Bliss Beauty Board Box Vlog


Happy Thursday! I was very happy to use my Thai food leftovers for today’s lunch. But there wasn’t that much left (over), so I added some of this Sesame Garlic tempeh. This is way better than the other bacony kind I got last time. I recently got an amazing box of beauty products from Bliss. I was pretty excited to bust them open, but haven’t gotten the chance to try the skin … [Read more...]

Run, Bike, Swim, Eat


I survived my first attempt at running, biking and swimming in a row. The bike was rough because it was hilly, apparently my seat is way too low (Coach Pam told me last practice and I forgot to fix it!) and my gears strongly dislike being changed. So, ended up turning around a little early on the bike portion. We did the full 200m swim.. The pool I’ve been swimming in is a 25m … [Read more...]