Long Bizzle Tour

Have I told you I have a friend named Tina who also has a blog?! It’s called Carrots N’ Cake and you should really look it up wlEmoticon winkingsmile4 Long Bizzle TourIMG 5871 600x800 thumb Long Bizzle Tour

Anyway, she’s super into Crossfit and is in California for the Crossfit Games.

Tina is staying in Long Beach and I offered to show her around.

I don’t know if you realize this, but I am the unofficial ambassador of Long Beach after Snoop Dogg. I’m basically Snoop’s right hand woman. Snoop Dogg26359 thumb Long Bizzle Tour(source)

I take this LB Ambassadorship very seriously and made sure to show her the highlights of the LBC.  I actually sang Summertime in the LBC to start the show. I think after she got over the embarrassment she had a good time?

Tina is staying in a hotel very close to the start of the Long Beach Marathon! It was weird to be here since I am currently contemplating running the Half vs. the Full and can’t decide!IMG 5866 800x600 thumb Long Bizzle Tour

Our first tour stop was, um, interesting…

This is where I poop pee before the race:IMG 5865 600x800 thumb Long Bizzle TourSeriously though.

I scooped her up from her hotel and we walked around Shoreline Village. IMG 5873 800x600 thumb Long Bizzle Tour

This is actually part of the LB course! Specifically, it’s the beginning when you still feel good and think you’re going to PR. But that’s neither here nor there.IMG 5868 800x600 thumb Long Bizzle Tour

Long Beach and I go way back. I spent most of my free time here in college because of some guy I used to know.IMG 5872 800x600 thumb Long Bizzle Tour

Then, after college I moved here for a year. I ran this path all the time. Miss it. IMG 5876 800x600 thumb Long Bizzle Tour

Anyways, my Long Beach tour is 99% me talking about where I ran and peed.

But there’s also the Queen Mary. IMG 5875 800x600 thumb Long Bizzle Tour

And we saw some great north American cats in the wild! IMG 5878 800x600 thumb Long Bizzle Tour

Apparently they don’t have these in Boston and Tina was impressed!IMG 5880 800x600 thumb Long Bizzle Tour

The highlight (or lowlight, really) of the tour is my reenactment of my great fall of ‘09.IMG 5883 800x600 thumb Long Bizzle TourIMG 5882 800x600 thumb Long Bizzle Tour

After that we needed a drink wlEmoticon smile9 Long Bizzle Tour

IMG 5887 600x800 thumb Long Bizzle Tour

and food!

We had a drink at the Yardhouse, but the wait was ridic for dinner so we left.

We ended up at the Mexican place next store. IMG 5889 800x600 thumb Long Bizzle Tour

I ordered the combo plate with a fish taco and chili relleno. Hit the spot. IMG 5893 800x600 thumb Long Bizzle Tour

Finally it was time to call it a night. IMG 5896 800x600 thumb Long Bizzle TourBut I am available for hire through the summer. Long Beeeeeach!


  1. says

    You are hilarious! I think you should totally, definitely, absolutely MUST tweet the link to this post to Snoop Dogg. I think he would be proud ot be associated with someone like you!

    Lovin your blog and your sense of humor. I will definitely be back for more! :)

  2. says

    Awe…this post brings me back. I ran the Long Beach Marathon just days before we moved back east. It was bitter sweet. My last hurrah! It was a perfect ending to our 4 year stay in SoCal.

  3. says

    Looks like so much fun! I have never been to CA but I am doing the Disneyland half in sept! I am super excited! Will you be doing it again this year?

  4. Rochelle says

    Awwwww, i love long beach. I took a mini vacation there a while ago and i fell in love (i was surprised by how cute it was). I wanted to run long beach this year as my first full, but it falls in between a million weddings so instead ill be running CIM in Sacramento, its local so no travel and logistics to think about! love the blog!

  5. Denise P. says

    I went to college in LB and worked at the Aquarium there for a few years. Those are my
    old haunts too. Although I didn’t run much back then- spent many an hour inside 24 hour fitness there. What was I thinking passing up on ocean views. Now I live inland and I run outdoors as much as possible.

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