A Date with 14 Miles

I don’t know why, but I was on a mission to go to Happy Hour after work yesterday. Truth be told, you can probably count the times I’ve been to happy hour on one hand! Sad, very sad.

At the 4th of July BBQ my cousin mentioned that Lucille’s has a great HH. And I remembered that Costco sells $100 of Lucille’s gift cards for $80.

Anyways, after work I rushed off to Costco to grab a gift card. As soon as Ben got home I told him we were walking to Lucille’s for an impromptu date. It’s only 1 mile away – perfect for a nice little walk and rewarding beverage at the end.

Lucille’s is a southern style restaurant that looks like a big ol’ house.IMG 5648 800x600 thumb A Date with 14 Miles

There are some tables on the “porch”!IMG 5641 800x600 thumb A Date with 14 Miles

We sat at the bar and I sipped a Long Island Iced Tea…IMG 5631 600x800 thumb A Date with 14 Miles

Some of the appetizers were part of the Happy Hour special so we shared some fried green tomatoes.IMG 5632 800x600 thumb A Date with 14 Miles

Despite some of the party pics I’ve shared from Vegas trips in the past, I used to only drink when I was out of town (like in Vegas or on vacation).  Random, right?panama pina colada thumb A Date with 14 Miles

Anyways, I’ve been partaking in more adult beverages lately. I think I’ve realized I need to relax a little more and I’m enjoying it wlEmoticon smile5 A Date with 14 Miles I still don’t want to make it a habit to drink mid-week, but since I don’t have a high tolerance I feel GREAT with 2 drinks. Yeah Buddy.

Round #2 was a Skinny Margarita. party time thumb A Date with 14 Miles 

At this point we thought we should just eat dinner there and I went to check the wait for a table. To my surprise we were seated right away!IMG 5644 800x600 thumb A Date with 14 Miles

The #2 reason to go to Lucille’s (after the Happy Hour specials) are the biscuits served with apple butter. I had 1 1/2IMG 5635 800x600 thumb A Date with 14 Miles

Between the drinks and biscuits I wasn’t that hungry so Ben and I decided to share a dinner. He got the tri-tip, I got the mac n’ cheese.IMG 5636 800x600 thumb A Date with 14 Miles

*We also stopped at Yogurtland on the way back and I got a lil one that only cost $1.52 – isn’t that impressive!!!y land thumb A Date with 14 Miles

This morning I reluctantly got out of bed for 14 miles. I had AB toast and coffee before I left.IMG 5651 800x600 thumb A Date with 14 Miles

PSA -  this low sodium EZ bread is NOT good. IMG 5652 800x600 thumb A Date with 14 Miles

Eh. My run didn’t feel great and I started to get frustrated about it… until I remember last night wasn’t the best way to fuel up. So I’m going to take it as a lesson. image thumb4 A Date with 14 Miles

At one point I stopped to refill my water bottle and had a complete spaz attack when a bug landed on my finger!!!!lady bug thumb A Date with 14 Miles

Then, I realized it was just a lady bug and felt stupid. quit calling him ladybug guys A Date with 14 Miles

Post run tradition = Whole Foods.

I started with a detox juice, wheatgrass on the side (to get it over with).wheat grass thumb A Date with 14 Miles

IMG 5657 800x600 thumb A Date with 14 Miles

With the flaps cut off wlEmoticon smile5 A Date with 14 Miles

IMG 5661 800x600 thumb A Date with 14 Miles

See ya later!


  1. says

    I just discovered a Yogurtland in Corona where I live- the total excitement balanced out the whole feeling like an idiot thing…

    Happy hours are the best! Me and a few good friends go every other Friday- we teachers so we definitely need it.

  2. says

    A few weeks ago, I had a CRAZY rib craving. Everyone and their mother asked me if I was pregnant (no), then told me to go to Lucille’s. Then I would drive past it on my way to costco (that one in the district!) and stare longingly, because I couldn’t bring myself to go eat a rack of ribs alone…
    Long story short, I’ll have to check out Lucille’s and recruit my boyfriend or someone to come with.

  3. says

    Sometimes I have a hard time ‘waking up’ (being alert) to do early morning runs. I’ve noticed you sometimes drink coffee and was wondering what your routine is: wake up, drink coffee, get ready, and out the door 30ish minutes later? Or what has worked best for you?

    I’m still trying to figure that out for me. Also, the biscuit and apple butter sounded amazing!

  4. says

    That place sounds great! I wish I could get comfortable eating or drinking anything before a run. Anytime I drink or eat anything less than 2 hours before any exercise I get cramps like crazy and sick to my stomach. I have even gotten sick before. I am trying to learn to do longer runs so I am going to have to come up with a way to fuel before I run.

  5. says

    Come run with me please??! I’m only just on the other side of the country lol… And wow, yes that froyo price and AMOUNT was great and terrible at the same time! I guess you had good self control with dessert!.. As usual! Mine is always loaded and weighs alot Ha!

  6. says

    I managed to fuel like you did for my run this morning. Maybe we should quit long runs on Saturdays! You are still pretty speedy, you 14 mile time was about the same as my 11 mile time :/ Good for you though, that is pretty awesome.

  7. says

    Fried green tomatoes and biscuits with apple butter say whaaaaat?? that looks awesome! And wow, congrats on the great run this morning!

  8. says

    Ahhhh! I remember Lucille’s! I worked in Orange County for a year last year and fell in love with that place! Not the most healthy place in the world, but man – those BISCUITS! YUM! I would always put a itsy bitsy tiny bit of honey on them. Made them the perfect dessert!

  9. says

    I had the same thing happen with a ladybug today! We were hanging out by the lake after my tri waiting for the traffic to die down and I felt something land on me. I almost freaked out but then saw it was a ladybug and relaxed a little.

  10. says

    Oh I ran by that same Lucille’s on Thursday night during the Road Runner Adventure run (like literally 5 feet from the door) and almost stopped running right then and there for the Happy Hour specials. Unfortunately no one in my group thought it was a good idea and I was forced to keep going. I guess that means there’s still a Honey Blonde out there with my name on it.

      • says

        You totally should! I can only do them in the summers because I teach on Thursday nights in the school year so if you’re around August 5th you should come. I really enjoy them. Next one’s August 2nd.

        • says

          Oh my word i can’t even keep my dates right and I’m responsible for 3 little human beings all day traipsing around the OC. Heaven help them. It’s the 2nd. Not the 5th.

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