Bliss Beauty Board Box Vlog

Happy Thursday!

I was very happy to use my Thai food leftovers for today’s lunch.IMG_6275 (800x533)

But there wasn’t that much left (over), so I added some of this Sesame Garlic tempeh. This is way better than the other bacony kind I got last time.IMG_6273 (800x533)

I recently got an amazing box of beauty products from Bliss. I was pretty excited to bust them open, but haven’t gotten the chance to try the skin or hair mask just yet. I did a quick vlog of my thoughts about the products below.IMG_6277 (800x533)

From left:

  • Jurlique Anti-oxidant Hair Mask
  • Alterna Ocean Waves
  • Aveda Stress Fix Lotion
  • Dove Clinical Protection Deordorant
  • Futerer After Sun Conditioner
  • The Body Shop Beautifying Oil
  • Supergoop! Suncreen Spf 40
  • Lorac Tantalizer

Here is the Aveda stress fix lotion and Supergoop Sunscreen (love that name) up close.IMG_6284 (800x533)

I am wearing this highlighter / bronzer combo in the vlog:IMG_6289 (800x533)

And this Ocean Waves hair productIMG_6293 (800x533)


These products were sent to me for free via Bliss. All opinions are my own, but Vegas does often have a say in these videos too.


  1. Jenn says

    Yes let me take beauty advice from the girl w drag queen makeup and braided pig tails. This is as big of a joke of taking marathon and nutrition advice from you.

  2. says

    Hi Monica! Thanks for sharing. I love new beauty products and hearing what other people like. My skin is really dry/sensitive, so I use Caudalie vinoperfect facewash & moisturizer. It’s lightly scented, and keeps my skin looking great! It also got rid the leftovers of teenage acne.

    Other than that? Aveeno sensitive skin bodywash. It doesn’t smell like anything, but is really gentle on my skin, and doesn’t dry me out like the other bodywashes I used to use (I’m looking at you, Dove).

  3. Dynamics says

    You go Monica!!!! The perfect person to critique products!! Love your hair! What was the name of that stuff you sprayed on it?

  4. Cait says

    You are adorable, and your hair and makeup look fab! I haven’t used hot rollers since I was little, but you’re making me rethink them.

  5. Amanda says

    You always crack me up! I’m sure your excited for your pits 😉 I am very curious about that beach spray and lotion. I love aveda, have you tried shampure? A nice gentle shampoo that smells like a spa.

  6. says

    If you ever find yourself in the Atlanta-area, please let me know so that we can have a “sweat-off.” Seriously, I think I got you beat there and we have humidity to boot 😉

    Love your little guest appearance in the background. The first take of the first vlog I tried to post, my dogs suddenly started barking like crazy in the background. Yay pets!

  7. says

    Ahhh, ever since that beachy waves hairstyle started becoming more popular several years ago, I’ve always found myself wishing that I didn’t have such curly hair. Ocean waves don’t happen when your hair is naturally a curly crazy mess. Womp.

  8. says

    OK first off I’m jealous because i’m a total beauty products whore…but I used to work for Aveda and it’s pronounced Ah (vay) dah as opposed to ah (vee) dah. Lovya and keep blogging, you rock 😉

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