Music Monday–Nossa

Good Monday to ya!

On the way home from my mom’s yesterday we stopped at a local Mexican place for dinner. Um, they totally gave me the wrong thing. I am totally okay with picking off olives or something, but the wrong thing all together is a little much. The the last time we went there they gave my dad Menudo without hominy too. Sadly, I think this will be my last visit there. IMG_5967 (800x600)

We also brought home my little brother. He is staying with us all week because he is going to a very cool camp near our place. More details later.

IMG_5970 (800x600)

Last night I threw together breakfast. I’m going to be doing Monday Munchies later with a full day of eats so hang tight.IMG_5968 (600x800)

Run: My plan called for 1 mile repeats at 7:47. Um, I don’t remember if I’ve ever done full mile repeats! They even sound killer! I did okay the first 2, but on the way back realized I had been running downhill with the wind on my back. The last 2 were a lot slower than 7:47. But, I’m going to work on it!

Music Monday – Noosa

I’m obsessed with this song and need to put it on my playlist!

Question: How was your weekend?

What song are you obsessed with this week?


  1. says

    I have never done any speed work before. I was thinking I would try doing some once I finish my first half. Way to go on 1 mile repeats! I cant even imagine!

  2. adriana says

    In certain parts of Mexico, menudo is made without hominy. Maybe this restaurant makes it differently?

    • says

      Yeah, I’m sure they just make it different and not that they forgot the hominy. It’s just that we’ve NEVER gotten it without hominy before (and my dad’s been ordering this from local places for 50 years) so it was weird.

  3. says

    Mile repeats are hands down my favorite workout. I loved them when I use to run xc in college because I have zero speed, I’m the girl with one speed. Plus mile repeats means you have to do less, I know it’s the same distance but my messed up head thinks lower number of repeats means easier.

  4. says

    Is your brother foam-rolling !? My weekend was rainy. It was okay, but it will be better when I’m completely moved and living 15 minutes from the beach. Oh, and when my freaking house sells.

  5. says

    LOVE that song! I had it on repeat on my iPod for a while…so darn catchy! My weekend was super relaxed with some CrossFit workouts mixed in there. Perfection :)

  6. says

    I love that your brother is chilling with the foam roller!
    Sadly, I haven’t done speedwork since I quit track 11 years ago! Good for you for turning out four.
    The weekend was awesome! Today’s my first day back to work after vacation, so it’s not so awesome.

  7. Michele says

    I studied in Florence, Italy for the month of July and Ai Se Eu Te Pego was THE song at all of the bars. The bartenders would even do the dance. We all came home obsessed with it!

  8. Rebecca says

    I have been reading all of the “healthy living” blogs for a few years but *just* now stumbled on yours. And I have to say, it’s by far my favorite. Witty writing, and well, sorta fun! I actually lol at work reading some of your posts. After all the oatmeal and crossfit blogs, yours is actually interesting.

  9. sofia says

    hi – i’ve been reading your blog forever, but im bit too lazy to comment until now. i love nossa and just got back from working in guatemala where all the kids at a local public school are learning the song to play in parades on independence day in september…fortunately they already have the grinding moves down. i think you’d do well with the music down there.

  10. maren says


    you are right, the song IS awesome and once in my head, it is stucked for which feels like forever. I love to listen to it while working out.
    (And: it is noSSa and not noosa. My portuguese heart couldn’t let you get away with it, sorry!)

      • maren says

        Haha, cool! :-) And, forgot to mention it yesterday: THUMBS UP for your blog. Though I almost die of jealousy each time I read it because of the great food you get over there (let it be supermarkets or restaurant, I am jealous about it all). I live in Germany and I wish we had Whole Foods here…

  11. says

    What you didn’t want an order of cheese with a side of sour cream?? Kudos to you for doing mile repeats! I’ve done them once or twice but lately I have had major speed owrk envy since I’m massive pregnant! I was daydreaming watching some ladies at the track the other day of running without feeling like I was carrying a medicine ball around!

  12. says

    omggggg i love michel telo!!! I spent the start of my summer living and studying in spain where that song is played in everyyyy single discotecha where everyone is grooving to the “dance” haha love it!

  13. says

    Ah that song! I liked it the first time I heard it then Pitbull had to do a version of it… don’t get me wrong, I love me some Pitbull while I get my spin/run on, but does he do his own stuff anymore?

  14. says

    1 mile???!!! 1km is my tops…and getting thru 400m is already a struggle. Always. Weekend = back-to-back races and nonetheless to say, I was poofed!

  15. Corina says

    I just got back from 3 months of living in the Netherlands and that song plays NON-STOP! It’s great to workout to and have cocktails to and dance to…I LOVE IT!

  16. Tiffany says

    I just got back from a 5-month stay in Chile and Nossa was such a big hit! You’re not the only one who is obsessed. I had no idea it was popular here too. Thanks for the throwback :)

  17. says

    AHH Ai Se Eu Te Pego…this was pretty much the anthem of my study abroad semester in Barcelona this past spring. The song is SO popular over there, and my roommates even saw Michel Telo in concert while we were there! Everybody knows the dance that goes with it :)

  18. Mariane says


    I ready your posts almost every day!
    I´m brazilian, and I could not imagine that Michel Teló could make such success!rs

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