Snacking Around Seattle

Today was full of great information! It’s sometimes difficult to tell how much you’re going to learn at blog conferences. Some of them are mainly social opportunities, some are learning camps and some have both!

Blogher Food definitely is both so far.

I assume most of you don’t have blogs, is that right OR random of me?

Anyways, I took notes to share from this morning’s session in case you were into the whole blogging thing…

The first session I went to was Traffic Building: Using the Latest Social ToolsIMG 2010 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

It had panelists Jeantte Chen ( , Kalyn Denny ( , Neysa King ( and Stephanie Stiavetti (

The ladies went through and announced their greatest sources of social media traffic. Google Searches seemed to be the #1 searches for most but after that comes Pinterest, Stumble Upon and Facebook.

Twitter surprisingly wasn’t that great as a source of traffic! I still think it’s the most fun wlEmoticon smile6 Snacking Around Seattle

Kalyn shared her 5 4 Golden Rules of Social Media:

1. Promote Others Generously

2. Reciprocate when others share your stuff. Reciprocating reinforces their desire to share.

3. Use social media to give compliments.

4. When people mention you on social media – respond!

Someone on the panel also said a big “no-no” is posting something more than once to promote and saying, “In case you missed it… look at my post that you ignored and I don’t know why so I’m making this desperate attempt to make you look at it again.”

They also said you should make sure that it’s easy for people to share or link to your posts.

The entire session in a nutshell was: PINTEREST ROCKS!

After the session we had a break and then it was lunch time!IMG 2013 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

IMG 2016 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

Then menu included a selection of sandwiches, spinach salad and sweets.IMG 2018 533x800 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

The spinach salad had the coolest presentation – just a stack of it on a long toothpick. It was a very fun, bright presentation in person (even though it looks messy here).IMG 2021 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

I also grabbed some of this rock salad…IMG 2020 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

I grabbed a turkey sandwich, curry chicken sandwich, gazpacho and salad.IMG 2024 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

Spinach salad drizzled with dressingIMG 2026 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

The curried chicken salad was the highlight of the meal. So so good.IMG 2027 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

Tina was raving about the cookie she grabbed for dessert so I had to get one too. I said this wasn’t really a cookie since it was so thick, but it was delicious. IMG 2031 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

I also stopped by the Chobani booth to partake in their awesome yogurt and toppings bar. It was just like fro-yo but without the “fro”.IMG 2035 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

Yogurt, fruit, yogurt, fruit GRANOLA (<— obviously my fave part)IMG 2037 533x800 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

We made these in jars so I was able to put a top on it and save it for after the next session.IMG 2038 533x800 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

From there I headed to How Cookbook Photography Differs from Blog Photography. I was live blogging this event as a volunteer so I have a ton of notes. Let me know if you’d be interested (but I’m not going to do it right now because I’m pressed for time).IMG 2039 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

I took a little field trip with Tina and Kath this afternoon tooIMG 2048 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

We visited the Five Bamboo office and got lost took the scenic route wlEmoticon winkingsmile1 Snacking Around Seattle

IMG 2041 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

The first Starbucks!IMG 2047 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

After the sessions there is a cocktail hour. Actually it’s more like a foodtail hour! I half of this mac n’ cheese appetizer…IMG 2050 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

And a few bites of this pulled chicken sandwich. I don’t know how I can still be hungry after all of today’s great food – but I am!IMG 2052 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

Now I’m trying to rest for a few minutes before tonight’s events! I got slammed with fatigue around 5pm today and I can’t shake it. This happens most days between 3-5pm. I know it’s somewhat normal, but I literally feel like I can sleep when that happens – is that normal?IMG 2056 800x533 thumb Snacking Around Seattle

I probably won’t be blogging again tonight – my favorite little peep has an open room with unlimited wine and champagne!!! Wine girl wasted.


  1. says

    I think getting sleepy around 3-5 pm everyday is normal, because it sure happens to me a lot… unless we’re both just weird. I can’t speak for you, but that’s definitely a possibility on my part. I give in to sleep’s siren song more often than I’d like to admit in the form of a two hour nap. I let myself take them when I have the time, because I know I could probably use the sleep since I go to bed at 11 pm most nights and get up at 5-5:30 am.

  2. Hannah says

    So, I’ll admit that blogging isn’t really my thing, but those 4 golden rules just sound like 4 different ways to suck up to other bloggers. Yikes!

  3. says

    I have noticed that I barely get any traffic from Twitter (and not a lot of traffic total, lol) but you’re right, it’s the most fun to interact with. Have fun in Seattle!

  4. Joyce says

    I’m not going to lie, 3pm has hit and I have legit closed my office door and put my head down. I’ve read that our bodies release melatonin around 3 in the afternoon (the same hormone that kicks in at night to put us to sleep) – and that getting out in the daylight or moving a bit like taking a walk can help combat that.

  5. Sarah says

    Sometimes my afternoon sleepy feeling is from mild dehydration. Just like a flower I start to wilt. Often a big glass of water recharges me.

  6. says

    I’m brand new to this whole blogging thing. I started a run blog to keep me on track and am enjoying it tons. However, I know nothing about blogging. The first 4 tips I kind of figured out on my own, but I totally broke the no-no this week. I am doing a free t-shirt giveaway and I am pretty sure I put it up on Twitter like 5 times. Whoops. Guess you live & learn.
    P.S.- The food looks amazing. I am having former fat kid food issues just think about it and looking at your pictures. I may start drooling any second.

  7. says

    I have a blog! I kind of assumed most of the readers would have blogs, but I’m not sure why I assumed that. Also, that cookie thing literally made me drool all over my key board.

  8. Ida says

    I love the point about not linking back to old posts ‘in cased you missed it,’ that really is annoying. Looks like such a funny and yummy event!

  9. says

    I love that they mentioned not linking back a million times to the same post. I do link back sometimes when what I’m talking about really connects to something else I’ve posted. But maybe once or twice. Not repeatedly, forever and ever.

  10. says

    I would love to see some of those cookbook photography tips!! I’m new to blogging and relatively “young” for blogging (I’m 20!) but I am in lurrrrvvv and trying to soak up all the advice I can!

  11. says

    I’d love to hear more about the food photos. I do a lot of work in my offseason (basically, not wedding season!) for different restaurants, and a lot of my work for them ends up in ads and on their websites. :)

  12. says

    That’s so interesting because I believe — and I have the analytics to back it up — that when done WELL (not spammy, ICYMI links), posting the same link multiple times during the day can drive audience.

    I just think of it, especially on Twitter, as posting to people who are on at different times of day.

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