Sneak Peek

I spent the morning filming some yoga scenes in the gym at the Heart TowerIMG 5151 thumb Sneak Peek

Then, filmed some “Marathon Meals” cooking segments in the Redbook test kitchenIMG 5185 thumb Sneak Peek

And wrapped up the afternoon in Central Park talking about Hydration. Now I’m headed out to dinner with the group. IMG 5197 thumb Sneak Peek

Details tomorrow wlEmoticon smile20 Sneak Peek IMG 5213 thumb Sneak Peek

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  1. Sam says

    Hm. I saw a vibrantly red-haired woman who looked a lot like you in the park while I was at team practice this evening–7:30ish. There was a film crew filming; it was down on the Bridle Path. Was it you?! Not that I’m a stalker, just funny to see a blogger in real life. [Or not, if it wasn't you.]

    Hope you’re enjoying NYC. Not sure how long you’re here but I can give recs for fun places to go.

  2. Siobhan says

    If you’re looking for good pizza, try John’s on Bleecker. If its a deli you want, go to Katz’s! And my favorite NY restaurant would have to be Blue Smoke. I hope you get to try all the great food!

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