POTM 2012 Poll and SAVE!

I understand that no one wants to dress like me. I blame the fact that I wore  a Catholic school uniform for 12 years. Then, I replaced it with running clothes and bada-bing you’ve got a girl with no style.fontana half marathon shirt

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I’m starting to plan Pile on the Miles 2012 and wanted to ask you all a few questions so I can make it fun and motivating for everyone.

Pile on the Miles is a yearly contest/game we play on RER in November to encourage each other to pile on miles, not pounds as the holiday season ramps up . Everyone who wants to play signs up and updates a spreadsheet or in the comments with how many miles they’re walked or ran. Everyone is welcome to participate but  in the past we’ve counted miles walked or ran not biked or flown.

Please answer these poll questions and feel free to write in more/follow up info in the comments.

[polldaddy poll=6541697]

[polldaddy poll=6541707]

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  1. Tabatha Rhodes says

    Had to go back to last year and read about what it was, but after reading it I have to say that sounds like a lot of fun!! I’m totally in!

  2. Kellie says

    I was wondering if you would possibly be interested in running the 50mile Catalina trail run in January. I really want to do it, but will definetely need someone to train with. Email me if you are interested. I am doing LB in a few weeks and I figured I will just continue on with training after the race.

  3. says

    For winners I would most miles and maybe a random or most improved.
    I am not a big runner and this will be my first POTM. So seeing someone who may be doing less miles but still being consistent would be a great motivator.

  4. Rachel C. says

    If possible, I think winners should be chosen both ways – some random and some by most miles or most consistent runs/walks

  5. Missomy says

    In Australia all schools wear uniforms, public and private. I miss uniforms :( I get jealous of the nurses and doctors at work wearing scrubs. Why don’t scientists wear scrubs? They look sooooo comfortable.

    Lab coats are over rated…

  6. says

    We wear uniforms up to high school! And yes, pOTM sounds like something I would definitely sign up for, not really for losing weight but as an accountability tool.

  7. Jamie in Arkansas says

    I LOVE my RER t-shirt. As a matter of fact, I loved it so much I bought another one for my sis and a different color for me! So I have two!!!! They are so soft and fit great. My favorite “go to” t-shirt!

  8. Jamie says

    I think the challenge should run a week longer than last years. That way if we did overeat Wednesday-Saturday (in celebration of Thanksgiving) then we have a week to redeem the “pile on the miles” if we did “pile on a couple of pounds” :)
    Excited to get the spreadsheet!

  9. says

    I am a Weight Watchers member, so I keep my information tallied in their tracking system. Also, because I am a numbers junkie, I keep a Google Docs spreadsheet with mileage, minutes, calories, etc.

    I wasn’t around this blog last year, so I am excited to participate! And of course I voted random winner because now that I cross-train, I ain’t beatin’ no one when it comes to racking up the miles. Too risky on the injury front.

  10. Jaclyn says

    I agree with a couple of other comments about providing two awards, if possible. One for participation and one for most miles. Now that I am cross-training, my overall mileage is down compared to 6 months ago.

  11. Liz says

    WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’m not allowed to run for at least another 4 weeks so I can’t participate even though I love the idea.


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