Resolutions Revisited for 2012


Howdy howdy howdy! How’s your Friday going? Mine is busy! I usually look pretty trashed all the time, but today I tried to put on something decent and brush my hair because I was interviewing Evelyn Tribole on my lunch. I’ve seen the sock bun thing around the blog world and appreciate that it looks super cute and is so easy! But, long hair don’t care I don’t really need a … [Read more...]

Fun Friday on Thursday


Yep! We were able to make it to Disneyland last night! Ben and I bought Disneyland annual passes in February but haven’t really used them because I’ve been so busy. Yesterday was the last day they were valid until September (there are a lot of blackout dates for the passes we got) so we had to go last night. The traffic was horrible though and it took us an hour and a half … [Read more...]