Blue Bayou Restaurant in Disneyland

Yesterday I made Ben’s bday cake, but I didn’t realize I don’t have two round cake pans. I was set on making a layer cake so I had to use my spring form pan and make one at a time. Well, I put a lot more in the first layer and they were very different sizes like my boobs. IMG_7478 (800x533)

But, I saved it with extra frosting and shredded coconut.

I made a white cake from a mix but swapped out:

  • coconut milk for water
  • coconut oil for oil
  • eggs for coconut milk colored eggs

Then, I put shredded coconut on top and those TJ’s honey almond slivers on the sides. IMG_7486 (800x533)

Ben’s crazy for in the coconut and he loved it!IMG_7544 (800x600)

And we tried this new amazing ice cream. There are huge gingerbread-y cookies in it. IMG_7532 (600x800)

Okay, now I must share our dinner at the Blue Bayou. blue bayou restaurant disneyland

I called for reservations earlier in the day, but they were already booked. #Fail

Ben and I have wanted to eat here for a very long time, but have never had the special occasion to justify such an expensive meal at Disneyland. Luckily, Ben’s parents gave us some money to celebrate his bday and we were determined to get in. We tried to walk in and were told to come back in 30 minutes to check and see if they had any openings.

So we went on Splash Mountain splash mountain

Then, we went back and it looked like we were out of luck but I told them it was Ben’s birthday and we were in! Well, after a 35 minute wait.IMG_7493 (800x600)

Why are those people speed walking in the background? blue bayou restaurant outside

The Blue Bayou is a restaurant inside Disneyland’s Pirate’s of the Caribbean ride. It’s set up to feel like you are eating at night outside on the bayou and it’s very dark. The boats from Pirates of the Caribbean pass in the distance, but we had the farthest table from that action and didn’t see any. blue bayou restaurant

So romantical blue bayou menu

Luckily, we checked out the menu while we waited so here are some pics of the menu you can actually make out…blue bayou menu with prices

blue bayou menu with prices

We started with ice tea for me and a mint julep for Ben. blue bayou mint julep

Unfortunately, they don’t serve alcohol in Disneyland (but they do in CA adventure).

Fortunately I accidentally confused the water and vodka earlier in the day and had my own refreshment.image

Okay, back to dinner: We started with rolls. They are nothing special, but I was hungry and had half of one. blue bayou bread

I tried to get a picture without the flash, but it was not going to work. So excuse these pictures, I couldn’t get a decent one and had to turn on the flash…

Ben ordered the surf and turfblue bayou surf and turf

I ordered the salmon with the goat cheese stuffing on the side (hence the cat barf in the lower right corner) because it’s not always my thing. blue bayou salmonOutside of that gross reference the food was DELCIOUS! I wasn’t expecting much because it’s a restaurant inside Disneyland – you go for the mouse not the salmon, ya know?

Ben and I both were pleasantly surprised with our main dishes. My salmon was good (only the slightest bit overcooked, but that’s normal around here). The green beans were a bit buttery, but delicious and the potatoes were delightful. I loved all of it.

And our waitress brought Ben a chocolate mousse with a candle in it for his birthday!IMG_7519 (600x800)

blue bayou dessert

Overall: It was a great experience and delicious food. But, I think it’s more of a one time thing. The food was good, but expensive for what it was. You pay for the ambience. Last night was worth it, but I probably wouldn’t go again unless it was for lunch because I want to try that Monte Cristo sandwich my BFF posted a pic of on Facebook Smile

Feel free to share your Blue Bayou experience in the comments.

After dinner we headed to California Adventure and went on the Tower of Terror. IMG_7523 (800x600)


Long Run Report: This morning I woke up and did NOT want to run 18 miles. I stalled and put up a quick blog post. I checked in on Ben and told him I didn’t want to run. He said I didn’t have to Smile

But, I kinda do. Darn marathon.

So, I told myself I could do 16 miles and it would be enough and I could go as slow as I wanted. In the end I wanted to quit early but made myself do the full 18. Done. I’m just over summer loving running. image

Post run I stopped at Costco for a watermelon. Then, I ate it. IMG_7535 (800x600)

I have a super fun spa day with my mom tomorrow so I’m going to try and catch up on email and other housekeeping things today. I’ll see ya later Smile

Question: Have you ever baked a cake? A layer cake? A wedding cake?


  1. says

    haha. i am afraid to go on the tower of terror. i love the blue bayou. but it is expensive. i wanted to order a child’s salmon plate, because I can never eat a reg. plate. but the waitress was going to charge me adult price. #fail.

    i always get the salmon or the crab cakes. yum. and being its incorporated with the ambience of my fave ride, its all good.

    glad you had a wonderful time (and got in).
    and that coconut cake looks delicious!

  2. says

    I have ALWAYS wanted to eat there. I always stare at the fancy/rich people eating there when I am on the ride. So glad you guys got in. Um… your cake looks incredible! Billy, Brooke and I should have come over to help celebrate.

  3. says

    I bake cakes like it’s my job! I eat them like a boss 😉
    If you get a really thin cake and really thick one, slice the thick one horizontal and make it a 3 layer cake! Wow the socks off everyone 😉
    You cake looked AMAZING! I love coconut.

  4. Blair says

    I ran 2 miles further than you did and it only took me an extra 70 minutes. I guess that’s why I’m thinking this will be my only marathon.

  5. says

    I love your expressions on the rides! Haha! I had the same meal and really enjoyed the blue bayou.. My bro and dad had the jambalaya and it was huge. One of the days we were there we also ate at cafe Orleans and my dad had the monte cristo.. Holy moly!

    Looks like you guys had a blast for Ben’s birthday.

  6. says

    Oh my goodness this post is full of my favorite things! I have been wanting to try that ice cream for the longest time now but have been avoiding it for whatever reason (mostly because I can’t tear myself away from my Chunky Monkey addiction at the moment) so I’m really glad you mentioned it being good. That coconut cake looks really, really tasty so I’ll have to give it a try. thanks for the inspiration as usual :)

  7. says

    I have only had one meal at Blue Bayou & it will probably never happen again…..expensive!!! But we went to So Cal for our honeymoon, so it was worth the price. You can get the Monte Cristo sandwich at that little cafe by Blue Bayou….delish!!!!!! That & a mint julep always complete my trip to Disneyland.

  8. says

    Literally LOL’d at your comment about your cakes being different sizes like your boobs. Love your posts. 18 miles is awesome. Can’t wait until I get there. I was proud to just get in 1.5 miles today after recovering from an injury. Hey, every small victory, right? :)

  9. says

    I made a striped american flag cake for fourth of july this year. It involved baking three different colored cakes, splitting them into layers, cutting parts out, and really fancy assembly. And doing all of this in 90 degree July weather. But the result was so cool and fun!

    It’s really awesome you got yourself out and did the whole run today. Summer is almost over and it’s really good to have that determination and drive. Good for you!

  10. says

    The only cakes I have ever baked are funfetti cakes (WHICH ARE AWESOME). Your dinner from Blue Bayou looked absolutely AMAZING and now I want salmon…

  11. says

    Love your Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade bday cake! I made a strawberry champagne coconut cake semi-homemade-from-a-mix cake once that turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

    My mom would love to eat at the restaurant INSIDE the Pirates ride, if only to hope Johnny Depp shows up.

    I’m not sure I’d ever be able to run for almost 3 hours. You rock! Eat that melon.

  12. says

    When I was younger going on the ride I always thought that restaurant and the people “in” it were fake. Hahaha. I’m still all about Disneyland’s clam chowder bread bowels. Heeeaven….

  13. says

    Oh Disneyland, my love. I haven’t been to the Blue Bayou (the reason is on the menu. I don’t think I can justify spending that much on kids who may or may not eat it!) but I do love to visit the rest. Usually when we go, though, we eat outside, at one of the nice sit down places in Anaheim.

    The cake looks yummy and frosting covers all ails when it comes to uneven sized cake.

  14. says

    I love Blue Bayou! I went with my mom and sister back in 2010! I also had the salmon and loved it! I had leftovers and took them back to the hotel with me and enjoyed it atop a bagel for breakfast in the room the next day, hehe :)

  15. Lisa says

    Thank you so much for taking time to write about the Blue Bayou! I wasn’t sure if I should make a reservation with such a pricey menu! You convinced me it is worth it…just made my reservation for this Friday! 😉

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