Sights and Searches of Sunday

Happy Sunday!

I ditched out of my triathlon training group meeting because I didn’t feel up to a bike ride and swim after yesterday’s long run.

Instead, I started my day with a 3 mile walk and some pancakes. That would be a veggie sausage on the right and almond butter in the middle. So good. IMG_5881 (800x533)

Do you make “special” breakfasts on the weekend? This felt special SmileIMG_5883 (800x533)

Then, Ben and I spent some time cleaning. I finally went through our junk drawer that was FILLED with, um well… junk.IMG_5891 (800x533)

The good thing about finally tackling that chore?

I found a $25 gift card and my $2 bill. I’ve had this since I was a kid and hold onto it like a treasure SmileIMG_5893 (800x533)

After chores we headed to my mom’s. We had an appointment to take Roxy for her annual make-over.

We walked her over to the dog groomer’s and they got started on her wash and haircut.

The place is also a “do it yourself” kinda dog wash place so Ben gave Bailey a bath.

We went back home to wait for Roxy to be done and I had a smoothie with granola for an afternoon pick me up.IMG_5941 (600x800)

No one was home so Ben and I enjoyed our treat while listening to the wind chimes and enjoying the warm Santa Ana breeze.IMG_5943 (800x600)

Weird pose. IMG_5950 (800x600)

Now it’s time to present Roxy’s make over…

Before:IMG_5547 (800x600)

After:IMG_5958 (800x600)

It looks like she lost 10 pounds!

Which has inspired me to shave all my body hair as well. Hey, if that’s all it takes to lose a few…

Sunday Set Up

Okay, it is time for me to get back on the Marathon Training wagon! I realized I don’t take it seriously enough. I need to respect the distance.

  • Monday: Speed
  • Tuesday: Easy
  • Wednesday: Yoga or Swim
  • Thursday: Long Tempo
  • Friday: Yoga or Swim
  • Saturday: Long run


Breakfasts: Eggs, Waffles, Overnight Oats

Lunches: Salads and Taters

Snack: Protein shake, bars, almonds,

Dinner: I’m craving fish sticks…

Search Me Sunday

These are the searches that brought unsuspecting Googlers to RER…

“popcorn disease” – Yep. I have that!

“im size 10 with big hips and butt what should i wear for a wedding” – I say something tight. Show it off girl Winking smile

“watermelon makes my stomach hurt” – Give me a minute, I can’t stop crying over how sad this is Sad smile

“planters man nuts” – Am I the only one that thinks this is a little pervy, yet funny?

“cat pushing watermelon” – See pushing watermelon


  1. Angela says

    I have a treasured $2 bill too. My grandma used to always say she kept a $2 bill in her wallet (that she never planned to spend) and that would guarantee that she would never be broke. When I was a freshman in high school (I’m now 40) I was given that $2 bill. I still have it in my wallet today.

    3 years ago my wallet was stolen from my car and was found in a corn field about 6 months later. Can you believe that that $2 bill I had stuck in a little hidden pocket of my wallet was still there?! They took my credit cards and cash but left my drivers license and the very thing that mattered the most. :)

  2. Kristine says

    Why did you sign up for a triathlon if you’re not even going to train for it? I just don’t get it.

    • says

      You’re right, I should have went for a bike ride and swim the day after I ran 15 miles even though my legs were very tired. I appreciate your feedback, but I’m trying my best with my time and body :)

      • says

        By the way, I think it’s really telling when a blogger will actually keep comments like that one up. It just makes them look bad, not the blogger! But some people can’t seem to handle any sort of criticism.

        I think you’re doing what you can! And I can’t wait to see how the tri goes :)

        • lauren says

          why sign up for a tri then? its like all your other goals, plank a day, cut back on soda, cut back on watermelon, no sweets after 8 etc. etc etc. If you sign up for a tri train for it, and that means not running 15 miles the day before youre supposed to train for the events you struggle with. have you done any biking yet? one swim workout?

          • says

            I signed up because I do want to try a tri. But, marathon training is my priority and I treat it as such. I’m glad you’ve been following my goals so closely – that’s really sweet. I have been doing well with the plank a day (only skipped 1 day last week!) and only had soda once each week since July 1st when I first announced it. I used to have it twice a day so that’s a huge improvement!!!

            I’ve biked once and swam 3 times. I know that doesn’t constitute a complete tri training program, but I’m doing my best. I hope you understand :)

          • lauren says

            your marathon is in november, training plans are 16 weeks. your tri is at the end of the month. the obvious training plan would emphisize training for the tri. or you could try not doing a long run and following it with swim and bike. i know if i needed a personal training your logic would someone id want to train me.

            dont act so surprised when everyone knows your goals. you have a public blog, anyone can read it.

          • says

            I am not surprised that you or anyone else know about my goals. I thought it was nice that you follow them close enough to list them back to me – did it not come off that way?

            Since you follow along so closely I’m sure you realize I prefer running over swimming and I’m scared of biking. But, I’m trying. I’m trying on a very public forum and it’s not easy. Again, I’m doing MY best. If you would do it different or better, I commend you.

  3. says

    Roxy looks like a totally different dog!
    I think we have three junk drawers going on right now, but at least our counter is clutter-free?! I love cleaning and finding money or something you thought you lost!
    And, I say good for listening to your body. You don’t want to hate riding or swimming because of doing it when you’re tired and not into it,

  4. says

    Those Sunday searches always crack me up. I love the cat one.

    Roxy seriously looks like she is a new dog.

    As for respecting the distance, that looks like it will make a nice schedule. I keep looking at the next couple months of training for my first half and I am so pumped to get to distances I have never been. But at the same time I am nervous for the distance.

  5. says

    For awhile we made crepes almost every Saturday…then they stopped feeling special since we made them 1x/week, so now we just occasionally have our special crepe breakfasts! Yum!

    I like it that you’ve held onto your $2 bill. It’s cute! I’ve never had a $2 bill.

  6. says

    read everyday but totally not sure who bailey is that Ben gave a bath to! thought pup was roxy!

    in other news- pancakes look delish and did you know its national watermelon month?!

  7. says

    I’m so glad ya’ll have a junk drawer too! :) Mine never has cash in it though! I love the cat picture!! I actually had to laugh out loud.

  8. says

    Ah our dogs name is Roxy, and she is black.. just not the same kinda breed. They are almost like twinssss though :). I can’t believe what a difference that makeover did for her. Shes just tooo cute!!

  9. says

    my grandmother used to send us $2 bills for valentine’s day, which made sense because she has 13 grandkids and that could get expensive if you were sending out candy 😉 We loved it! I used to save mine for the first snoball of the summer.

  10. C.M.M. says

    You know what Monica, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I think you do a great job staying active and eating healthy. You are an inspiration to me. Don’t listen to any of these girls that are trying to bring you down or make you look bad.

  11. Jen says

    Monica, you kick total ass and way to go on the level of transparency and honesty that you put on your blog. I rarely read comments and when I do I’m reminded why – boy, it’s easy to be critical of and mean to a stranger when you’re hiding behind a computer, huh?! Who cares if you train hard for a tri or not, it was your decision to sign up, your decision to train how you want, and it will be YOUR accomplishment when you’re done. Congratulations for even taking the step to sign up.

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