Tangent Tuesday of America

1. I woke up this morning from the most vivid dream! It’s weird when you wake up confused if that was real life or what?!

In my dream I was living in a condo with a few of my high school friends and it started pouring as we were walking inside. So, my friend Jen rushed in and fell, then my dogs got stuck in the gate. So random. I haven’t talked to her in years at this point – I should reach out SmileSCAN0257 (800x647)

2. Per my New York Marathon training plan I was supposed to run 3 miles at a 8:03 pace. I warmed up 1 mile and did 7:59, 8:23, rest break because I was dying, 8:00.

It’s hard to do tempo or long speed work around here because it’s not flat. I have one route that this 1/2 flat and I do 800s there, but anything over that is difficult to navigate.

3. I had eggs and an alternative bagel for breakfast. image

I was running super low on Almond Butter so I bought Target’s AB,PB,CB on Sunday. Yeah, it’s not as good at Trader’s Joe’s. Let me explain with a visual aid…the better nut butter 2(source: Monica’s tragic photo editing skills)

4. Reality TV Talk – I don’t understand why Jacqueline is so bummed about not being Teresa’s friend anymore. Talking to her is so frustrating. And when she made a dig at SkinnyGirl – that crossed the line. NUP_143462_0792.jpg(source)

I told myself I wasn’t going to watch the Real Housewives of NY this season and the last episode hooked me. I understand they want drama for TV, but I do like watching everyone get along and live fabulous, fancy lives. They don’t have to fight for me to watch!

5. I took a poll via Twitter yesterday asking, “Do you read blogs on your phone or on the computer?” Surprisingly it was about 60% computer, 40% phone. phone reading

I ask because I’m working in a few updates to RER and was curious if most of you read via your phone you don’t see my header and page tabs anyways!

Question: Do you still talk to your high school friends?

Do you read blogs on your computer or on the phone?


  1. says

    Dreams like that throw me off. I once had a dream I was pregnant and when I woke up I was terrified until I realized it was a dream!
    I rarely read blogs on my phone- it’s just too tiny! Once in a while I read them on my iPod when I stretch though. Other than that, I read them on my comp.

  2. says

    I do still talk to a few friends from high school but it’s mostly through Facebook. I read blogs on my phone if I’m waiting somewhere like a doctor’s office or if my son has taken over my laptop.

  3. says

    I hate when I wake up and I’m not sure if it was real life or a dream.

    There are a handful that I talk to regularly, and a few more that I usually try to visit when I am home.

    I mostly read on the computer…unless I’m stuck somewhere boring, then I’ll start checking for updates on the phone.

  4. Katrina says

    I read blogs from my phone, and I still talk to my high school friends. We all live in different states but Skype and Facebook are great things to keep in touch!

  5. says

    I usually read from my computer or iPad. My phone is ancient and although it has internet abilities, it is SO slow it’s just not worth it. I could drive home and open my computer in the time it would take to load a page…

  6. Rebecca says

    I read them exclusively on my phone. Although every once in a while I have a chance while sitting in front of my computer and I’m always amazed at what I’ve missed on my phone.

    I’ll say that your blog loads up fast, refreshes fast, and never gives me any problems on my phone!

  7. Shannon B. says

    I have reconnected with HS friends thanks to facebook.
    If I have a quick second at work I will glance through blogs, however I usually look through them on iPad, so what is that considered computer or phone like??

  8. Emily says

    I am a RH junkie, but for the first time ever, I decided to not watch the RHNY this season. The first couple of episodes did nothing for me. The ladies don’t evoke any emotions from me. They’re not funny or dumb or interesting. Blah. I can’t get enough of RHNJ though.

  9. says

    How funny that you mention high school friends. My best friend from high school emailed me today and said that we should get together. I don’t see her too often but I would love to see her and catch up on old times. Looks like you are training hard for NY!

  10. LiseyB says

    Well..I married my highschool sweetheart, it will be 21 yrs in Sept. Actually 29 years, since we were together 8 years before we got hitched. Please don’t do the math, my real age doesn’t match me at all!!

    I also still hang with my highschool friends, although I just like to call them my “life long friends” now since highchool was a million years ago.

    We call ourselves the “Chilies”…long story…but a couple of us have matching tats. The other 3 just plain wimped out when the time came to get inked…boo…but I still love them!

      • LiseyB says

        Yup! Don’t give up when it gets a little rough….sometimes those “hard times” can really put everything in to perspective. I can’t believe the crap I use to get mad about!! Now we spend as much time together as we can and he supports my friendships with my gal pals. We laugh A LOT! Life is sweet!

  11. says

    I read most blogs in Google reader, so even when it’s on the computer I still don’t see the header and side bars, except when I click over to comment of course. :)

    I still talk to some of my high school friends. In fact, I would say I’m closer to more friends from high school than college.

  12. Melissa says

    I read on my phone (except for the Ask a Monicans because my phone is not snazzy like that). Your site has a really great linking system, and I get lost on Monica adventures for HOURS at a time!! Seriously.

  13. kels says

    i do both. i was actually thinking yesterday as I was reading on my phone that i would love if yours had a more phone friendly format! go for it! :)

  14. Maren says

    our new tv service doesn’t have bravo…not that I watch tv really at all (we’ve lived there two months and just found out about no bravo yest.) but I am still bummed! Everyone needs a little trash tv in their life. If I’m on a long trip, I read blogs on my phone, but otherwise on my computer.

  15. says

    Computer…haven’t quite jumped on the smart phone/iphone/blackberry/any phone-that-does-anything-besides-text-and-call-people bandwagon. One day though.

    When I was down a computer (my laptop died and I wanted to wait until I got a good deal) I read them on a tablet though – much prefer regular computers.

  16. Tabatha Rhodes says

    I never read blogs on my phone, and I keep in touch with high school (and even middle school!!) friends via Facebook.

  17. Kara says

    I read exclusively on my phone. Please don’t change your website too much, as it’s one of the only ones that loads quickly, easily, and doesn’t freeze my phone. I love it so much!! Favorite blog by a mile, and you make each of my days better. You’re like this constant that I really look forward to (and one of the only bloggers I relate with). Keep doing what you’re doing – we love you!

  18. says

    The first time I tried that Target brand of nut butter I didn’t like it, but as I went through the jar I started to love it more. By the end of the jar, I really liked it. It was weird. I always read blogs on my computer!

  19. says

    I only talk to a few of my high school friends still. If I saw anyone I don’t really want to talk to from high school, honestly, I would probably hide. Haha!

    I read blogs on both my computer and my phone. Depends where I am and how bored I am.

  20. says

    I just watched the most recent Jersey episode and totally agree- why does Jacqueline even care?? Teresa is crazy and her husband sucks.
    Also…why still go on vacation with people you hate? Especially when you are stuck in an RV with them?

  21. says

    I’m not answering your questions :) but wanted to throw in…have you watched Beverly Hills Nannies? Oh my gosh. I shouldn’t even admit I watch it. It’s everything that’s bad and “good” about the Real Housewives wrapped into a new twist. ABC Family – and online.

  22. Nicole Leonard says

    Yup, I’ve been friends with my 2 besties since middle school.

    I read blogs via Google Reader on my phone 90% of the time.

  23. says

    What the…that’s pretty wild to mix three nuts and make a butter out of it! I might have to try that just out of curiosity, though I’m a HUGE fan of the same Trader Joe’s almond butter. Nothing will ever change that :)
    As for reading blogs, I often skim through them on my phone while on the elliptical/treadmill or if I’m bored somewhere (like waiting on line at a store), but I usually click “keep as unread” and then reread them with more attention at home…plus it’s too annoying to comment from my phone!

  24. Leslie says

    I read on my phone. I can see everything just as it appears on my laptop. I occasionally have an issue where it does not load. I can’t remember what the message says … Something about server can not be found maybe. I like your blog.

  25. says

    I could not agree more with the target almond butter (or PB, Or CB, whatever) they all suck! Which is shocking to me because I love Target. Whatevs, I should probably stop buying nut butter like its my job anyway haha.

  26. Sarah says

    I read the majority of my blogs on the computer, but when I’m being an awesome copilot to my husband I read blogs on my phone. It’s really helpful when we are traveling some place new, and he really does need directions 😉

  27. Ida says

    i read on my laptop only. Still haven’t gotten a smartphone! I talk to a few people from HS, but am friends with a ton on FB. I never would have thought i’d still be in touch with some of those people, oh social media!

  28. Stephanie says

    I read using my PC, Android phone, and iPhone. Just depends where I am but I always need me some RER!

  29. says

    It is so much easier to comment if I read on my computer, so I read it there 99% of the time. The 1% is if I read it on my Kindle Fire. I don’t even have a smartphone, so I don’t really have that option!

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