Motivational Monday and My Key

Yesterday morning I couldn’t find the key I keep to take on my runs. I have a loose key I grab before I go and either put it in my zipper pocket or tie it in my shoe laces. Well, it was missing yesterday but I left without it since Ben was going to be home anyway.

I ended up finding it later in the last pair of capris I wore to run. It went through the wash though!is that a key in your pants?

Ben puts his loose change in this heart shaped bowl we got for registering at Crate and Barrel for our wedding. It’s not that much (considering he’s been using it for 2 years!) since cash is so 2003.IMG_6823 (800x600)

Well, I finally took it to Coinstar yesterday and we got $42.00 to spend on Amazon. I chose a gift card because the machine charges you 9.8 cents per dollar if you want cash Sad smileIMG_6824 (600x800)

Then, I wandered around the grocery store for an hour figuring out what I’d like to eat this week.

Of course I’d like to eat chocolate and scored this “trail mix” on super sale. IMG_6827 (600x800)

Um, this is ridiculous. It’s basically chocolate candy with a few almonds and raisins. IMG_6828 (800x600)

Last night was uneventful. I made dinner, avoided the computer and watched The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I still don’t get Teresa – is she really that oblivious? She doesn’t understand that a friend would want to know if she was having troubles at home? Jacqueline wasn’t wrong for asking about it.

The NY Daily News has a #RHONJ Recap heret on insider(source)

Ben and I also caught a little of the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Wow.


I started the day with a gym strength session. It was nice to see my friend and fellow trainer Kristie there – we haven’t seen each other in months with our different schedules!image

Monday Motivation…squat it away( source pinterest Dawn Palmer via Candy Rodal)

Not sure if this is motivational, funny or just a new way to view things…

go thighs go(source)

Monday Mini-Goals for 8/20/12

1. Go through all my email by Friday! I’ve been neglecting this big time.

2. Plank a day.

3. Track everything.

Question: Got any mini-goals for the week? What are they?


  1. Michele says

    I did feel bad for Teresa during Joe’s little phone call. I wonder how she is going to talk/ lie her way out of that one in the reunion!

  2. sally says

    i did a long run yesterday morning by the Verrazano Bridge (a.k.a. the start of the NYC Marathon) and i took a photo of it to send to you for inspirrraaayysshh! Of course i keep forgetting to send it. Good thing you mentioned you’re backlogged with email anyway. LOL.

      • sally says

        the thing is that there is such an intense crowd at the start that you can’t really run your normal pace at the beginning anyway until it thins out as you get to the end of the bridge. So you don’t really feel the incline at all. Not to mention it’s the most breathtaking view and i promise you your legs won’t care one bit! The one that you DO feel is the queensboro bridge between miles 15 and 16=) ok sending pic now

  3. says

    My goals this week seem so simple yet for me they take work! 1. Use MFP every day and log everything! 2. Find out about my teaching contract. 3. Enjoy my long runs and power through the quick ones! Theresa is insane. Makes me embarassed to be from NJ. I’m from the cool south part though so its okay!

  4. says

    i went to coinstar this weekend too and got $30! And the cool part is that I was just remembering how when I had done it before (like a year or 2 ago) I got cash w/out a fee since the machine was faulty and couldn’t produce a giftcard. Same thing happened again! p.s. Isn’t it fun to hear the coins dropping? feels like Vegas lol.

  5. says

    My goals are to run more and eat healthy since I ate like crazy over the weekend!

    Chocolate trail mix is my kind of trail mix! I pick the raisins out anyway because I don’t like them, so the more chocolate – the less raisins – the better!!

  6. Shannon says

    haa haa haaa….thighs clapping you on…I needed that laugh:) My hubby and I also keep all of our change and use it for a yearly vacation. It really adds up! Mini goals for me this week include: 30 minutes of aerobics 6 days (ie: treadmill mostly, I’m just starting out and am 48 years old), and drink 8 glasses of water a day. In two weeks I’ll review for adding/changes. Hope you succeed at your goals!

  7. says

    Guilty pleasure…Housewives of NJ….just makes me laugh.

    Mini goal….to eat really well this week…Last week I gave into EVERY craving I was having and my cravings got worse as the week went on. It didn’t help that yesterday I made zucchini chocolate cake (that tastes nothing like zucchini and every thing like the MOST moist chocolate cake EVER!) For my daughter’s birthday….and then went on to eat two pieces of the cake too!!

    I must say today’s 4 miles felt great though….maybe it was the extra sugar?! 😉

  8. says

    Love the squats quote!!
    My mini goals for the week are to run 3x this week and not overeat on Friday or Saturday night.
    I’m a work in progress…

  9. Nicole says

    Goals this week….

    Don’t give in to cravings for ice cream or fro yo. But with it being hot in so. cal, it makes it extra tough to resist.

    Train smart – don’t over-run overly tired legs and think that I have enough gas in the tank for a long weekend run.

  10. says

    I’m currently studying for my PFT certification, so my goals lately have pretty much always been to get through a certain amount of chapters in the manual each week. I’m off to a good start!
    I haven’t watched RHONJ from last night yet- but it’s DVRd! Of course, the stupid Bachelor Pad is on tonight, so I’m not sure when I’ll catch up… :)
    I have to remember to look out for Honey Boo Boo. Tragic.
    My bank has a free coin-counting machine. The last time my husband and I gathered up our change, we had almost $100 (and so many damn pennies)!

  11. says

    Mini goal- try to get work and housecleaning done so I can relax next weekend.

    I save my change all year and then cash it in in early December for an Amazon card to buy Christmas presents with. It’s usually less than $100, but that gets a few people out of the way in terms of gifts.

  12. says

    Now those little chocolates look really tasty.
    And I was always wondering who was behind me cheering me on! HAHA! Love that.

    Good luck on plank a day – love those!
    Going to peruse the rest of your blog.

  13. Kate says

    I freakin’ love Coin Star.
    I get Starbucks cards and that is the only Starbucks I allow myself.
    It’s fun to police myself like that.
    I want chocolate.
    No goals for me, unless you count catching up on RHoNY.

  14. says

    My goals this week is to use my foam roller every night, do my exercises my PT gave me 2x/day and I think I will add your plank a day. I kinda like planks….I usually like tabata planks.

  15. says

    oh goodness.. dare i was honey boo boo? The commercials look awful, but I am a tad curious. Also, YES. That is how trail mix should be 😉

  16. Wendi says

    Please don’t watch honey boo boo anymore!! The less publicity they get, the better! TLC sure has gone down in the past few years.

    My goals for this week are to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with only a snack in between lunch and dinner. So far so good, but it IS only Monday….

  17. Mendi says

    Love the thigh slapping card!! It’s how I feel lately!!! My mini goals for the week avoid fro yo, drink more water, run as many days as possible.

  18. says

    I’ve never heard of coinstar. This sounds amazing! The bank wants me to count and roll my change in order to take it. I think that’s silly, because there are a bank and have a machine that will do all of that for them. Now I will try to find a Coinstar in my ‘hood.

  19. says

    I dump about a $1 into a jar everyday – it adds up to a pretty tidy sum at the end of the year and I use it for a new dress or fancy meal.

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