Flashback Saturday

I headed to my mom’s yesterday afternoon because Matt forgot something at our place that they needed for the week. They are headed to Yosemite this morning for a week of camping fun. Luckee!!!!

Anyways, since they were rushing around getting stuff ready and packed I went through some of my old stuff and found my old collection of DvDs. Ha! Please note, I don’t like any of these ones. There was a really good Denise Austin one, but it’s not in this pile?!IMG 6167 800x600 thumb Flashback Saturday

But, I did find this Open Water Swimming DvD that I bought senior year of college. That was when I first tried to train for a triathlon. I ended up having to quit because I was taking 15 units, working and doing an internship. We’ll see how next week goes with my iTrythlon. Luckily, it’s just a pool swim!IMG 6168 800x600 thumb Flashback Saturday

I also got into our old home videos! I was born a big ol’ ham sandwich and the day my mom got our first video camera I am right there singing all the songs I know (and making a few up)!IMG 6178 800x600 thumb Flashback Saturday

IMG 6177 800x600 thumb Flashback Saturday

I was also in the KMart fashion show because my Grams worked there. IMG 6169 800x600 thumb Flashback Saturday

Look at that booty!IMG 6170 800x600 thumb Flashback Saturday

Since we were in the neighborhood I got my nails and eyebrows done at my old fave place. My brows are fried (I just think my skin is too sensitive and I need to stick to threading, bah.) But I’m happy with my toes!image thumb17 Flashback Saturday

We stayed pretty late and I came home and immediately crashed.

Now I’m trying to plow through some emails before I get my day started. I am going to attempt a brick workout with Pam’s triathlon group in a bit! Ah! Super scared.

Fuel for a brick workout? Sunday Pancakes!IMG 5883 800x533 thumb1 Flashback Saturday

Of Interest:

1. Did you hear about this Sudanese man who will be able to run “without a country” (the Republic of South Sudan hasn’t been approved by the IOC yet).

2. I was interviewed by Tour De Fit

PS – I got an email that someone bought a new phone on my mobile account and customer service keeps dropping my call. NOT cool.

Question: How was your Saturday?!


  1. says

    So random, but…. love your Target sandals! I have them in pink (and am wearing them today, thats the only reason I noticed this.) Hope you have a fab Sunday.

  2. says

    You probably already know this, but your skin irritation could be due to the time of your current cycle. You shouldn’t wax a week before, a week after or during your period. TMI? It limits your waxing window, but trust me, your skin will thank you!

    Have you tried calling a local store for your cell service? I’ve found they are usually better to work with vs. the national customer service number. Good luck!

  3. Robin says

    You look like a doll in those videos, so amazingly cute! My 16 month old daughter is already a ham (we call her Ham Sammie since her name is Samantha) and if she grows up to have a personality like yours I’d be thrilled!

  4. says

    I had a great day with my niece and nephew. Now they are gone and we’re picking up the other two in awhile. It’s an Auntie Amber weekend! Fun stuff.

    I wish I could still watch my old home movies. Some old VCR messed up the videos a long time ago. I still have them, but every time I’ve tried to watch one it is just snow :(

  5. says

    I agree that is a beautiful pedicure! I usually go with brights on my toes, but maybe I should consider a pastel.

    What a cute kid you were. I love your red hair!

    How did the brick workout go?

  6. Amy says

    You were so cute! I know this is kinda random and sounds really gross, but a great cure for red, puffy eyebrows is hemorrhoid cream. It reduces the redness and swelling. My eyebrows stay bright red for a few days after waxing if I don’t use the cream, but with it I look normal within a few hours. :)

      • Amy says

        It shouldn’t burn even with scabs. I buy the extra strength pain relief with aloe (the no name stuff). My friend recommended it to me after seeing my bright red brows two days after waxing. The cream is meant to heal and I’ve never had a problem with it.

  7. says

    Hey, I was also browsing old pics yesterday night – mainly those from grad school (which now seems like an eternity ago!!!). Oh I miss my classmates and the times we had in Cambridge.

    And I love those sandals!

  8. says

    I had my brows threaded once, and I literally CRIED the entire time. That was the most painful thing I’ve ever done – and I’ve had natural childbirth twice! Seriously. Ouch! I’m a firm believer in waxing now :)

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