Red Eye to Tampa

I’ve been researching foods to eat and avoid for low thyroid issues and read that processed soy (among other things) can sometimes affect thyroid function.  Well, I was eating processed soy in the form of veggie burgers

So, today I changed it up with Bumble Bee’s Spicy Thai Tuna.IMG_7149 (800x600)

I put it in my usual salad with TJ’s peanut dressing and it totally worked!IMG_7151 (800x600)

Plus a tragic looking cookie for dessert SmileIMG_7155 (800x600)

I had grand plans to do Gym Run, Tan, Laundry today before we left, but it was a #Fail.

I normally get a spray tan before I go to Florida (you know, so I’ll fit in with the locals) but I ran out of time. At least I got the laundry done…IMG_7157 (800x600)

I guess this morning’s 9 miler caught up with me fast because I was Rungry all day! I had lunch early and around 2:30pm wanted a “real meal” not just a snack. So, I cooked up last night’s chicken sausage/broccoli leftovers with eggs.IMG_7159 (800x600)

After work I packed super fast and headed to my mom’s. They are watching Vegas for us and drove us to the airport. Unfortunately we’re flying out of LAX, which is practically as far as driving half way to Florida!

I said “hello!” to my growing pumpkin! I’m so so excited for this!IMG_7162 (800x600)

And after my naked-scanner-opt-out-pat-down-extravaganza I’m sitting at the gate waiting for my flight to board. I have a little snack to keep me company.IMG_7164 (800x600)

This is a Red Eye with a quick layover – ugh, I always regret red eyes when I get to my destination but it’s the best use of time. I’m really going to try to sleep through the flight, but if I can’t I have some reading material. (Cross your fingers that I sleep though!)IMG_7166 (800x600)

See you soon Dunkin Donuts!!!IMG_4638 (600x800)

Question: Can you sleep on a plane? Thoughts on Red Eyes?

I’m going to be jacked up when I get to Florida, but I’m excited to see my in-laws and new niece!!!


  1. kate says

    Oh SOY!
    When I cut out all the tofu, soy milk and fake soy meat I was eating I lost ten pounds in about 2 weeks. It was crazy! I didn’t even want to lose weight.
    Soy is not my friend…no sir-ee.

  2. says

    When we lived in Alaska, our options were the red eye (1am) or 6 am flights. I swear, I got a cold every single time we flew somewhere on the red eye. Tired battered body + cesspool airplane = flu, cold, or any other airborne mystery illness. I do whatever I can to avoid them now. Luckily my local airport now has many more flights through the day.

  3. Lorin says

    Yeah I’m worried a bit about sleeping on a plane. I’m studying abroad this fall and I’m taking a plane on Sunday from LAX actually. We have a layover in germany and arrive at 10 am so pretty much i’m leaving in afternoon and arriving in the morning..essentially missing an entire night. However, once I get to my destination i know it will be worth it!

  4. says

    never experienced the red eye…although, not surprising since I have only been on a plane about 5 times. 😉

    To think I just started eating tofu and drinking soy (not too mention eating a lot more veggies and less crackers/bread) but I have been losing weight….crazy what different bodies need/want.

  5. says

    Welcome to Tampa! I’m a Clearwater girl, so that’s just across the bridge. You should never be worried about tanning, I have a tanner face, arms, but other than that I belong to the pale kids club. I just get sun to the areas that are normally exposed to sunlight. It’s the Florida tan!

    Enjoy your time here. It looks like we are going to have a beautiful weekend!

  6. says

    I cannot sleep on planes. Instead I read.
    Did the red eye once from San Fran to Chicago – i was really sick with some sort of virus so the flight was miserable.
    On that happy note, have a great trip!!

  7. Anna says

    Most varieties of Bumble Bee tuna actually have soy in them, so be careful and be on the look out for that “contains soy” note on the label.

    Have fun in FL!

  8. says

    I can NEVER sleep on planes! Even when I was flying to and from Taiwan I barely slept – I’m not sure what it is. Have fun in Florida! YAY!

  9. says

    A big group of ladies and I were talking about the whole soy thing last night too. I am definitely going to lay off it a bit. Eventually I’ll just be eating lettuce it seems. Diary’s bad for me, meat and now soy!?!? What to do…

    Have fun in Tampa. BTW, my domain changed from ( to Be a pal and follow me on twitter or blogger. Thanks.

    Jessica Washburn

  10. says

    I’ve hear and read the same about processed soy. I believe tofu and miso are OK. Does any one know? Meanwhile, I’ve switched from soy milk to almond milk and love it.

  11. says

    I can sleep on a plane if there is an empty seat beside me. But I took a red eye from Seattle to Atlanta once and the plane was crammed full. Didn’t get much sleep on that. I did sleep all the way from Atlanta to London, thanks to a Lunesta!

    Have a great trip!
    The Kidless Kronicles

  12. says

    I cannot sleep on planes. Even if I’m exhausted the littlest bit of turbulence wakes me up.

    And I love that flavor of tuna, it’s great on a sandwich with onions and cilantro mixed in!

  13. says

    Different things work for different people. Soy makes me feel like a slug. I can barely function eating it. And I can tell that my thyroid medications work so much better without it.

    Have a great trip! I can’t sleep on planes, but hopefully you got some rest!

  14. says

    i need to try those tuna packets..they sound awesome!!

    i can NEVER sleep on flights.. i hate that. we flew to thailand last yr and i stayed up the entire time..i watched 7 movies hahah it was awful. but i caught up on all the oscar nominated movies so i guess it wasnt all bad. haha

  15. allison says

    Actually, according to my daughters endocrinologist, soy interferes with the absorption of the medication she takes (levothyroxine). If this is what you are taking (and it seems like everyone I talk to with low thyroid takes this) you should avoid any soy at all around the time that you take the medicine.

    • says

      Thanks Allison, I read that too but I’m not the ‘usual’ meds for this since just one of my thyroid parts is low. I read soy is bad on the holistic/nutrition side of things.

  16. says

    No sleeping on planes for me. I took a sleeping pill once on the plane back from Australia, and I slept two hours. While I appreciated these two hours, I still count that as no sleep.

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