Rachael Ray is a Liar

Let me start off this post by saying I believe there are two kinds of people in this world – people who like Rachael Ray’s bubbly personality and people who would rather eat Vegas’ hair ball than have to watch 30 minutes of her meals.

Why’d you have to bring me into this?IMG_4588 (533x800)

I actually really like her! I think she’s super cute and shares realistic, easy recipes that I could actually make. (image source)

But, she’s a liar.

A recent article in Everyday with Rachael Ray was brought to my attention by Carissa of www.fit2flex.com :image

Exhibit A:

watermelon wars(image source)

I disagreed with the article and was able to set Carissa straight (to the store for a whole melon). IMG_2217 (800x600)

But, I wanted to share this proof: A whole watermelon is $4.99 at Costco right now. That’s cheaper than 2 pears!IMG_4603 (533x800)

Said watermelon produced this much “pre-cut” product: (*Note: I ate 4 cups while cutting too.)IMG_2222 (800x600)

Moral of the story:

1. Don’t believe everything you read in magazines – or blogs for that matter, which technically upsets the credibility of this entire post…

2. I need a name that rhymes so I can have a magazine too. And no, I don’t want to write Harmonicas with Monica

3. I just realized I’ve eaten most of that container of watermelon so I might have to estimate 1 serving of watermelon costs $4.99 which means the pears are still cheaper!

You know how I LOVE my Cherries Jubliee Spirutein protein powder?

Well, my favorite is a three part protein that had soy and thought I should give the Whey version a whirl in the blender since I eat plenty o’soy in other forms.IMG_4602 (533x800)

This version is fluffier and more airy than the other and tastes a little sweeter. I really like it, and will grow to love it I’m sure. IMG_4599 (800x533)

I’ve still been feeling abnormally tired and self diagnosed that I need more Red Bull iron so I included some beans with my usual lunch.IMG_4579 (533x800)

I used to eat beans everyday (read: a can of garbanzos in one fell swoop) and think my body misses it. I know my tongue does…IMG_4585 (800x533)

Snacks.IMG_4576 (800x533)

Winner of the Austin Marathon / Half Marathon Giveaway bib is:image

Winners of the National Ice Cream Day giveaway.

image image image image image

Question: Do you have any idea how hard it is to read over 360 comments about delicious ice cream treats before dinner?!

Answer: No. No you don’t.


  1. says

    I would never think pre-cut watermelon would be cheaper. What kind of weird advice is that? Don’t believe everything you hear…unless it’s from my mom. When we go grocery shopping she doesn’t even let me go near the pre-cut fruits – we buy everything whole, and it’s ALWAYS cheaper.

  2. says

    Harmonicas with Monica would be pretty funny! And I agree with the watermelon discussion…precut items alway seem to be more expensive!

  3. says

    I thought all the pre-cut produce was more expensive? I buy it sometimes to save time, but I thought I was paying more for it.

  4. says

    Harmonicas with Monica haaaaahahhahahaha!
    Love this post, it’s pretty rare that precut fruit is cheaper than the whole fruit!

    That smoothie bowl looks delish! I am allergic to berries, so I am always looking for things that are not strawberry and blueberry flavored haha Cherries Jubliee Spirutein protein powder sounds so yummy!

  5. says

    WOw, I definitely think buying a whole watermelon and way cheaper than buying it already cut, at least at my grocery store. I always put in the little extra work for more bang for my buck. Totally worth it.

  6. Bev says

    And, the rind doesn’t have to go to waste. You can apparently make a ton of stuff from watermelon rind – pickled rind, rind relish, rind preserves…. And, by “you”, I mean someone other than me (like Rachel Ray!) – cutting a watermelon into pieces is advanced enough kitchen work for me.

  7. says

    I’m definitely in the camp that likes Rachael Ray! I’ve made a bunch of her recipes (and own 2 of her cookbooks) and everything has always turned out great. But I’m totally with you on this one, whole watermelons are WAY cheaper than the pre-cut!

  8. says

    I can’t stand her personality (sorry, the perky thing is not my style), but I totally agree about her having some really good recipes.

    Just read the tri post- awesome! I keep telling myself I need to stage mini ones at my house (treadmill-spin-pool) but so far I can’t get myself to swim laps because I have no idea how to flip turn. And I hate getting my head wet.

  9. says

    I am so guilty of buying pre cut fruit …I am just so damn lazy. But I’d never think its cheaper….lol. The things people will believe.

  10. says

    I think that depends on where you live in the country….every time you post about the price of watermelon when you go to grocery store i get SO jealous! Try 3x that in CLE :(
    So maybe Rachel was speaking to every state where watermelon’s aren’t grown? :/

  11. says

    I started to think Rachel may be a liar when I bought one of her books. It was the “Express Lane” version, but each recipe required about 10-15 ingredients. Obviously she does not know Express Lane means 2-3 items ( Amy’s Lasagnas, fruit, and peanut butter) for me. I agree that she is plum crazy (sorry Rachel!! love you!) on the watermelon too!

  12. says

    I’m going to tell the truth: I don’t *get* Rachael Ray. I feel like she’s always super excited about things that are really not that exciting. Maybe people who like cooking (I HATE cooking) and home decor (I also really don’t care about home decor) like Rachael Ray.

    I also don’t understand why people like Oprah either. Maybe I just don’t like talk shows.

  13. says

    OHMYGOSH! That’s me! I sent you an email!

    I’m on the fence about Rachael Ray–some days I like her and some days she weirds me out. Some of her food combinations make me want to run to the store so I can make her recipe for dinner, and some of them look down right gross. I do like Week in a Day better than 30-Minute Meals, but I’m not a fan of her talk show at all.

  14. says

    Plus…. Is you cut the watermelon yourself you can wash the outside of it so you dont spread all the bacteria from the outside all over the flesh in the inside when you slice thru it. Grocery stores are notorious for just slicing into them with out washing them first and that. Is. disgusting.

  15. Jamie says

    I got a watermelon (seedless) at Wegmans today for 3.99!!!! Yay me:)
    What do you make your cherry jubilee smoothie with?

  16. says

    Sometimes I go for pre-cut if I know I’m busy enough that the fruit will go bad waiting for me to break into it. 😉 I can take down some watermelon but I bow to your amazing watermelon ingesting skills!

  17. says

    I agree with you! Pre-cut watermelon is not cheaper than a whole watermelon. We buy whole watermelons from costco for $4.99. But the other day we bought a small thing pre-cut watermelon for our daughter and it was $2.99.

  18. says

    I like Rachel Ray too, but I agree with you that pre-cut is pretty much always more expensive.
    I try to eat as much iron as I can. My doctor once diagnosed me as anemic after a blood test, but then at a later appointment I found out that he just said that to get me to take a multi-vitamin… it was a bit weird to be honest. Why couldn’t he have just told me to take a multi-vitamin?

  19. says

    The fact that you buy 5 dozen eggs at a time makes me feel okay about my weekly egg consumption. Sometimes when I shop at our local bulk store, I want to wear a wedding ring so people don’t know my dirty little secret: the dozens of eggs, tons of avocados, and massive bag of coffee are for me and me only.

  20. says

    I always want to buy pineapple precut! It’s hard to cut. And it looks so nice in those little containers. And sometimes I do it. I never buy it whole because I’m afraid I’m going to slice my finger off. No chef skills over here! I missed the ice cream comments. Mounds ice cream bars are the best. But I love skinny cows too!

  21. says

    I actually like Rachael Ray too (Shh don’t tell anyone) but, I can’t stand her voice! So I tend to put her on mute. And I totally agree, it has to be cheaper to cut the watermelon yourself. Definitely can’t believe everything you read! (although that watermelon was super duper cheap, apparently I need to shop at Costco)

  22. says

    My best friend’s husband worked at a food prep company where they slice and dice those pre-cut fruits and veggies. And let’s just say that what he saw there caused him to lay down a decree that they are to NEVER buy those again. Ewwww, just thinking about the lack of hygiene and…never mind. I’ll let everyone live in ignorant bliss!

  23. says

    Thank you very much for educating me in your wise watermelon ways. However the real trick is to see if I can actually cut a watermelon in under 30 minutes! I’m heading to Costco Friday so it’s on!

  24. says

    The name of this post made me crack up. I actually like Rachael Ray, but older brother has made fun of her before (along with most other people on the Food Network, come to think of it). I’m with you on the watermelon conundrum–I think it’s gotta be cheaper unpackaged!

  25. Cami says

    I have to say that I just bought 87 ounces of watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe for $10. That’s 11.5 cents per ounce with no rind. I did this because I am healing a neck injury and I was saving myself the work. I usually buy small watermelon at $3 a pop bc it’s easier and melons are $1.80 a pound on sale. So I have to say in this particular instance the cut up melon was cheaper nevermind the strain on my neck. So I guess it flutuates with sale prices etc.

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