Few Fails and a Win


Last week I opened my email to a sign from the Groupon gods. My favorite yoga studio had a Groupon for 10 sessions for $29. That is AMAZING! I quickly swooped it up and told myself this is exactly what I needed to get back to the studio. Today I went to a Level 1 class with my favorite instructor and had a really good time. But, when I walked out (they do checkout / payment … [Read more...]

Fitbloggin Friday and FroYo


Hello and Happy Friday! I have a super busy day, so let’s do this Last night I made quesadillas for dinner. I love these and don’t know why I neglect to make them everyday. I used LC cheese and it wasn’t gooey, but this very tasty! Then, I headed to a Yogurtland meet up with the OC blogger girls. They rock. No pics of the group because I’m pretty sure Sarah from OUAL hates … [Read more...]