National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

But first, let’s chat about yesterday. I had a big snacky day, which I’m not happy about. I know it was anxiety eating so I recognize the cause, I just need to work on dealing with it better.

Luckily we don’t have much junk in the house so I had the last Fiber One brownie (note – those are NOT good), and the last 2 cookies. IMG_1884 (800x600)IMG_1883 (800x600)

Run: This morning I ran 7.5 miles. I was going out for 8 but when I got back near my house someone was tarring their roof and the smell was way too strong for breathing hard.

Breakfast: I bought English muffins for pizzas this week, but have been eating them for breakfast instead.

Did you know you’re supposed to separate an English muffin by sticking a fork around it? This was you get all the nooks and crannies (please note I wrote “nookie” right there the first time!). IMG_1893 (800x600)

I also had a bunch of organic grapes with this…IMG_1896 (800x600)

The next episode of the Reach the Beach Relay is up! My friend the camera guy didn’t put in my nervous breakdown ( think he was trying to spare me public humiliation). But, I’m kind of sad you guys don’t get to see the real emotion drama of my night run Sad smile

Yesterday was National Running Day

Today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!thriftys ice cream

So this week literally is all about RUN

EAT (ice cream)


In honor of this very sacred holiday Starbucks is giving 5 lucky ice cream loving RER readers a coupon for a free pint of their Hot Chocolate Ice Cream!SignatureHotChoc

To Enter: Leave a comment with your favorite ice cream flavor. If you say vanilla you’re disqualified.

Open to residents of the US. Contest closes Friday at 3pm PST. 5 winners will be chosen.

I have a full day of work and then I’m headed to Seattle for Blogher Food tonight! See ya later Smile


  1. Michelle Z says

    First off, as someone who lives in the general area where you were doing your Beach Relay I have to say that even KNOWING the area the dark runs in NH are scary. Your meltdown? Likely completely justified. The important thing is that you finished it and did an AMAZING job. We readers (of course I feel that I can speak for everyone) are proud of you!

    My favorite ice cream flavor right now is Moose Tracks. There is something special about peanut butter mini cups in your ice cream! Yummies!

  2. Shannon says

    Coffee…any variety! Coffee chocolate chip, espresso chip, coffee, java…any way you’d like to name it.

  3. JenG says

    I have so many favorites! ultimate is probably pumpkin pie ice cream…it even has chunks of pie crust in it :) This holiday does nothing for my craving of ice cream from last night that I thought would go away with a good nights sleep.

  4. ltb102 says

    Anything with brownie or cookie dough in it. Love the Ben and Jerrys Half Baked that has BOTH in it. Yummmm!

  5. AJ says

    Usually mint chocolate chip. Though there’s a place at the beach that sells butter brickle that’s soooo good. I dream about it all winter.

  6. says

    Ice cream is my favorite food. Seriously. Favorite flavor? Definitely Maine Tracks which is vanilla with mini peanut butter cups and fudge swirls. YUM.

  7. says

    Wow – a marathon giveaway and now ICE CREAM?? Are you trying to be my best friend, or what?!? I love coffee ice cream or if I’m gettin all fancy, I’ll get Bonaroo Buzz from Ben and Jerry’s. Because it is delicious!!

  8. Kelly says

    Ok, I love vanilla based ice cream, but don’t write me off yet, it has to have some chunks of chocolate in there!

  9. Erika says

    Ben and Jerrys Red Velvet Cake – So yummy!.. And I’ve been wanting to try the Starbucks Hot Chocolate Ice Cream!

  10. Nicole S says

    My favorite is Oreo Cookie frozen yogurt! Must have pb sauce and marshmallow sauce. Favorite treat on earth :)

  11. Krystina says

    I truly do love any ice cream, but usually go through flavor kicks. Right now, I’m in love with the Ben and Jerry Peanut Butter Banana Frozen Greek Yogurt…not really ice cream, but is still very rich!! YUM!!

  12. says

    Yummy giveaway! I’m old school – my favorite ice cream is a tie between butter pecan and praline crunch. Maple walnut is somewhere up at the top, too!

  13. Denise says

    My favorite ice ream flavor is Chocolate and Peanut butter, but recently I have been on a frozen yogurt kick and the coconut frozen yogurt is now edging out my very favorite chocolate peanut butter ice-cream. (or maybe they are neck and neck)

  14. Lisa says

    WITHOUT A DOUBT: BEN AND JERRY’S GREEK FRO YO, banana peanut butter flavor. You can thank me later…or hate me:D

  15. ina says

    Favorite flavor ice cream (and fro-yo) for that matter…Birthday Cake,cake batter, or anything with the word cake in it. Why eat cake when you can get have it in ice cream?! :-)

  16. says

    OMG Hot Chocolate Ice Cream!? Why have I never seen this before!?

    My favorite ice cream flavor is cake batter (but only when it’s got a brownie, sprinkles and hot fudge mixed in!!), otherwise it’s usually Greek Fro-yo for me.

  17. Meg says

    Honestly, that’s like choosing a favorite child – impossible. Anything chocolate or pb or mint is my favorite!

  18. Maddie says

    No question for me on this one (and I LOVE ice cream)… Blue Bunny Monster Cookie ice cream. That ish haunts my dreams. I only buy it after I finish a half marathon. If I bought it all the time, I’d probably have problems running, haha!

  19. says

    Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food. Not only does the band Phish have a place in my little dirty hippy heart, but the chocolate fish are awesomely big.

  20. says

    My fave ice cream flavor is coffee. Yum. Also, I bought those Fiber One brownies at Costco and they’re so sweet they burn your mouth. Super weird, kinda gross, now I’m gonna go eat one 😉

  21. Leahk says

    Homemade chocolate Oreo from a place back in CT where I grew up!!! Yes the Oreos are IN the ice cream vs just on top 😉

  22. Johnna says

    Vanilla! Although I recently tried Starbucks Coffee ice cream, which tastes like the sweetest/creamiest iced coffee ever/ heaven. I definitely need to give it another try before I declare it my favorite.

  23. says

    Old school flavors – Strawberry and Mint Chocolate Chip. I also LOVE Ben and Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Oreo. Newer flavors I like are things like cake batter or birthday cake, Girl scout thin mint. Oh I forgot I also love anyting with peanut butter or peanut butter cups. I basically love ALL ice cream!!!

    I had a horribly snacky night last night. I chaulk it up to anxiety and boredom and a little sadness so trying to get back on the horn today and treat my body right…

  24. Aimee M says

    Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food is heaven in a bowl (or on a spoon…since it’s usually straight out of the container).

  25. Leah says

    Cookies and cream! Or chocolate-vanilla swirl soft serve but I don’t think that counts as a flavor.

  26. Morgan @ Crazy 4 Oats says

    Tough choice between Cookies ‘N Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! Luckily, my favorite ice cream shoppe lets me go half-sies on a single scoop, so I get both!

  27. says

    My favorite by FAR is Private Selection brand (yes, it’s the “expensive” Kroger brand) Southern Red Velvet Cake flavor. It is oh so creamy and delectable. The husband and I quite literally can’t keep it in the house.

  28. Mary says

    i hate having to choose a favorite. they’re all so good. in college i would eat a pint of ben and jerry’s phish food in one sitting. i miss that metabolism haha

  29. says

    I’d have to say Blue Moon! It’s been my favorite since I was at least two and I will always love it nostalgically even if it is a weird flavor 😉 Close runner up is anything containing chocolate. But not with the Blue Moon… never put those together!

  30. says

    I love ice cream, so asking me to pick a favorite is like asking me which child is my favorite. However, right now I am especially fond of peanut butter.

  31. Jessica says

    Moose tracks! Mmmmm…I have been daydreaming about ice cream all day, maybe I subconsciously knew about the holiday?

  32. Kristen says

    Is it possible to say every flavor is my favorite?? I heart ice cream. Butter pecan and peanut butter cup reign supreme in my book! It’s impossible to decide between the two!

  33. Marcy says

    hmmm…so hard to choose just one…
    Chocolate Peanut Butter Yogurt (I’m pretty sure that the yogurt part doesn’t make it “healthier” but it eases my guilt :)

  34. says

    I’m loving the videos from the relay!

    My favorite indulgent flavor is Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. So freakin’ awesome.

  35. Kristie says

    YUM! My favorite general flavor is mint chocolate chip, but a local shop here has a chocolate zanzibar flavor and it is freaking amazing. :)

  36. says

    Anything will with lots of chunks of stuff!!!
    Especially cookie dough and brownies.
    Of course, I tend to add my own peanut butter to every scoop!!

  37. Makenna says

    Yum! I’ve actually never tried Starbucks ice cream before and would love to! My favorite flavor would probably have to be moose tracks or cookie dough!

  38. Meagan says

    Chocolate is my absolute favorite for EVERYTHING except for ice cream; I know it’s weird but for some reason I love mint chocolate chip ice cream or Ben and Jerry’s Fish Food (well, that has chocolate ice cream in it so that can be the exception; however, I don’t actually eat the ice cream, I pick all the goodies out of the container!). Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

  39. Jenna U. says

    My favorite is chocolate malted crunch! Love the chocolate with the added texture from the malt =)

  40. Charlotte says

    Late Night Snack from Ben&Jerry’s! Vanilla with caramel swirl and chocolate covered potato chips. Both crazy sounding and delicious.

  41. Denise P. says

    Hot Chocolate ice cream – oh that is just not right. Sounds like the perfect reward after a long run/half marathon. I have 2 this month so I need this!

    My favorite is probably Thrifty’s chocolate malted crunch. Used to be my mom’s favorite and when I was a kid I didn’t appreciate it, because I was into the fruity flavors.

  42. Melissa says

    Favorite flavor of all time is chocolate…Duh!! My husband is addicted to chocolate (not kidding), he may need to go to rehab because of it.

  43. ashley says

    Shut up. This is probably the best giveaway ever! My favorite ice cream is chocolate with tons of chocolate anything in it. Yum! I could eat ice cream 24/7

  44. kayleigh says

    I really like coffee flavored ice cream! My favorite starbucks flavor is caramel macchiato.. SO GOOD!

  45. says

    My favorite flavor of ice cream is definitely Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby, but I will eat pretty much ANY flavor of Ben and Jerry’s. I’ve tried almost all of them (when I do something I do it right ;P) and while Chubby Hubby was one of the first flavors I’ve tried and I’ve tried many since then it still remains my favorite. I’m feeling some holiday spirit coming on right now. Might have to make a stop at the store…

  46. Ellen says

    The old stand-by has to be cookies and cream. Though I dig the unusual flavors. The other weekend I had kumquat poppyseed and it was fantastic.

  47. says

    Just one. Are you kidding me? I’m pretty sure that’d be like trying to pick a favorite child. You know, if I had kids and all.
    It totally depends on my mood: strawberry, birthday cake, coffee, cookie dough, or mint chocolate chip are all amazing. Plus anything they add Girl Scout cookies to… Oh, so hard to resist.
    That is why I love fro-yo places. I can get a bit of everything. Last time it was strawberry, coconut, lemon, & peach fro-yo all together just because I couldn’t decide.

  48. Julie says

    I am not sure how you can pick just one favorite flavor! If I had to pick I might go with Ben and Jerrys Phish Food! So good! Might have to go buy it now that I am thinking about it. :-)

  49. says

    chocolate chip cookie dough is definitely my favorite type of ice cream :) .. I usually end up picking out all the cookie dough bites… shhhh.

  50. KK says

    Whatever flavor has the most different stuff in it.. like rocky road, or moose tracks, or americone dream. More toppings = more likely I’m going to eat myself sick.

  51. Brittney says

    My favorite flavor is birthday cake! :) Why have cake if you can have all of that flavor in ice cream…

  52. says

    Oh that’s a mean mean question – I can’t possibly choose! Cookie dough.. . no Superman! No Moosetracks! Ahhh Your question leaves me running in circles and raises my blood pressure. I think it’s time for some ice cream.

  53. Anje says

    Anything chocolate based….chocolate peanut butter swirl or chocolate w/white chips are both soooo good!

  54. Yadi says

    My favorites for years were the Blue Bell Banana Split and Baskin Robbins Baseball Nut, but my sister introduced me to Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream and it really is a dream! Pieces of waffle cone are actually IN the ice cream… I’m smiling just thinking about it! :)

  55. Rachel C says

    So many favorite flavors and hard to pick just one!

    Coffee, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies n Cream, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Rocky Road, Ben n Jerry’s Dublin Mudslide…….too many to name. :)

    I love the RTB videos! The way you described the night time run is about as real/raw/emotional as seeing the real thing.

  56. Alissa says

    I Love Ben & Jerry’s new flavor Chocolate Therapy. Best (and cheapest!) type of therapy out there!

  57. maija says

    lately coffee ice cream. but also peanut butter cup when it’s like oh hi, there is some ice cream surrounding these giant clumps of peanut butter and chocolate.

  58. haley says

    my favorite ice cream is pistachio ice cream because of all the different flavor notes in it!!! i notice cherry, i notice the nuts and i notice the pistachio!!! yummm.

  59. Rose says

    I worked at Baskin Robbins in high school. Twelve years later, I still don’t care for most ice cream. That being said, i’ll never reject a good scoop of coconut pineapple.

  60. Jayne says

    A grocery store chain here has their own line of ice cream. Vanilla Birthday cake sprinkle, hands down! Has pieces of birthday cake in it mixed with Vanilla ice cream and sprinkles. Tell me thats not a winner?

  61. Pauline says

    My favorite is pistachio or mint oreo cookie. I shockingly have started liking grapenut too b/c the other half likes it so much. Not my usual cup of tea, but it’s not bad. Or maybe it’s just that I like stealing things from him.

  62. says

    Wow, I had no idea about the fork-in-the-english-muffin thing. I usually just tear it apart with my hands (which would probably explain why they always come out kind of funky looking). Good to know!

  63. Laurel C says

    I’m pretty sure there’s nothing better than cookie dough and brownie batter ice cream……oh my god yumm!!!

  64. Nancy says

    Ben and Jerry’s Half-Baked. Ice cream with cookie dough and brownie chunks, it can’t get any better.

  65. says

    Anything with chocolate (sans peanut butter as I’m sadly allergic) is perfect for me. And if it has chunks of chocolate in it it’s even better.

  66. Erica H. says

    Chocolate … coffee … chocolate coffee … mocha … pretty much anything involve chocolate. I can’t remember the last time I ate non-chocolate ice cream … :)

  67. Ashley says

    I love the strawberry and vanilla ice cream from Costco, or just about anything with chocolate it in!

  68. says

    this may be the most incredible giveaway yet…favorite ice cream peanut butter n’chip – the United Dairy Famers Homemade brand. Whoa. So yum.

  69. says

    My favorite ice cream flavor is/was Haagen Daaz’s Sticky Toffee Pudding. It was discontinued around 2009 because it was only limited edition, but it will forever remain my favorite!

  70. Tami says

    Cookies and Cream!! Or anything with peanut butter! Oh!….and mint chocolate chip! Shoot this is hard!

  71. Ania says

    Really random cravings for less popular ice cream flavors recently….pumpkin, rum raisin, pistachio, coconut!

  72. Jackie W. says

    Anything with dark chocolate and caramel…though I love a restaurant near me’s Olive Oil Gelato as well!

  73. Cari says

    it’s hard to declare an absolute favorite, but i’m a big fan of java chip-type flavors… bonnaroo buzz is delicious… and so is this cardamom carmel vegan ice cream i had once :)

  74. Jen says

    I dated a pastry chef once who made cinnamon ice cream that was out of this world. Now that he’s not around I would say black raspberry is the best!

  75. Jess D says

    That is an absurdly hard question, but I can’t really think of anything that beats B&J’s Half Baked.

  76. Kim says

    Mint chocolate chip is my favorite. In high school, I used to hit up Baskin Robbins for a min chip shake – divine. This hot chocolate looks pretty tasty, too, though:)

  77. Amy says

    I’m a fan of anything with chocolate and nuts or chocolate and peanut butter, but no big hunks of candy bar!

  78. Kelly says

    I’ve never really met an ice cream I didn’t like, but lately I have been loving pistachio gelato.

  79. staci says

    all ice cream is fabulous. the end.

    although coffee oreo may have a bit of an edge in my world. 😉

  80. Carrie says

    I can’t pick just one favorite–it’s a tie with cookie dough and moose tracks. Love those little peanut butter cups in Moose Tracks!

  81. Cara E Bednar says

    I absolutely love pistachio ice cream, my dad and I always fight over who ate the last of it during the holidays. I always deny it was me, but I just can’t help myself it is so good!

  82. Kristen says

    I love chocolate peanut butter ice cream – especially the kinds with the yummy ribbons of actual peanut butter!

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