Fun Friday at Disneyland!

I need to get out the door for my long run, but I wanted to share some of the pictures from yesterday. After work Ben and I hit up Disneyland…

Splash MountainIMG_7487 (600x800)

He was reflective about his birthday…IMG_7490 (600x800)

We ate at the Blue Bayou!IMG_7502 (800x600)IMG_7519 (600x800)IMG_7492 (800x600)

The cake was almost a disaster, but I fixed it.IMG_7484 (800x533)

We did Happy Birthday when we got home IMG_7527 (600x800)

And Ben went on Tower of Terror for the first time. I screamed. A lot.image

Details to come Smile


  1. says

    AHH i’m so jealous – every time i go to disneyland i’m like ‘i wanna eat at the blue bayou so bad!!’ but i never have. someday!!

    also, tower of terror is the greatest at capturing photos of people with the best looks on their faces. i have a pretty horrible ‘i’m gonna die’ face that it always manages to get!

  2. Andrea says

    Whenever we go on Pirates of the Caribbean, we always yell, “Throw me a roll!” to the Blue Bayou diners. They have yet to do so. :/

    The restaurant isn’t bad, but we prefer Goofy’s Kitchen. The buffet format is great for families, not to mention the spontaneous outbursts of “The Mocarrina!”

  3. Megan says

    I love the Tower picture! He’s smiling like he heard a funny joke and you’re hanging on to him with the death grip, screaming your face off. Awesome!

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