, Austria. So, I suppose you could say, that I am always in training for that. :)

  166. Courtney says

    My training goal is to continue to run for the rest of my pregnancy (12 more weeks!) and then to lose the baby weight and run the White Rock half mary in December (we live in Dallas)!

  167. Jennifer V. says

    I just finished a half marathon on May 20th where I shaved 44 minutes off of my previous time. My next goal is to run another half in the Fall and shave another 10 minutes off. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  168. says

    My next race is the Mountain Masochist Trail Run – a 50 miler in VA in November! Official training (18 wks out) starts July 1st!

  169. Karla F says

    I am running my first EVER marathon in November!! This journal sounds like it would be a big help in getting there :-)

  170. Heather C says

    My current goal is to run the Indy Mini next year. I currently run at least one 5k each month, but I am about to start training for that 13.1! I am so excited, and scared. This would be perfect. Thanks so much for the chance!

  171. Sarah Sloterdijk says

    My next fitness goal is to strength train more and run the Chevron Aramco Half Marathon in Houston. Hopefully I will get picked!

  172. ErinVH says

    My next race is the Hospital Hill 10K in KC this weekend. The goal is to finish without having a heatstroke! My friend is trying to talk me into a half marathon this fall but I will have to see how the ol’ knees hold up in this shorter race first.

  173. Emily says

    Hey Hey! I read your blog daily, yours and SR’s! I love you guys! Well, I just started training this week for my very first marathon, the Disney Marathon in Orlando January of next year. We are using a 30 week schedule and giving ourselves a few weeks cushion. I would love to use a training journal!! Wish us luck :)

  174. says

    My fitness goal is to run 3 miles without walking by the end of June. My next race goal is to run/walk a half marathon in October (the Athens Half, which is like a local Rock N Roll Half Marathon – it supports the AthFest music festival, and the musicians play throughout the course!).

  175. says

    Oh wow I would love one of these journals! My next race is a local half called It’s About the Shirt. This is a new race and I’m helping train some ladies to run their first half with this race. My next big one is the Walt Disney World Marathon in January!! So excited about that one!!!

  176. Jennifer @ Healthy Wifestyles says

    I’ll be cycling in a 50 mile bike race this Sunday, but I am hoping to start training to run the Disney Half Marathon in January!

  177. Danielle says

    I am just starting to train for my first marathon in October! A training journal would be incredible to have. :)

  178. Shannon A. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for about a year or so and I’m running my first 5K this Sunday! To stay motivated, I signed up for a 10K in November (Mermaid Run in SF). Thanks!

  179. Krystina says

    I injured my IT band in March/April after a half and then a 10 miler 2 weeks later. So I have been concentrating on more weight training and other forms of cardio. My goal is to continue to weight train (I love the results I’m seeing), while slowly increasing my running mileage as well, since I am pain free now.

  180. Meghann says

    My running goal is to run my first marathon in October. I tried last year but injured my foot so now I’m back in the game! It’s tough training by yourself so it would be great to have a journal to keep accountability!

  181. says

    my next race is boston in april!! i trained for it this yr but deferred to next since it was hot as hell and im preggo hah bummer. but next year it’ll be awesome!

  182. Beth U. says

    My next race is this coming Sunday, the Ojai to Ocean Marathon. I’m hoping to qualify for Boston!

  183. alicia says

    My goal is to get back into a cross training routine for days when I am not running. I need some muscles!

  184. Jamie says

    Currently Im doing Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. My goal is to complete the 12 weeks. Right now Im on week 4…so far so good.

    ANother goal of mine is to start tracking calories in. I believe my coffee creamer is doing me more harm than good.

  185. Mary Jo says

    Monica – First of all I LOVE your blog. I found you thru SR and I enjoy your mini vidos also. I actually just completed the Cinco de Miler here in Chicago. It was my first 5 mile race. Completed and ran the whole race. Not as fast as I would like, but getting there. I am actually doing a 5K with my 9 year old niece in 2 weeks. It’s sponsored by “Girls on the Run”. This is a running club geared towards 8 – 13 year old girls which I think is fabulous! They also teach nutrition, self esteem etc. Anyway keep up the great journaling!!

  186. Telisa says

    My current fitness goal is to gain strength and lose the 5 pounds i gained during my last tapering session and vacation after the marathon. My next race is the Virginia Beach Half Marathon.

  187. Meagan says

    It’s 3:00..I’m past the deadline. womp womp.

    But my very first half marathon is this Sunday in Minneapolis. Feeling ready and strong!

  188. MaryEllen says

    Next race: This Saturday! 10k Running of the Pink! (all race entries go to a group that provides mammograms and cervical screening to low income women).

  189. alison janecka says

    would love a running journal!! I am thinking of running the Big Sur Half in the fall and it would be great to track my training runs!!

  190. Amy says

    I am still injured, but would love to run the Rock and Roll in Denver this Sept. I think a journal would be a great way to keep track of everything!

  191. Suzanne says

    My goal this summer: I hope to get to a 20-minute 5K.
    I hit 21:30 over the weekend, which is a new PR. The last few I’ve hit 22:00.

  192. Kate says

    On February 1st I signed up for my first marathon…..Chicago on October 7th! I am following an 18-week Hal Higdon training program and it starts on Monday (if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve that program or have a program you enjoyed following, I would appreciate your feedback). I am going with a mix of Novice and Intermediate because I have been running for a few years and have completed a few halfs and recently a 25K.

    I tried the FitBook and it’s great for overall goals, but I think I do need something to help me log training miles (plus I really like adding my miles at the end of the week)!

  193. Diana A. says

    My next race is in August half marathon. My goal is to have a new P.R. of 2:15 min, my last marathon was 2:22min. I love you blog!!!

  194. Ashley says

    I am doing a 5k trail run in july but more importantly my first every marathon in jan next year! whoop whoop!

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