HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT– The Marathon to End All


This morning I hit up the gym for strength training, but didn’t do any cardio. So, I took a walk on my lunch break. I need a walk a day to help keep me from having an anxiety attack and it was nice. On my long run this weekend I ran to Whole Foods and the organic kale was on sale. I love kale, but mostly only eat it as kale chips. But, roasting the hell out of such a healthy … [Read more...]

Three Year Anniversary Date


Yesterday Ben and I went on our three year anniversary date. We were going to eat dinner at the place where we had our first date, but when we first met we lived over an hour from each other and picked a place in the middle. Now that restaurant is over an hour away from us and we didn’t want to deal with rush hour traffic. But, it was a Mexican restaurant so we kept the theme … [Read more...]