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It’s baaaack! I finally went today and have my ends dyed to match my natural red color.IMG_5042

I was at the salon for 2 hours and then went to Target. I got hungry and made a little impulse buy of Cinnamon Life. Don’t worry, I’m going to eat it all tonight so it’s not tempting all week Winking smilelife cereal

After a million handfuls of cereal and a small bowl when I got home I wasn’t hungry any more. So, I went about my little day until I got crazy hungry out of nowhere around 5 and ate a big salad, a granola bar, 56 cherries, a few bites of cake and a yogurt. Maybe something else too…

Anyways, I’m calling bullsht. I should have realized I was getting hungry before that all happened. And slowed down until my body registered fullness.

The end.

Dinner:indian food


Now for the hairy stuff…

I was hoping it would just grow out but the definite line looked really bad. I’d be embarrassed but I obviously have such low self esteem that I think I deserved to look like this for a year already so no big. That, or I’m lazy about my personal appearance. glam shoot pic

Before before:little monica

Before:monica bio

After:jelly fish stingme and ostrich

Way after:IMG_5043

I think Vegas likes itIMG_5044

Ben says they picked me for the ING New York Marathon web series because they wanted someone completely orange. Glad I fixed my hair! Now all I need is a spray tan and I’ll be good to go!IMG_5040 (800x600)

Now I’m trying to relax for a bit. I’m nervous and have full on lines and everything to go over! Who am I?!

I’m catching a flight super early tomorrow so I’ll see you in New York!


  1. says

    Wow, your hair is really half and half in the pic. Nice color job now. 😉 And dinner and dessert look delish. I just went out with Nhershoes and Fit on the rocks to Menchies. Totally yummy FroYo. but they don’t carry captain crunch. hmph. still PB mad goodness.

  2. Beverly Aragon says

    Dang chica, lookin good! Love the color touch-up. :)
    Wishing you safe travels and positive energy for the amazing NYC trip.

  3. says

    hehe. completely orange. that cracks me up. your hair looks beautiful. i always take forever to take care of mine too!! it just takes so long and costs so much!

  4. says

    Great match with your natural color. I’m a natural redhead too (though mine has gotten somewhat darker over the years), and I still haven’t let anyone dye my hair, cause I’m afraid I’ll never get back my natural shade of red.

  5. says

    Oh my gosh, I had no idea you even had a line in your hair like that! The picture of it was fun, though :)

    Good luck in new york!

  6. says

    I love your hair color. I wish I could pull it off! I feel like I can pull off a lot of colors, but that color just isn’t one of them 😛

  7. says

    The color of your hair is gorgeous and you were such a cute little girl! I have a little red head for a daughter and she is the most beautiful thing, I am just in awe of her hair. Both the great grandparents and uncle on both sides have red hair, so I am a lover not a hater, you look great!

  8. says

    1. You’re hair looks gorgeous. I love your color.
    2. I impulse bought a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I ate the whole box in one sitting because then it would be gone. Ha . Rationalized that I couldn’t eat any more because you know that’s way healthier than just having one little serving size everyday. I am so glad to see I am not the only one who does this sometimes.

  9. JessicaE says

    It looks so great!! I put off getting my hair cut for way too long… haha 😛

    P.S., should I email you my address for the giveaway? <3

  10. says

    lovin the hair!! red is definitely your color :) i have some serious root action goin on right now..i desperately need to get my hair colored!!

  11. Jessica says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair! I think you are adorable but your hair in the car ad made me cringe. Sorry.

  12. susan says

    Much much better my little friend!!!! It looks really good, they did a good job. See you in Las Vegas!!!!

  13. says

    LOVE the red hair. I’ve actually always thought that if I could try any other hair color, it would be that exact color. I think red hair is so pretty, unique, & fun!
    Andddd on a similar-but-not-really note, I also LOVE Life cereal. That is the one cereal that I just cannot make last very long…I always end up eating bowl after bowl!

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