Three Year Anniversary Date


Yesterday Ben and I went on our three year anniversary date. We were going to eat dinner at the place where we had our first date, but when we first met we lived over an hour from each other and picked a place in the middle. Now that restaurant is over an hour away from us and we didn’t want to deal with rush hour traffic. But, it was a Mexican restaurant so we kept the theme … [Read more...]

Summer Must Do List 2012


The Adonia Frozen Yogurt Giveaway had such a great response I finagled 2 extra coupons for these winners to get a pint or box of fro-yo on a stick: Grand Prize Winner of all 7 Adonia flavors plus 2 boxes of bars: If you didn’t win you can still get half priced Sonic shakes today in honor of the first day of summer! Speaking of the first day of Summer… Here is my … [Read more...]

Married 3 Years…


Three years ago today I married  the man of my dreams at Eagle Castle in Paso Robles, CA. June wedding in Paso Robles = I ordered fans from Oriental Trading Company. It ended up being pretty chilly, but at least we had them. The tables were named after places we visited… I kept some of these and they’re in our living room now. Football mums were the main flowers The … [Read more...]

Trader Joes Tuesday–Gnocchi Sorrentina


Gnocchi is one of those things I will never make from scratch. But I love it! I love carbs, I love pasta, I love potatoes, I love gnocchi – you get it. But I don’t love spending hours in the kitchen making a mess. Luckily TJ’s enables me to be a lazy mofo and still enjoy the foods I love. Okay, this isn’t the best gnocchi in the world – hello, it’s a frozen meal. But it does … [Read more...]

First Day of Triathlon Training Fail


Ben cleaned off my bike and pumped up the tires yesterday so I was very excited to finally start training for my first triathlon this morning! My plan was to bike for about 9 miles and then drop off my bike back at home and run for 2 or 3 miles. I was super nervous about getting back on my bike because I’m not a good bike rider at all. I’m super wobbly and not confident so I … [Read more...]

Adonia Frozen Yogurt Giveaway


This Monday is less than pleasant. (source) First, I’m still having trouble getting warmed up to the MotoActv. I want to like it (especially because the ol’ Garmin is dying a slow painful death)! But I’m frustrated that when you pause it as a stop light the screen has a big “END WORKOUT” button. Well, I’m no delicate flower and somehow managed to press that TWICE on my long … [Read more...]

Monday Mini-Goals and The Jersey Housewives


Since I stayed over at my mom’s I hung out with her while Ben slept in. Then, we walked the dogs and started the day with eggs, turkey sausage and toast. So good. I helped clean up a little from the party and finally headed home around noon. First we stopped at a local place for some Menudo = the hangover cure. Second stop was Costco for supplies and samples When we got … [Read more...]

Adult Punch and Pac Man Cupcakes


Yesterday I got to my mom’s and was immediately put to work. She pointed to a watermelon and grapes and told me to eat a fruit salad. Okay, she told me to make a fruit salad. But I figured cutting a little teeny piece for myself wouldn’t be too bad… I want your cock tail fruit cocktail. Half Baked was on Friday night. The party was for Matt’s half birthday / promotion. … [Read more...]

Fantastic Fro Yo Friday


Friday afternoon was pretty fantastic because of a little ol’ knock on my door. I wasn’t expecting anything, but it’s pretty common for me to get random packages. Well, the Fed Ex guy showed up and said, “I have a big one for you.” Yeah. Yeah you do. Anyways, he handed me the BIGGEST box that contained 7 different flavors of Adonia frozen yogurt and 2 boxes of bars. And just … [Read more...]

Green Bean Fries and French Toast


Last night was relaxing After work yesterday Ben and I took a long walk (my only cardio of the day) and then came home to a super easy dinner. I am in love with green bean fries. Now before you roll your eyes, let me be clear - I’m NOT the girl who says some bullshit yogurt parfait is “just like Yogurtland!”, or that cookies baked with apple sauce “taste just like the real … [Read more...]

Random Thoughts Thursday…


1. I live in constant fear that I’m going to stub my toe so bad it breaks and I can’t run. 2. I love buying things on clearance more than I dislike coconut. Evidence – this clearance item coconut flavored La Croix (pronounced La Crotch). It’s gross (probably why it was on clearance). 3. It’s nice to work from home because you can fart all day if you want… do with that what … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican about Running Progress


You know what’s the best part of hanging out at my mom’s? No, not hanging out with Matt. Or the dogs… It’s….                     Cereal. Definitely cereal. And the fact that our massive refrigerator has tons of delicious food! This was dinner – TJ’s new rice, orange chicken, broccoli and salad. When I got home … [Read more...]

Lipton Tea to Go Packets


This morning I headed to my mom’s to work (I work from home) and took an early lunch to watch my little brother’s promotion. He is “graduating” 5th grade! The ceremony was short and sweet. Sadly, Matt was super bummed when I went to get him in his classroom because ALL his friends are going to the local middle school and we’re sending him somewhere else next year. (Read: … [Read more...]

Easy Almond Butter Cookies


So yeah, I did it. I caved and made the 3 ingredient cookies Tina told me about. She actually texted me the recipe so it was impossible to ignore But, I changed 2 out of the 3 ingredients so Ill say these were “inspired” by the OG 3 ingredient PB Cookie recipe. I used the Organic Coconut Palm Sugar* I got from Blogher Food this weekend. I also used almond butter instead of … [Read more...]

Trader Joes Tempeh Tuesday


On my lunch break I was out running an errand and passed by these two gorgeous girls. I stopped to ask if they’d be my fren since my bestie isn’t talking to me as I forgot her b-day. Sorry Cin. IOU. They said, “NO.” Lucky for me I’m bigger than them and was able to crash their walking party by intimidation. We busted out a 4 mile walk and quickly parted ways. Great to see ya … [Read more...]

It’s the Jam Swimsuit


Last night I had grand plans for making a tempeh stir-fry. But, I chatted with my mom while she was making spaghetti for dinner and suddenly I had the biggest craving for pasta. (I’m easily influenced when it comes to food.) So, I made a quick and dirty easy creamy pasta dish. Look at this HUGE bowl of creamy pasta! But, it’s a trick – the delicious spirals on a bed green … [Read more...]