Brooks Running Skirt Review and Giveaway

Happy Wednesday!

I decided to run the mile to the gym this morning and do some much needed strength work. I wore my new Brooks Running PR Mesh Skort and am excited to share this review.

Warning: These pics were taken in my room because it was still dark outside. The sun is already coming up later and the days are getting shorter. Boo.image

A few months ago I was asked to be a Brooks Run Happy Ambassador. Since I already wore Brooks I jumped at the opportunity! Part of the partnership means I get to try out Brooks gear for free.

This month’s gear was the PR Mesh Skort and this D’Lite Mesh Tank. I wouldn’t have bought this skirt on my own since I tried a running skirt a long time ago and it didn’t work for me. So, I was reluctant to run in it. IMG_7447 (800x600)

Luckily, the inner shorts have a 4.5 inseam AND non-slip lining around the bottom of each leg. I only ran about 1.5 to the gym and 1 mile back, but they stayed put and my legs didn’t rub together. <- that is a win.IMG_7448 (800x600)

My only complaint is that the waist doesn’t have a drawstring, which I really need for longer runs. (My sweat and butt drag down any bottoms I wear.)

I like the look of running skirts, but felt a little self conscious wearing it because it’s something new. But, I am happy with the fit and am going to continue to wear it. I kinda want a more girly color since it’s a skirt and all – might as well go all out Winking smileimage

When I got back I had half a sandwich thin with PB&J while cooking up a two ingredient pancake. IMG_7451 (800x600)

Now I’m chomping on blueberries and talking to you SmileIMG_7453 (800x600)

And since Brooks wants RER Readers to Run Happy they are giving away one skort! image

If you want to win a Brooks PR Mesh Running Skort leave a comment answering:

Have you ever worn a running skirt? Thoughts?

One winner. Open to residents of the the US. Contest closes 9/6 at 8am PST. Part of my ambassadorship with Brooks includes compensation for advertising and free gear.


  1. Kylee says

    I looooveeee running skirts! I wore one this past Sunday in the Rock N Roll half marathon and it was perfect in the heat! That brooks skort would be perfect for me:)

  2. Trisha says

    I do have 2 running skirts and they must have the grippy part on the shorts. I have found that they work well for short runs, but after 13 miles my legs will rub together.

    Love the brooks running skirt :)

  3. Lisa Harrison says

    YES! In fact, sitting in a very sweaty one right now after a 9 mile run! I love them but was a little sceptical at first! I like the fact that the Brooks one is a little longer and straighter than some! I hope I win! And I LOVE the fun colors! A 45-year-old woman like me needs a little fun in her runs! :)

  4. says

    I love running skirts, they make me feel like my butt doesn’t look as big. I have been wearing body shaper capris under mine to prevent the leg rub thing. It’s nice to know there is a skirt out there that will stay put!

  5. Amy says

    I have two running skirts and I do love them. My Nike skirt is a bit too short for comfort and mainly use that on the treadmill, the other (not sure of the brand) I love and use it to run and hike. The second one is longer but the shorts do not stay in place for long.

  6. says

    I *only* run in skirts! Shorts look weird on me and I love the coverage of the skirt. Even if it’s super short. Plus, they make me feel super badass for some reason!

  7. Breanna says

    I’ve never tried a running skirt, but I have always wanted to. I have not been able to find a good affordable one to try, and I don’t want to spend a lot of money in case I don’t like it.

  8. Christina says

    I haven’t worn one before but they look so cute! It would be perfect for a half I have coming up in November…

  9. Amy says

    I have never tried a running skirt, but I’ve always thought they looked really cute and would be a nice change to run in (an extra breezy feeling definitely helps here in the Tucson heat!). I would love to try one out!

  10. Taylor says

    I’ve never tried a running skirt; I’m afraid they would be too short on my larger backside, if you know what I mean. But if this one has longer shorts underneath I’d give it a try!

  11. Michelle says

    I wear a running skirt almost every time I go out for a run. I have long legs and a really short torso so I really like the feel of the wind against my legs.

  12. Cindy says

    I’ve tried a running skirt but like you i haven’t found one that doesn’t cause me to chafe. i’d love to try this one!

  13. Akemi says

    I have one. It’s attached to full-length tights, which was real common in Japan, but no one seems to do that in the US.

  14. says

    I’ve been eyeing the brooks Skirts. I’ve tried running in skirts in the past, but haven’t been really thrilled with the shorts underneath, so I stick mostly with shorts.

  15. says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt… I’ve always been a little intimidated by them… I don’t know why. But it would be cool to try one out!

  16. Rebecca says

    No, I have never worn a running skirt because I too worry about thigh chafing. Since that was not a problem with this skirt I would be happy to win it!

  17. Nicole Leonard says

    I love the look of running skirts and I *want* to wear one, but I’ve found that all the ones I try have itty-bitty shorts underneath that only creep when I move. I wear a running skirt that has capris underneath and that works. But I love the idea of this Brooks skirt though and hope I win!

  18. Karen says

    Never worn one, but always wanted to try one out. I’m like you and normally wear capri’s as my legs rub together also.

  19. Jessica says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE running skirts, it’s all I wear (outside of the house – treadmill I wear either old clothes or a skirt)…..I just love them. I’m not a shorts running person or capris. I love going to races and seeing all of the different patterns… do look adorable in yours, I agree.

  20. says

    Never tried a running skirt, but have always wanted to! It’s just hard for me shell out the $$ for one when I have perfectly good (eh?) shorts at home. But I would LOVE one!

  21. Audra H says

    I would love to try running in a skort- I never have before! My biggest concern would be that my thighs would rub while I run (normally capris are my bottom of choice to prevent this). Your review has me excited that this skort would work well for me!

  22. Charliss says

    I would LOVE this running skirt! I got one from Target and save it for my long runs each week because I love it so much. I thought running skirts were silly for the longest time until I tried one, now I’m a convert.

  23. Elizabeth says

    I have never tried a running skirt. I dislike running in shorts for the same reason you do, my legs rub together :(.

  24. Beth G. says

    I have a Nike one that I bought on clearance and wore once. It was OK, but it kept creeping up on the legs. I would LOVE to try a Brooks skirt!

  25. Debra says

    I love wearing my running skirt, just not to run in lol. The inseam is way to short and it is not pleasant after a couple of miles.

  26. Angela says

    I love running in skirts!! A few of the ones I have don’t make my thighs rub together, but I would love to try the brooks one.

  27. says

    I’ve never worn one but have considered it in the past. They look cute enough to go from gym to grocery store in an emergency (ya know.. we want chicken for dinner.. have no chicken.. go through self scanner with chicken) sort of dealio.

  28. says

    I have two skirts from lululemon and love them. Would love to try the brooks skirt though, for those days when I’m not feeling like putting on so many ruffles :)

  29. says

    I have two cheap-o running skirts from TJ Maxx that I LOVE. I find them so much more comfortable than wearing shorts, and they look cute too. I’d love to try out a non-cheap-o skirt like the Brooks one. :)

  30. Kate says

    I would love to try this running skirt. Love the look, but the ones I’ve tried always have the “creep-up” shorts. =(

  31. Jackie R says

    I’ve never worn one, but would love to give it a go. Would be nice to have something a little feminine to run in.

  32. Lisa says

    I’ve never worn one because I am afraid people will think I am wearing a tennis skirt AND I hate wearing shorts because they tend to ride up. I know a lot of bloggers that wear them and I think they look so cute. I would love to try this out!

  33. Ally says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt, but I wear skirts and dresses about 98% of the time otherwise. I’ve never liked the look of shorts, so I’d love to try one out!

  34. says

    I really liked running skirts last year, but I haven’t worn them much since I found the Brooks shorts. I have been super-curious about the grip on the shorts of the Brooks skirts, but my running store is out of them. This fall I will wear my Nike skirt with capris a lot.

  35. Nicole says

    I have never worn a running skirt but have been dying to try one out! Love the gray color since it would go with all my black workout tops :)

  36. Kelly says

    I have one that I love – they shorts stay in place and are great. I have another where the shorts ride up while running, but I like the way it looks. So I war it for walks and stuff like that. The shorts are key!!

  37. says

    Very cool, I love Brooks!

    I do have a running skirt, I didn’t think I would like it but my mother in law bought it for me for my birthday. I LOVE it! It’s super cute and something different.

  38. Tracey says

    I don’t wear running skirts regularly but I do have two and like them. I find the reaction to them interesting….people either think they’re super cute or look at me like I’m “trying” too hard to look cute while running. Nothing wrong with that!!!

  39. emily b says

    I’ve never worn one and actually used to make fun of people who did, but I’ve recently had a change of heart and think they look kinda cute. So, I would definitely love to try one (for free, natch) :)

  40. JenS says

    I have yet to try to running skirt as I am worried about the dreaded “chub rub”. But there are so many cute ones out there!

  41. Jordan says

    I’ve been looking all over for a running skirt, but haven’t found any that I think are long enough, this looks great!

  42. Shannon in Tustin says

    I love my running skirts! I love the runningskirts brand (athletic skirt style is a tad longer which I like). I also have one from Target that I like quite a bit but they don’t have the color selection of runningskirts. I only buy on sale cause my budget barely swings for the sale price. I was pretty self conscious when I started wearing them, but now I won’t run in anything else. I have the thighs of a mack truck; no matter what I do!! :( The shorts rarely stay in place but I use the Body Glide stuff and have never had one, single chafing issue (that stuff is amazing).
    Running skirts from Kohls have that special band inside the thighs to keep them in place. But sometimes it seems like the shorts don’t “settle into place” with that elastic-stuff; it’s not my favorite. who knows…

    I’d love to try the Brooks skirt!! :)

  43. Mary says

    I’ve never tried one but want to try one. I like the look of them but never has occurred to me that I should purchase one

  44. MoFish says

    Have always rocked the golf skorts, but only have one running skort. It’s from lululemon and is light and comfortable and stays put. It has weird side pleats that make me look wider than I am though….I dig the more streamlined shape of yours!

  45. Kelly says

    I tried one I found at TJ Maxx but had the same problem as you, it would not stay up! Needed a tighter waistband for sure. I would love to try the Brooks running skirt.

  46. Elizabeth says

    I love running skirts. I can be pretty intense/hardcore which scares people off. So I like to believe that running in a skirt makes me more approachable (which I am! I am a nice person! I like people!)

  47. says

    I love running skirts! Althought I don’t use mine for my pole dancing class & working out, not running. But if the inner shorts stay put like you said, then I’d love to take this one running!

  48. Jennifer Burnett says

    I have one running skort. I like running in it. It makes me feel pretty when I’m covered in sweat. I only wear it to run in. I have long legs and have thought about buying another to see if I can find one a tad bit longer so I can wear it to work. I work at a gym. I won’t wear the one I have because it’s a little too short for work. Got it keep it professional and classy.

  49. Tonya says

    I have tried them but I always have two problems. 1. The shorts ride up (maybe the grips will help) and 2. I am 5′ 11″ and often the skirts are too short. I wish I had one that works because they are really cute!

  50. Daria says

    I enjoy a good running skort. They cover the inevitable chubb-rub hike-up so I don’t have to readjust in public. I have one from Athleta that is nearly threadbare!

  51. Kathi J says

    I LOVE my brooks running skirt. It’s the only one I found that is long enough and that does not cause thigh chafing issues. I have worn my ragged, please please please pick me. :)

  52. Sara says

    I finally broke down and got my first one because it was way too hot to continue to wear capris – and I love it! Not sure what took me so long to give them a try….

  53. Elissa says

    I have yet to try out running skirts – I’m such a traditionalist! Although, considering I’ve been running in Brooks Adrenaline for 8 years (new year; new pair; same shoe!), is it any surprise I’m nervous to change my shorts? I have been curious about running skirts though – do they help prevent any of the chaffing that occurs while wearing shorts? If so, I could be convinced to give them a try immediately!

  54. Catherine D says

    I have tried a running skirt from Target and loved it. I like feeling cute and girly, yet athletic at the same time. :) For me they work better on shorter runs than long ones. but i still love mine :)

  55. Phebe says

    I’ve never tried a running skirt but they are super cute! I like that the built-in shorts in this one are long enough to prevent chub-rub – definitely a plus!

  56. Wendy says

    Never have worn a running skirt. Have always wanted to try one but have been hesitant to spend money on one not knowing if I would like it or not.

  57. Kelly R says

    I have never worn a running skirt, but have looked at purchasing one. This is an expense that I’m not ready to commit to though since I don’t know if I’d like it. I would be super stoked to try one out though

  58. AvBF says

    I love the running skirt. Have been wearing them for years because they hide all evil jiggly bits on me. Always want to try new ones that are the right length and fit :)

  59. Alise says

    I recently bought a running skirt from Target and I love it! My only complaint would be that it did ride up during my long run so I usually only wear it for shorter runs (or to run errands in haha)

  60. Iris Lee says

    Never tried one before, but I was looking at this very skirt on the City Sports website last night… hoping to test it out!

  61. Jennifer says

    I have (wanted to but ) never tried a skirt for the same reasons you said you didnt like them. But maybe this one will work!

  62. says

    I used to think running skirts were for those women at my gym whom i call the plastics (think Stepford Wives and you’ve got it) and not serious runners or long runs. I reluctantly tried out one earlier this summer as I was recovering from a stress fracture because I wasn’t going to be running long or fast in them, and omg – they were amazing. Now I own 2 and am on the hunt for a gorgeous 3rd for my Ragnar Relay next weekend! Why not girl it up at the gym/on the road/in a race?!

  63. Telisa says

    I tried an Adidas runing skirt a few years ago but didn’t care for it since the undershorts road up but I LOVE the brooks running skirt because of the non slip lining. they even have shorts that are like that!

  64. says

    I have tried a Reebok running skirt but alas, it DID NOT have the extra support/tightness around the shorts and the shorts creeped up during runs…dislike…thigh rub…so…..I still wear the skort but, only for walks sadly.

    I would love to try Brooks running skirts…*wink*wink. 😉

  65. Alli says

    I’ve worn a running skirt–but not to run. Just for lounging around and running errands. I’m too afraid of rubbing when running!

  66. says

    I am a big fan of running skirts! i have a nike, running skirt, & a few Lululemon. I have not tried a Brooks running one yet, but I am a big fan of their shorts so I am sure their skirts are just as good.

  67. Jen B says

    I have tried running in a skirt but the shorts underneath were too short which resulted in chafing (no bueno) and me constantly trying to pull them down to curb the chafing. TheBrooks skirt sounds great!
    I am bummed about shorter days too. :(

  68. Christina says

    I have one. I put it on, look in the mirror and take it off. I do wear it on my treadmill in the privacy of my home. It’s really comfortable for that but not in plain view of judgmental strangers. I think the inner shorts in mine are just too short. I wonder if this one would work better.

  69. Katy W says

    Love running skirts! I’ve never tried a Brooks but really like Skirt Sports and my Nike skirts. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Running Skirts.

  70. Sierra says

    Never worn a running skirt! My thighs do that whole rubbing together business also, so I pretty much stick to capris. Wouldn’t mind trying this one out!

  71. Erin says

    I have one which I have only worn once- I enjoyed wearing it but honestly kinda felt like “that girl” the whole time. But, wouldnt stop me from wearing it again!

  72. says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt and I feel a little weird about them since I’m no girly girl, but I wouldn’t mind trying them with the shorts underneath!

  73. says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt before. I’ve always been concerned about my legs rubbing against one another. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying one out, as I am in desperate need of more running clothes.

  74. Lexi says

    I have never wore a running skirt or skort before! So this would be a great opportunity for me to try one out! I might get hooked ;).

  75. Caroline says

    I have 2 pairs of running skirts but never wear them, because the shorts underneath ride up and my legs rub together :( I’d LOVE to finally find a skirt that I can wear without an extra pair of long shorts on underneath!

  76. Sandra says

    My running partner has that skirt and found it to be very hot on a longer run in less than perfect temps. She did like the under short length and the backing to keep them in place.

  77. says

    I’ve never run in a skirt but follow SR’s blog and have been inspired to try one out. I have yet to find one that I like the fit. I have not tried on a Brooks skort yet so this would be a great time for me to try it out.

  78. says

    I’ve wanted to try a running skirt, but being a size 16 makes it kinda hard. I’m not sure 4.5″ inseam would be enough for me. I usually look for 6″ to prevent the chafe.

  79. says

    Pick, me! I just bought my first running skirt on sale @ Kohl’s for less than $10! Wore it for an 8-miler this past weekend & it might be part of my marathon outfit! I also have not had good luck with inner thigh rub/shorts climbing, & this one has the extra elastic to keep the bottom of the under shorts in place. Looks similar to the Brooks one. Would love another, but do hear you on the drawstring; it’s a must!

  80. Nikki f says

    I always think they look so cute every time I see someone wearing one. I’ve never tried a running skirt but would love to. I like the one you have on since it’s not super short!

  81. Lauren says

    I’ve never worn one because I always thought that they would not provide enough coverage, but that one looks like it does! I love that it has the shorts underneath.

  82. says

    I love me some running skirts.
    A: They don’t do the weird bunchy mess that some shorts do
    B: They hide said bunchy mess when it does happen
    C: A good liner eliminates the chub rub altogether
    D: I <3 Brooks so hard. The shoes, anyway. I have a couple of tops of theirs that I wear, but not any of their skirts. Yet. You can change that for me. And my wallet will thank you. :)

  83. ina says

    I love running skirts. I feel hot, womanly, fit and held in place. Unfortunately mine is in tatters….so this would be perfect. More perfect–it’s Brooks!

  84. Marci Holland says

    I have tried running with a skirt over my compression shorts. An “all-in-one” piece sounds like something I would like to try!

  85. Beckie says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt before. I hate running in shorts (stupid things ride up all the time), but I’ve been eyeing a few skirts lately.

  86. Denise says

    I love running skirts for running ….. I think they look cute and are flattering. I have only tried nike ones though and would love to give the brooks skirt a try.

  87. Krystina says

    I’ve tried one on, but thought it looked silly on me, b/c I lack the whole hips and butt thing and have thinner legs. So what I saw in the mirror was what looked like a 12 year old girl playing dress up. But I think they are SO cute and want to try on different ones and see if I find one that’s more flattering.

  88. Jess says

    I have been eyeing running skirts for a few weeks now, but was too afraid to buy one. I like that these have longer shorts because I was mainly worried about my legs rubbing together!

    Thanks for the review!

  89. Maren says

    I leave for work at 7 and the sun is just barely up! It’s craziness. Anyway, I have two running skirts. One from Target and a Nike one. I love them both! I love how the shorts are longer in this one too!

  90. says

    I have worn skirts! This is kind of funny, because I’ve always been a tomboy and didn’t really start voluntarily wearing skirts until I got older.

    I am curious about what you thought about the tank, Monica. I was just looking at that one online yesterday. How does it fit? True to size? I definitely don’t have washboard abs so I tend to not want a tank that fits really tight around the middle. Just curious!

  91. jenny says

    I got one from the Champion outlets earlier this summer & have loved wearing it so far! It reduces chafing like wearing spandex, but with a nice little cover on top so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing spandex :)

    I need to find some more!

  92. Jen says

    I <3 running skirts. I love the feel of tight shorts but do not like how my legs looks in them. The skirt over the tight shorts fixes this!

  93. lanie says

    I have not worn a running skirt/skort because I, like you, hate when my legs rub together. I do own one but have yet to wear it. Maybe one day. I like that the Brooks skort has the stay put band at the bottom of the shorts – definitely needed!

  94. Debbie says

    Yes, I wear a running skirt almost every time I run. Love them! I run in Brooks running shoes so I know the quality is good. Looks stylish, too!

  95. says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt, but have always wanted to try one. I’ve just had a hard time justifying spending $30+ on something I’m not sure I’ll like. They’re super cute, though!!

  96. Alison Elizabeth says

    I thought I would hate them, but I got a running skirt as a gift (a fancy lulu one, no less) and I LOVE it. It’s fun to feel a little girly sometimes!

  97. Jen says

    I’ve never worn one because my legs chafe like whoa, but we have the same body type so I will take your word for it and keep my fingers crossed that I will win!

  98. Margaret says

    I have recently converted to running skirts and I love them! I first tried them when I was pregnant and really liked how they worked with my body. No more “your shorts are crawling up your crouch” look. The no slip lining on the thighs is a must!

  99. says

    yes, I love running skirts! This is gross, but a fact for many of us runners… sometimes I pee a little on long runs, and skirts will help hide that. TMI? You’re welcome.

  100. Claudia says

    I love wearing running skirts in the summer. Unfortunately, I can’t wear skirt year-round, because it gets chilly where I live. I just lost some weight and my Brooks skirt is now too big. Maybe it’s time to go down a size.

  101. says

    I have really wanted to try a running skirt but I am just worried if I’ll like it. I don’t want to worry about it riding up. But they are just so dang cute!

  102. Leanne says

    I love running skirts. My thighs and tush aren’t really “shorts friendly” yet and skirts make me less concerned with how I look when I’m running.

  103. Angie says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt but would love to try it! (Anything that would help make me look less like a crazy sweaty beast)

  104. says

    OMG WANT! :) I used to wear them all the time, but as I’ve built up my leg muscles through biking and weights (and, err, gained a lil weight), they chafe more so I put them away, they’re only good for 5k distances for me now. That looks long enough though that it would stay put. Awesome!

  105. Jeanne T says

    I wear running skirts! I like the femininity of them. My favorite is from a now defunct company, but the best feature of the skirt from that company is that the legs stay in place. Very important when one has a tendancy for shorts to creep up.

  106. says

    While I have never worn a running skirt, I have run in a skirt, does that count? I’d like to try em out, I see people wearing them more often and since I like to multitask and hit the Shoprite on my way home from a workout a skirt would give me less of a gym look.

  107. Cara says

    I have one running skirt and I love the way it looks but I do find myself having to pull the spandex shorts down a few times on long runs. I would love to try this Brooks skirt since the shorts seem a bit longer!

  108. says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt, but I’d love to try it. I like options that give a little more coverage than most running shorts, but are still comfy.

  109. Lisa Watkins says

    I’ve always wanted a running skirt. Like baaaad. But then my husband said they were lame so I haven’t bought one. This would be a perfect way to get one into my closet without the harassment. 😉

  110. Alyssa says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt, but since running has a lot to do with mental attitude anyway, may as well feel cute while knocking out miles :)

  111. Allyson says

    I’ve tried one running skirt and it didn’t work out so well. The inseam was only like 2 inches and talk about chafe. I would love to try out a longer short inseam because I think the skirts are so cute!

  112. Jackie says

    I’ve never worn a running skort, but I love the concept! I always wore them to play tennis and think they are cute and practical. Agreed, I would totally get a fun color!

  113. Melissa says

    I am just like you! I am not usually a fan of running skorts because my legs rub and I think the non-slip grips would really help!

  114. says

    I practically live in running skirts. I LOVE the compression type shorts underneath, which help protect from chaffing. And I love that if you have super strong thighs, the skirt makes them appear slimmer in photos (yes, I’m sometimes vain – aren’t we all? ;)).

  115. says

    Love the skirt, it looks really cute on you. Really nice that the compression shorts are longer and made to stay in place.

    I have one skirt that I never wear but actually broke it out on Monday for a trail run, forgot how comfy they are. Problem is the shorts are short and they DON’T stay put so lots of body glide needed since we don’t all have Skinny Runner legs. But it was super comfy cause all my pants are really tight on the baby belly now and the skirt is really light and didn’t dig in.

  116. Becky says

    I have never worn a running skirt but only because I’m afraid I’ll but it and hate it. They are super cute! I’d love to try one for free :)

  117. Monique says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt or tried one on, I’ve never seen one at my local sporting good stores either. I think it’s super cute, though, and would love to try one out!

  118. says

    I do wear running skirts on occasion. Sometimes I feel super cute and girly, other times a bit silly. :) But nice to have a few in rotation! Love Brooks :)

  119. Amber says

    I have been afraid to try a running skirt because my thighs chafe really bad, but I think this Brooks one would be perfect with the longer shorts!

  120. Anna says

    I love running skirts, but mine is getting old and not fitting me the way I like anymore. Would love a fancy Brooks skirt – especially since they have purple!

  121. Denise P. says

    I wear running skirts all the time. I think my favorite so far are the various ones I’ve found at Target over the past couple years. I do have to do the occassional adjustment to pull down the inner shorts, but I can usually wear them for longish runs just fine. I always make sure to add some women’s body glide to my thighs when I wear them though.

  122. says

    I only have one running skirt and I love it! I bought it at Target since I wasn’t sure if I would like it and didn’t want to spend a ton of money. I ended up really liking it and would LOVE to try out the Brooks version!

  123. Beth says

    I’m a big fan of running skirts! I’ve tried a few that have been too short on me though–the Brooks skirts actually looks to be a very reasonable length though.

  124. says

    I prefer to wear old school v split running shorts, but I really like how running skirts look. I am a nanny and would definitely wear it to the park to play with the kids!

  125. says

    I LOVE running skirts! They are my first pick if I’m just running! If I’m strength training I prefer shorts so that I’m not flashing everyone…I can get pretty tricksy while working out 😉 I know the skirts have shorts built in but I still feel funny showing such things off at the gymnasium!

  126. Lara says

    I love running skirts! I wear them all the time, even for non-running workouts like cross-fit. They make me feel girly even though I’m sweating like a man! I’m sad that winter’s coming and I’ll have to switch back to capris/pants soon. Boo.

  127. Amanda says

    I have never worn a running skirt. They look so cute on everyone else but like you I think I would feel self conscience bc it’s new to me.

    That was soooo sweet of you to order dinner for Janae and her new family. Her baby is the cutest! That’s why I love reading you, SR and HRG. I love the connection so thank you Monica for introducing me to their blogs. I found yours first and went from there. I am only faithful to the 3 of you, lol.

  128. Karen says

    I love running skirts! My favorites are lululemon. I also have an Under Armour one I really like. And, of course, Running Skirts.

  129. Alexis says

    I already own one of these skirts and wear it for EVERY long run I do and for every half marathon I’ve done since I’ve bought it. My favorite part is the pocket that is perfectly sized for my iphone on the thigh of the shorts. I have a Lululemon skirt too that is uber adorbs, but nowhere near as comfortable as the Brooks skirt. Best skirt ever and I would LOVE another so I don’t have to constantly wash the one I currently have.

  130. Katie says

    I have never worn a running skirt, but would love to. I check them out at Target all the time, but have never pulled the triger. I feel as though Target’s are too expensive for the quality.

  131. Kelly says

    I own one running skirt and haven’t worn it running. I mainly just wear it after races or around my house. I’d love to try Brooks though, being that their my running sneaks!

  132. Becky says

    I have never worn one, but am intrigued. I like you worry about my thighs rubbing together and that is why I usually wear cropped pants.

  133. Andrea says

    I used to think running skirts were beyond silly, but then my sister-in-law convinced me to “just try” one. I loved it and now they’re all I wear. So comfy, and I look slightly less disgusting when I have to run errands afterwards.

  134. melis says

    I own a couple running skirts and i love them as long as the internal brief is well designed. I have never tried Brooks though!

  135. Amy G says

    I have one running skirt…it is cute but not the most comfortable. This one looks much more functional b/c of the long shorts.

  136. Jenny says

    I would love to wear one, but I usually get thigh rub when I do. Darn squats in Body Pump have resulted in massive inner thigh muscles (in addition to all the fat that was already there, haha). The longer inseam on these might be just what I need!

  137. says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt [although I think they’re cute as heck!] because I tend to get the dreaded chub-rub on the ol’ thighs. So I stick with capris or long shorts – but if those shorts are long enough in the skirt – I’m all about those shenanigans!

  138. says

    I’ve been wanting to try a running skirt but was scared to take the plunge. I’m new to the running world, found nike tempos, and have been sticking with them. Would love to try some new gear!

  139. Lori Huber says

    I have worn a running skirt once and hated it! I bought it to look cute.
    I think the new Brooks one with the non-slip lining would work better!!

  140. Jamie says

    Yes, I have a running skirt. I love it! I only wear them while I’m racing usually, but I do feel very comfortable in them. And it adds girliness when I’m feeling sweaty-non girlish. :)

  141. says

    I tried a hiking skirt and liked it — I felt pretty damn feminine despite the hiking boots and sweats and flies…

    Running skirts are guaranteed to attract extra attention on the roads and in races — everyone looks at a woman running in a skirt.

  142. says

    I ADORE running skirts, especially from Lululemon. They have the longer inseam on the shorts, the non-slip band, and they have a drawstring waist. I am loving the teal color of the Brooks one though…

  143. says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt…not because I don’t like the way they look, but because my thighs are NOT small…and I cant focus on running when they’re rubbing together. I’d be thrilled to find a skirt that was comfy AND cute to run in!

  144. Lesley Larson says

    I just purchased my first running skirt a few days ago and I love it! It kept me cool but provided more coverage than just wearing shorts. The best part is that it’s cute! I would love to own another one from Brooks!

  145. says

    Yes! I wore one to a “fun run.” I did not have any fun in it. LOL The shorts rode up :*( The shorts on the Brooks skirt are longer so I bet they won’t ride!

    Excited to enter my first give away w/you!

  146. says

    I loveeee running skirts. It is super hard to find some that don’t ride up but I’ve found a couple that I stick with. They make me feel super girly although when I am sweating a lot, ie running over 3 miles, they do tend to drag down!

  147. Kelly says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt, but love build-in underwear shorts. I wish all running pants and capris had built-in underwear.

  148. Ilana says

    I have never worn a running skirt but I used to play tennis and would play in skirts that have a similar structure. I miss those days and would love a skirt to make myself feel like I’m in high school again (though this time as a runner not a tennis player!)

  149. blair says

    I don’t own any running-specific skirts. But I played tennis all through high school and college, so sometimes when the laundry piles up, I’ll run in a tennis skirt because I’m out of clean shorts.

  150. says

    I WANT to wear running skirts – but find that many have less than 3″ inseam in the undershorts and I need some coverage down there to keep from rubbing, etc. I do LOVE a skirt with capri’s for running though.

  151. Emma says

    I have only one running skirt (in black) and agree that it seems fitting to have a skirt in a more “girly” color. I would love to win this one and get it in a fun color!

  152. Amanda says

    I think I would feel a little self conscious as well just because I wasn’t used to one but since I’m a girly girl I would give them a try!

  153. Greta says

    I’m really interested in trying one. I hate shopping though, so I just tend to keep in the clothes that come my way, and my running “wardrobe” currently consists of some really ratty shorts. Fingers crossed!

  154. says

    I bought a running skirt from RRS and the inner compression shorts wouldn’t stay put – they kept creeping up! Despite the $$ I spent on them, I had to get rid of them because they didn’t work for me.

    I have a skirt I got from Athleta (I think? I can’t find it on their site.) that only has the briefs underneath, so it’s like the innards of a regular pair of running shorts. Those are fine because they don’t creep up (it’s like wearing a pair of underwear underneath). I have to lube up my legs because even at my skinniest weight, my legs rub together. So they are reserved for short runs around the neighborhood.

    My best move was getting a capri-skirt combo – mine’s a Nike model, but that’s because I had a gift card. Best of both worlds – cute skirt, no rub. Sadly, it’s a little too warm to wear them here in August, so they’ll be back in the fall.

  155. says

    Never worn a running skirt! Love the idea of one but I’m with you on the thighs / rubbing business :) I’m always on the lookout for longer length shorts (or skirts I suppose) because it gets hot always wearing pants / capris. Would love to try it!

  156. Megan W. says

    I haven’t ever worn one, but would love to try one! I’m a little jealous of girls who look so cute and put together when they run!

  157. Carolyn says

    I’ve never tried a running skirt before. My initial thought was that it’s kind of weird, but then I realized that when I played field hockey and lacrosse our uniforms were skirts and I didn’t think twice about that at the time. Now I really want to try the running skirt!

  158. Rosalie says

    I have one running skirt and absolutely love it! It’s always nice to feel a little extra girly when you have sweat dripping off of every inch of your body :)

  159. says

    I have never worn a running skirt/skort. I think it would be interesting to try but don’t know that I would ever risk my own money in case I hated it. So this would make for a sweet opportunity to give it a try.
    Does it actually serve any other purpose than looking more feminine? Does it keep you cooler or anything like that?

  160. Laurel C says

    I haven’t tried running skirts yet, but I’d love to wear one!! I think they’re so cute, and make running even more fun and flirty!

  161. says

    I got a running skirt awhile back from Costco and I’ve worn it once. I love running skirts but the one I got fits a little funky, so I hope I can win a new Brooks one!

  162. Sarah says

    I have never boughten one but I tried one on at lululemon and it was horrific on me. I wanted so badly for it to look cute and flattering but it was a big fail. I’m still in search of one that is flattering but I am so picky when it comes to workout clothes. I’d rather spend $100 on the perfect pair of running capris than $100 on multiple pairs of so-so capris. I know it makes perfect sense;)

  163. Gila says

    Never! Always been worried about it riding up too much. I guess I should really test it out to see if it works for me or not.

  164. MaryEllen says

    I only wear running skirts! Runningskirts and Skirt Sports= I have 21 of a combo of these. Love them and would love to try a Brooks running skirt!

  165. says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt/skort but I’ve been dying to try! I just haven’t been able to justify spending the cash on something I might not be able to stand, so winning one would be best-case scenario.

  166. Erin says

    I have a couple of running skirts – one Champion, one Nike. I love how they look, but the little (too-short) shorts underneath tend to ride up and annoy me. It can be distracting. The Brooks skort looks promising!

  167. Chrissy says

    I love the look of running skirts but the inner short is always too short and the ‘chub rub’ happens! I have one, buthave to wear another pair of shorts underneath them! :( Would love a longer inseam.

  168. Rachel says

    Love running skirts but I do agree they need to have the non-slip lining so this is a win!!!!! I would love to win these!

  169. Jacy says

    I have never worn a running skirt but love the idea of one. I hate wearing shorts and my daily wardrobe consists of skirts/dresses. Why not wear a skirt to work out in as well?

  170. Laura C. says

    I bought a running skirt on sale on a complete whim and fell in love with it…it was actually a lot more comfortable than my normal running shorts!

  171. says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt before but I’ve been contemplating it for a while. I was reminded while watching the US Open last night that those tennis skirts can double as running skirts!

  172. Nicole S says

    I do wear one and I LOVE the look – super cute. However, for REALLY hot days I just stick to the spandex. No need for extra fabric.

  173. says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt but I would LOVE to try one! I’m currently training for the Marine Corps Marathon and it would get plenty of use!

  174. says

    Ohhh those spandex underneath do look longer than many other running skirts – I’ve been wanting to try a running skirt but always worry my legs will rub – these looks like a great option!

  175. Maureen says

    I’ve never tried a running skirt, but am seeing everyone else wear them and am super jealous of the cuteness! I would love to try one out and be cool like the rest of em :)

  176. Michelle says

    I’ve never tried one before but have really been contemplating buying one, it would be awesome to try a Brooks one since it’s my favorite brand!

  177. Sammi says

    I actually love running skirts! They are super comfortable–when then don’t ride up–and I feel prettier when I’m running in a skirt even though I probably look like a hot mess with sweat dripping down my bright red face. 😛

  178. Sandee says

    Just tried a skirt for the first time and not quite sure if I like iti love the look but it rode up a bit and my thighs rubbed :/ So for now I’m only using for short runs. These Brooks look longer. Very cute 😉

  179. Maggie says

    both of my running skirts are from lululemon. expensive, but SO worth it. i like them better than shorts! they don’t ride up at all and make me feel girlie when i’m out running a million miles :)

  180. Carol Landry says

    Ok, I never win anything but here goes….I adore running skirts. I have one (black) and a light blue one, but need to get more. They are cute and I can run without feeling anything jiggle!

  181. Elizabeth says

    I have a running skirt from JC Penny’s that I bought last season and love it. It’s obnoxiously bright pink! LOL

  182. Monica says

    I have one from Target too – I love it, but I also love to wear my running clothes like, every day, for everything, and it’s a little short for all of the time. I used to think it was weird to be an athlete in a skirt, but now I like it. Still haven’t done the running dress thing…

  183. Elizabeth M. says

    I tried on a clearance running skirt the other day, but it was super short! I like that this one looks longer, which I like :)

  184. says

    I own one running skirt and I love it more than I thought I would. It’s got built in shorts like yours and it’s super comfy. I would totally love to win one!

  185. jennifer bademian says

    Hi there,
    I am fairly new to running. Right now, a tank top and shorts from my summer wear is adequate. I would LOVE to run in an actual running skirt!
    Thanks for providing your experience wearing one and pictures of it as well!
    Have a great day!
    Jennifer Bademian,

  186. says

    I love my Athleta running skort. The undershorts are longer than the bottom of the skirt so I don’t feel like a cheap hooker running down the street with a skirt on (plus the added bonus of wearing compression socks makes a killer look let me tell you). I like using a skort because then I don’t have to worry about the front of my running shorts riding up my inner thighs which requires me to constantly be pulling them out of my lady area. :( Boot!

    I wear a purple skort…AND used it to run the Disney Half this past Sunday! You look awesome in your skort!

  187. April says

    I have not had the best luck with running skirts. They usually have an odd fit on me. That’s great you found one that works for you! I love the look of it!

  188. Summer says

    Wearing a running skirt makes me feel cute while running. It’s nice because I feel like I look disgusting while running, so feeling cute gives me that extra boost I need to get the miles done. I love, love, loooooooove the Nike Dri Fit running skirts, and have had a hard time finding another brand of running skirt that keeps me dry and fits well while running. I’d love to try Brooks and see if I can find another type of running skirt to add to my workout gear.

  189. says

    I have been known to wear a running skirt. I have one from Running Skirts and another from Team Sparkle. I like the Team Sparkle one for races because it’s fun and I can wear my own shorts but it seems impractical for daily runs. The Running Skirts skirt (redundant much?) is cute but rides up – even though I have the athletic style – and it seems a bit short for my liking. The Brooks skirt looks longer than that and very cute!

  190. Katie says

    i will always prefer my nike tempos but i enjoy a running skirt to mix things up a bit. wore one from Kohl’s today from the Tek brand. they were pretty comfy!

  191. abby r says

    i have never tried a running skirt but it does always look cute in pictures! it would make it easier to run errands after a workout if you look cute too!

  192. Bonnie Corlito says

    I have a couple running skorts from Target and Athleta. They are pretty cute and comfortable.. Would probably be cuter on me if i ran more!!

  193. Katie says

    I’m going to come out of the shadows and comment to get a chance at the skirt :) I’ve been reading your blog for a couple weeks. I run to help manage the stress of being an engineering grad student (my first half was three months ago). I love reading about your training! Just recently got my first running skirt, and I loved it so much that I washed it after every run for a week so I could wear it the next day! I think they’re really cute.

  194. says

    I LOVE running skirts! I have two from Lululemon that have ruffles, and everything is better with ruffles on your butt. I always wish it was socially acceptable to wear them for non running activities :)

  195. Elizabeth says

    I’ve never run in anything except pants. It’s been a hot summer. I’ve been eyeing shorts and running skirts, but have been wary of my thighs catching on fire.

  196. Tawny says

    I’ve tried them before and not liked them because my legs are kind of bigger and they always ride up. It’d be nice to have them stay in place.

  197. says

    I have never worn a running skirt. I played tennis before I started running and have some skirts that I wanted to try out for running. I am not sure if it will get too hot though.

  198. Kristie says

    I’ve tried several running skirts because I think they’re cute. I have problems with chafing and it has made almost every one I’ve tried not work. The one I have found that works ends up being so heavy with compression shorts + thicker skirt material that I don’t want to wear it when it’s hot out. If the Brooks one is light and has those compression shorts it sounds perfect!

  199. Rachel says

    I’m a field hockey player/runner and LOVE running in a comfortable running skirt! I always wear spandex under them though, so I’m psyched that these have a long lining!

  200. Kellie says

    I have a couple skirts but I feel like my legs rub together and it bothers me so I wear under armor shorts underneath. This might work if the shorts stay put. I like how cute running skirts are, I just need to find one that works.

  201. Joanna says

    I have a running skirt but there are briefs underneath which makes stretching in public a little difficult. I’d be interested in trying this one with the shorts underneath!

  202. says

    I have never tried a running skirt, but I have run in a tutu. I took your advice on how to get excited about running again. I am going to use my already scheduled races as “fun long runs” leading up to my goal race weekend at the Walt Disney World Marathon- Goofy Challenge! Thanks Monica!!!

  203. Samantha B. says

    I haven’t tried a running skirt/skort before, but I’ve really wanted to try it! I am extremely picky about running pants/shorts, and most that I have tried, I don’t like. I am anxious to see if maybe the skirt/skort option would work for me!

  204. Kelly says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt, but I’d love to try this one out. I just bought my first pair of Brooks Ghosts and love them!

  205. Amy says

    I have one running skirt that is a hand me down from a friend. I think it is cute, but the inner shorts ride up. I love to try a different one.

  206. Amy Olivares says

    I have never worn a running skirt, but have always wanted to try it. I love Brooks, I am currently running in Brooks Pure Flows and I have found my sole-mate 😉

  207. Jenn says

    I wore a running skirt during my first 5k race. I PR’d by 4 minutes so it was obviously because of the skirt right?!

  208. Julie says

    I have two Target skirts, different styles. I like them okay but the shorts inside ride up. Would love to try out the Brooks ones.

  209. Ashleigh says

    I have never worn a running skirt, but I love feminine touches to workout clothing so I feel like I would rock one well!

  210. Lynda says

    I have tried a running skirt before but returned it because it felt too short to me. The length on the one you have looks about right. I’d love to have one to try out!

  211. Aubrey says

    I have never worn one but would love to try! I actually almost bought one the last time I was at TJ Max- but debated if I would like it. I ended up regretting not getting it- went back a day later, and the skirt was gone! I would love to win this and try it out!!

  212. says

    I wear running skirts quite often, from a variety of manufacturers. I’d LOVE to win the Brooks skirt, a girl can’t have too many running outfits in my book–probably why I have more clothes for running than for most anything else, LOL!

  213. Margo says

    I have worn one and liked it..but the shorts underneath rode up all the time. I would love to have one that doesn’t do this!

  214. Missy says

    I’ve only tried cheapy running skirts from Target and they rode up, so I’d be thrilled to try a high-end one from Brooks!

  215. says

    I’ve never run in a skirt, but I have been looking at them and trying to find the perfect one to purchase. I’m running the Disney Princess Half Marathon in a Tinkerbell dress, though! You wouldn’t happen to know where I can find a pair of lime green running tights, would you?? :-p

  216. Kim says

    I have a skirt from Target. It was alright the first time that I wore it, but after I washed it, the shorts started to creep up my legs as I ran, which slowed down my already snail-like pace. Maybe I shouldn’t have put them in the dryer. Glad to hear that the Brooks running skirt is a keeper:)

  217. Becky Przy says

    I wear running skirts–but only to walk because I can’t find one where the undershorts don’t ride up. I have tried ones w/the briefs under, but then I get chub rub;-)

  218. Amy says

    I wore one on Saturday for my FIRST half marathon (Women Rock) and had major chaffing. I’d loved not one that did not slip!

  219. Tracy says

    I have always wanted to try a running skirt but I have been reluctant to pay for one for fear that I would hate it once I tried a run in it. So a free skirt would be awesome.

  220. Elizabeth R says

    The only running skirt I have ever worn was a green Sparkle Skirt for a Shamrock Shuffle. It was cute and def made me feel a little girlie while running!

  221. AnnaGrace Strange says

    I have never worn a running skirt, but I would definitely be open to trying it! and I love that the Brooks skort has a longer inseam!

  222. Katie says

    I actually have two running skirts but both shorts ride up underneath and then the seam rubs my legs! No fun :-( this one seems like a winner!!!

  223. Katelyn Ridenour says

    I would love to try a running skirt! And I agree – if you are going to wear a running skirt, go all out and have a super fun color!

  224. says

    I LOVE running skirts – I think they are fun. Though I always have to wear longer spandex underneath if I am running for over an hour – so I would lOVE to try these ones out!

  225. says

    I have and own one running skirt that I received with a Running Skirts 5k race entry. I wore it twice….it’s too big. I’m hesitant about buying another so I’d love to win this so I can try out Brooks! I love everything brooks so I know this won’t disappoint!

  226. Ania says

    I’ve never worn one/tried one out… would be a nice add to my workout wardobe (which could really use some new additions!)…….and I agree – it would be great if it was pink! : )

  227. Rachael Ann says

    I have a tennis skirt that I wear for weird non-tennis related things like going to the beach (yes, it totally looks normal I think 😉 and running. I’d love to have an actual running skirt!

  228. Courtney says

    I have tried running skirts but always have the same problem as you-they ride up on the legs! Would love to try the Brooks one!!

  229. Lesley says

    I have two running skirts. I really like them for races and ‘fun’ events, but sometimes I feel silly wearing one at the gym!

  230. Abbey says

    I have never worn a running skirt…but when I was little, my sister and I used to rollerblade around town wearing a skirt for dance class that just so happened to list rollerblading on the list of suggested activities! :) I would love to relive those days with a running skirt! :)

  231. Rebecca says

    I LOVE running skirts! I have two and am waiting for another to go on sale. They are better than shorts for me, and I feel cute in them no matter how sweaty I am :-)

  232. Laura says

    I have never worn a running skirt but have been itching to try one out! They seem like they would be comfortable – especially if the shorts underneath have a longer inseam.

  233. arrienne says

    I love love my running skirt from The athletic skirt has Velcro pockets and is a little longer than their traditional running skirt. It did not ride up like the one I got from Target. Glad the Brooks one stayed in place for you. Nothing worse than trying to run and being irritated by your skirt riding up and your thighs chafing.

  234. tracey says

    I’ve never worn one because I’m always afraid of my fat thighs running together. This one looks like it might fix that problem :)

  235. says

    I’ve worn one but it was a little short and after looking at pictures of myself running in it I retired it to the back of the running short drawer :) I’ve been debating trying out a longer one but I feel like there are so many other running accessories on my “want” list

  236. Lindsey says

    Wow what a ton of comments! Yes, I’ve worn a running skirt and hated it. It was awful. Maybe if I win this one it will be better?

  237. says

    I have never worn a running skirt! I would love to try one though…right now I only wear running capris because I have the same problem of my thighs rubbing together.

  238. Maria B says

    I have been researching running skirts, but have not tried one yet. Love the idea of them…thanks for the chance to win!

  239. says

    I wore a running skirt for my first half marathon and loved it! Not only that, but the entire race I had people run up behind me and ask where I found my skirt. It was really comfortable and fun to wear!

  240. Laura says

    Wow, I hope you don’t get an email everytime someone posts here or else you would have 500 emails clogging your inbox!!! Anyway, yes, I have 4 running skirts. I only like my skirts from athleta, don’t like the skirt sports ones as much.

  241. Sarah says

    I have a tennis skirt that I tried to wear running…let’s just say the shorts werent long enough and I was CONSTANTLY pulling them out of other places!! :)

  242. says

    i have one running skirt and i love it. save it for races. also love brooks shoes, shorts, tops, so i would love to try one of their skirts :)

  243. Katrina says

    Like you, my thighs rub together so I’ve never worn a running skirt before. I’ve always been afraid and would love the (free) opportunity to wear a running skirt! Thanks!!

  244. Karla says

    I have 2 running skirts, both from Nike and I LOVE the look but wish the shorts were a little bit longer. I only wear them on my short runs.

  245. Gabrielle says

    Yes…but it’s super hot pink and I’m not really a hot pink skirt person: would love to try a more understated one!

  246. Allyson says

    Yes, I have worn a running skirt and really like. I love the look because it reminds me of my cheerleading skirts of yester-year.

  247. Katlyn P says

    I love running skirts! About half of my running outfits are skirts. I think it’s mostly because I prefer the full coverage of the shorts underneath versus the skimpy briefs of running shorts.

  248. Erin says

    I LOVE running skirts. Pretty much all I wear. But they have to be the ones like you have on with the full spandex shorts underneath! I would love to win since I’m actually kind of addicted to them… just ask my husband! sigh. :)

  249. Lucia says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt before…but I barely wear shorts. I’m scared of the chafing that occurs when I do!

  250. Jill says

    I used to run in a few lululemon running skirts until they got too big! Side effect of running too much :) I’ve been wanting a new one though!

  251. Amee says

    I run in Skirtsports skirts and love them. I’ve done two full marathons in them and run all of my long runs in them. Oh but I use my fuel belt/race belt to keep them up because I know what you mean about the drag.

  252. Tiffany says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt… but I have worn a skirt while running. Played lacrosse and field hockey for years! It would be sweet to try one!

  253. Amy says

    I’ve never worn a running skirt-the only one I’ve ever tried on had super tight shorts underneath, and that turned me off. However, I’m willing to try one if it’s free!