Lipton Tea to Go Packets


This morning I headed to my mom’s to work (I work from home) and took an early lunch to watch my little brother’s promotion. He is “graduating” 5th grade! The ceremony was short and sweet. Sadly, Matt was super bummed when I went to get him in his classroom because ALL his friends are going to the local middle school and we’re sending him somewhere else next year. (Read: … [Read more...]

Easy Almond Butter Cookies


So yeah, I did it. I caved and made the 3 ingredient cookies Tina told me about. She actually texted me the recipe so it was impossible to ignore But, I changed 2 out of the 3 ingredients so Ill say these were “inspired” by the OG 3 ingredient PB Cookie recipe. I used the Organic Coconut Palm Sugar* I got from Blogher Food this weekend. I also used almond butter instead of … [Read more...]